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Monday, November 17, 2014

How to keep your tan longer

negril, jamaica
I am back from another fabulous Jamaica vacation and my skin feels soft and wonderful. We always stay in Negril. The Seven Mile Beach is gorgeous, the water is calm, clear and turquoise and the sunsets are full of exquisite color. 

I don't know why my skin always feels so good after my Jamaica vacations. It's probably from all the sunscreen I apply.

High humidity is also great for keeping the skin hydrated. 

It could also be that the skin sweats in the warm and sunny 86 degrees bringing moisture to the surface of the skin. 

Then, there is the healing salt water of the Caribbean Sea. All I know is, I feel refreshed and my skin feels fantastic!
aqua turquoise water
I come home with just a nice light golden tan from wearing my SPF 30. Next comes the challenge of keeping the skin glowing, moist and soft in the chilly Philadelphia Autumn weather. Holiday party time is right around the corner and it's always nice to have a little golden color when wearing a cute little party dress.

Let me give you a few tips to help keep your tan a little longer and hydrate the skin:
negril, jamaica

How to keep your tan longer

No Exfoliation

To keep a beautiful golden tan a little longer,
avoid exfoliating the skin.  Using a body scrub, body puff or loofah to exfoliate will speed up the removal skin cells quickly fading a tan. 

Be diligent with moisturizer and apply it in the morning and in the evening every day to keep the skin moist. After a warm shower is the best time to apply moisturizer. Pat the skin dry then slather on the lotion. Avoid moisturizers that contains Alpha Hydrox or Beta Hydrox Acids. Those ingredients will speed up dead skin cell removal and cause your tan to fade quicker.

A Warm Shower
Avoid a long hot shower and a long tub soaking to keep the skin looking hydrated and glowy. Hot water and the long exposure to water during a bath can actually be dehydrating for the skin. Take a short warm shower. That's not so easy on these cold days.  Hot showers feel so good when you're chilled to the bone. 

Eat your Veggies
Eat more orange colored veggies. Eating orange colored foods high in Beta carotene can actually give the skin a warm glow. Have you ever seen a baby who has eaten a lot of sweet potato, butternut squash and carrot baby foods? The baby's little nose can look orange! You worry, you won't turn orange if you are eating a varied diet that includes orange foods!

Self Tanner
You can always fake it. Apply some self tanner or a moisturizer that contains some self tanner to keep the skin looking golden.

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These little steps can help keep your skin looking and feeling pretty until the next trip to beautiful Jamaica!

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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