Friday, July 31, 2015

Bruised, Injured Nail is Falling Off

injured nail
I have seen it more than once, a finger that was slammed in a door, drawer or cabinet that really injured a fingernail.

The damaged nail is dark, bruised and it feels loose.

Is it going to fall off? It could!

A badly damaged nail will most likely fall off but probably not for a while because it is usually still partially attached.

An injury to a nail such as the nail being caught in a drawer or being slammed in a car door, that causes bruising to the nail bed, and can break the nail plate. 

The nail is broken but is still attached to the nail bed.

There will be new nail growing in pushing the loose injured nail out. The damaged, broken nail will become looser and looser as more new nail grow in.

Help My Nail if Falling Off!
There are some things you can do to help keep the nail on for as long as possibly while the new nail is growing in. That loose nail is still protecting the sensitive nail bed.

Help a Nail that is Falling Off

Trim the Nail
Try to keep the loosened nail on as long as possible by keeping the nail trimmed as short as possible so it doesn't become top heavy or get caught on something and get pulled off. It makes my blood run cold just thinking of it!!!

Keep it Smooth
Lightly smooth the ragged edge of the nail to prevent it from getting caught and pulling off.

Glue it
If there is no open wound or infection, you or your nail tech can apply a bit of glue or a nail wrap to help hold the nail on. I don't recommend acrylic on a loose nail. It is just to heavy for the precarious injured nail.

The nail will need frequent maintenance consisting of re-gluing and trimming to keep it under control. Get a weekly manicure.

Protect it
Protect the nail by wearing a bandaid when doing tasks that could possibly pull up the nail or damage the nail repair.

Wear Gloves
Wear gloves when doing the dishes and cleaning.
You will have to be patient. The nail will take about 6 months to grow out. The new, grown in nail could have ridges or a dent in it due to the injury. But maybe not. I have seen many injured nails come back perfectly fine. It's a wait and see thing.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dermatofibroma on Leg

dematofibroma video ad
A Dermatofibroma is an unsightly brown or red bump that is very common on the legs. They are also called Benign Fibrous Histiocytomas and are more common in women than men. They can hurt, itch and become inflamed easily. They are the result of some sort of injury to the skin such as an ingrown hair or a bug bite. 
dematofibroma video
I have tried lots of home remedies on my dermatofibroma. Some help it look better than others but the ugly thing is still there!

Read more about dermatofibroma remedies.

There is only one way to remove it for It must be surgically excised out. A dermatofibroma goes deep into the skin. It will only grow back if it is cut off of the skin at surface level. The problem with the removal is it leaves a long scar that is about 2 inches or so long. It has to be done that way to be able to sew the skin back together so it is smooth and not puckery. Here is a picture of a scar from the removal of a dermatofibroma. This scar was also treated with a laser to improve it's appearance.
dematofibroma scar
I am not ready to tackle a surgical removal and scar at this time so I have a few ways I use to hide it using makeup and self tanner. I put together a little video to show you how I do it. I hope it helps you in your quest to improve the look of your dermatofibroma!

Click here or on the 3 Ways to Hide a Dermatofibroma pic to see the video.

tattoo camo

leg makeup

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Makeup Organizers: Where to buy Professional Makeup Cases

Who doesn't love a cute makeup bag or great makeup storage case? 
I see a cute bag for makeup and I just have to have it even though I already have tons of them. Businesses know we love them too. A cute bag is great incentive to get us to spend a little more at Victoria's Secret or at the Clinique counter!

My favorite makeup organizer is my old Caboodles case. It's peach and it's plastic. I have a couple of them.
My niece made fun of me when I brought them with me to do her makeup for her wedding. My old 80's Caboodles cases still work just fine, thank you very much. I do have to agree that I could use some updating. A nice new professional train case would be lovely.

I have seen some at Ulta and Target but they were small and, I thought, expensive for what they were. I'm after something bigger. I decided to see what Amazon has to offer. The selection is amazing and it's hard to beat their prices. 

Click here to shop for great makeup cases!

Here is a cute pink train case. This one would be great.

professional makeup case
And this cute one with silver roses. 
pink makeup case
I also found cases that actually turn into lighted stands with mirrors. This would really come in handy for doing onsite makeup. It would even be great to have set up in your bedroom too. Your own portable makeup studio!
professional makeup case with legs
This is the Shany Cosmetics Mini Studio Makeup Case. How cool is that?

NYX also makes a lighted case that turns into a stand. This is how it looks when it is closed.

NYX makeup case
Then there is this fabulous zebra print rolling case. Love it!!! I could fit a lot of makeup into that.
zebra makeup case
So many style, sizes, colors and prints to choose from. I am going to have to think about this.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Zoya Nail Polish: Lola and Sparkle Gloss

Zoya Lola and zoya sparkle gloss
Need a great nail color for your toes? I love Lola by Zoya! 
zoya lola
It's a bright fuchsia pink with blue undertones and a blue violet shimmer. I added Sparkle Gloss Topcoat for some fabulous sparkle especially when my toes are in the sun. A little extra bling is always welcome!
zoya sparkle gloss
Here it is on my toes in the sand. Gorgeous. It makes me happy just looking at it. It's great to have a happy color on your toes. It makes you feel good. It's such a simple thing you can do to give yourself a little lift. My clients tell me all the time that they love looking at their pretty toes.
Zoya Lola and zoya sparkle gloss
Zoya is a long wearing nail polish formulated for natural nails. It is Big 5 Free which means it is free of the toxic ingredients formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. You can find Zoya nail polish in salons and spas, at Ulta stores and online, and on Amazon

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Clean your Exfoliating Products: loofah sponges, body puffs, etc

bath supplies
Exfoliation is good for our skin. It gets rid of dead skin cells making out skin look fresher and younger. It also stimulates circulation bringing rosy blood flow to the surface of the skin giving us nice skin color. Stimulating circulation also helps eliminate excess fluid reducing the appearance of cellulite. Exfoliation preps our skin for better self tanner application. But, using a bacteria filled scrubbing tool it not good for our skin.

Loofahs, puffs, exfoliating gloves, body brushes, dead skin cells and a warm bathroom make the perfect place for bacteria like Pseudomonas Aeruginosa to flourish.  Your body scrubbing tools slough off dead skin cells and some of those cells get trapped in the fibers of the tools. Bacteria loves to eat those dead skin cells multiplies quickly in the humid bathroom. 

That bacteria can enter the skin while you scrub causing pimple like bumps around the hair follicles that can itch and hurt. Folliculitis. An old dirty razor can also cause folliculitis so always use clean fresh razor to shave your legs.

Replace your bath tools often or clean them by soaking them in 1 part bleach to 9 parts water for 5 minutes every week. Rinse them and let them air dry.

I really like to use exfoliating gloves. 
exfoliating glove
They are easy to use and are machine washable. Just put them on and rub yourself down. I like to use them for dry exfoliation right before showering. 

Take the time to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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