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Heal a Zit Fast!

It never fails you have a special event such as a prom or a wedding and your skin breaks out.  Your hair looks simply amazing but that huge p imple on your chin is not amazing at all!  Those nasty zits! So inconvenient and so frustrating. Whatever you do, DO NOT SQUEEZE! Squeezing a pimple causes a redness and swelling situation that is impossible to hide with makeup. Squeezing can also force the infection deeper into the skin causing longer healing time. Let me give you a few beauty treatment tips to help you deal with the unfortunate situation. I also have includes some Amazon Affiliate Links for quick shopping. How to Heal a Zit Fast! Clean it Start by cleaning the broken out area with a cleanser made to treat acne. Next, use a toner formulated for oily skin. Shop for Murad Clayifying Cleansers Reduce the Swelling Apply ice or a cold compress to reduce the swelling and inflammation.  You can also use a cold, wet chamomile tea bag. Put the wet tea bag in the fridge to get it re

Bat Poop in your Mascara

Here is a question someone asked me. "Is mascara made from bat poop!? For real, my dad told me this yesterday!!" I don't know where this is coming from. People are suddenly asking me   "is there really bat poop in my mascara"?   NO!  There is no bat poop, aka bat guano, in mascara!  Crushed bugs (carmine), maybe. Bat poop, no!  I have read that this urban legend is due to a confusion of the ingredient guanine and guano.   Guanine is an iridescent substance derived from fish scales. After further investigation,  I found that guanine also occurs in guano (from bats and birds), yeast and sugar beets. Guanine from fish scales is the source for cosmetics though, not guano.  A French rosary maker named Francois Jaquin extracted the pearl essence (which was crystalline guanine) from fish scales to mix up a pigment to use on round beads to create artificial pearls way back in 1656.  Guanine was then used in bath and skin care products, nail polish and eye shadow

Is there Lead in Lipstick?

Dangerous ingredients may be in your cosmetics and personal care products.  1400 unsafe or questionable cosmetic ingredients have been banned or  restricted  in the Europe Union. The US has only banned 30.  There may be formaldehyde in hair products and nail polish. There may be parabens in your moisturizer.  There may be lead in your lipstick.  Yes, lead, the heavy metal that can accumulate in the body and cause neurological problems and even death at very high levels. Lead has been in lipstick for years. But, why is lead there and not listed on the ingredient label you ask? It's not an added ingredient. It is an impurity in the natural pigment that is mined from the earth.  There can be other heavy metal contaminates in pigments as well, metals including nickel, copper, manganese, chromium, cobalt, titanium, cadmium and aluminum. The only metal that is deliberately added to lipstick is aluminum. It is used as a stabilizer and keeps colors from bleeding. The red pigment