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Zoya India

I am wearing the perfect color for Autumn on my toes.  Zoya India  It's a color from the Fall 2014 Ignite Collection. The gold metallic shimmer warms up this deep rich red. It's just beautiful. Perfect for the holiday season. Find it on Amazon for $10.00. What's on your toes? Have a Beautiful Day! xo Jill Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist PS: Thank you for using my amazon affiliate links 💋 I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you that keep my blog running and supports the care of animals in need!😸   

Waxing Burn or Raw Skin after Waxing: Skin Abrasion

I have had clients say sometimes when they have their eyebrows waxed, they get a sore strip of skin that feels like a burn. It's raw, shiny and weepy.  Why does this happen sometimes? Was the wax too hot?  This post includes my Amazon Affiliate Links to help you find the great products I love. What causes a raw, burn like skin abrasion from waxing? It may feel like a burn but what actually  happening is too many skin cells are being lifted during the waxing process causing a skin abrasion. It is unlikely that the wax was too hot because the wax pot is controlled by a thermostat and shouldn't get too hot.  Experienced waxing technicians keep their wax pots set at a comfortable temperature.  The skin abrasion is usually due to a topical skin treatment you are using on your skin or from a medication you are taking and commonly occurs on the eyebrows or upper lip. Acne treatment products and anti-aging skin care products are examples of topical skin treatment products

Zoya Pixie Dust Nori

Look at this gorgeous sparkling blue! I just love it! It's Nori part of Zoya's 2014 winter/holiday collection. An amazing sapphire blue. If you are not familiar, Pixie Dust is Zoya's glittery, textured, matte finish polish. Nori has glitter and holographic hexagon shaped glitter in it giving it fabulous sparkle. The finish has a gritty feeling to it, but doesn't feel jagged like some glitter polishes feel. Zoya Nori I wore it on my toes to Jamaica. It was a hit. It glistened in the sun and in the beautiful clear water of the  Caribbean Sea. I was afraid it would not hold up well since no top coat is applied to Pixie Dust. Needless worry! It stayed perfect all through my vacation.  A top coat can be applied to shine up the matte effect and increase durability if you want.   Look at my sparkling toes in the sand! Find Zoya Polish at salons, Ulta, and on Amazon for $10.00. Have a Beautiful Day! xo Jill Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup A

How to Keep a Tan Longer Skin Care Tips

I am back from another fabulous Jamaica vacation and my skin feels soft and wonderful!  We always like to stay in Negril. A long walk beautiful Seven Mile Beach is good for the soul. The sea is calm and crystal clear with infinite shades of turquoise. Plus, there is nothing better than sipping a Dirty Banana while watching the famous Negril sunsets burst with exquisite color.  My skin always feels so good after my Jamaica vacations even after spending lots of time in the sun. You may think it would feel dry from all that sun exposure, but the moisturizing properties and UV protection of sunscreen help keep the skin in beautiful condition while playing in the sun. The high humidity in Jamaica is also great for keeping the skin hydrated and soft feeling.  The simple fact that the skin sweats in the warm and sunny 86 degree weather brings moisture to the surface of the skin providing hydration.  Then, there is the healing salt water of the Caribbean Sea.  All I know is, I feel refres

Ginger Sugar Scrub Recipe

Removing dead dry skin and applying oil helps make our skin look and feel better. That makes this Ginger Sugar Scrub a perfect cold weather skin treatment.  Ginger not only is tasty with sushi, it is great for skin too. Ginger contains the anti oxidants that fight damaging free radicals It is anti inflammatory and kills bacteria acne causing bacteria It increases circulation It has a warming effect on the skin It can lighten age spots and give skin a more even tone Ginger Sugar Scrub This scrub is easy to make with simple ingredients you can easily find at your grocery store. 1 cup of brown sugar 1/2 cup of olive oil 1 teaspoon of grated ginger Mix ingredients together in a small bowl. Transfer the scrub in to a small jar or tube.  How to use your scrub: Wet your skin in a warm shower. Apply sugar scrub to your body massaging in circular motions. Shower off, wrap yourself in a big fluffy towel to dry, then apply a body lotion. Your skin will feel w

How to make your nail polish last longer

Regular nail polish can chip so easily sometimes. You spend time and money on your manicure only to have it to start chipping in a few days. Gel polish stays on beautifully without chipping but taking it off is a hassle and the acetone soak off can be dehydrating and damaging to your nails. Proper nail prep, proper polish application and quality products will improve nail polish wear and reduce polish chipping. Then, you must take care of your nails. Go Professional You can get a professional manicure. Nail technicians have all kinds of techniques and products to increase nail polish durability. If you want to DIY, here are some tips to help your polish wear better. Squeaky Clean   Be sure your nails are dry, clean and free of any oils before polish application. Wipe them with acetone and a lint free wipe. Make it Sticky Start with an adhesive base coat. An adhesive base coat has a sticky finish. It anchors the polish to  your nails. I like Zoya Anchor. Shop for Zoya Anc