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Pink Nail Polish for Summer: The Zoya Pink Palette

Hi everyone!  I have been slacking off in the blog department lately. Sorry about that. I have been distracted building a new cutting flower garden. It is a big project and is coming along nicely except for battling the bugs and critters! I am posting my progress along with gardening tips on youtube if you would like to follow along. I call the garden Foxes Run Garden.  That being said, I would now like to show you the Zoya Pink Palette for Summer 2022 as well as the Hello Summer Curated Collection. This Pink Palette collection has been going swimmingly well at the salon since pink is so great for summer. I'm a pink lover myself, especially for summer! There are cool creamy pinks and warm creamy pinks plus one iridescent glitter pink in this collection of 6 colors. I have included a swatch comparison in later this post. I think it really helps you see how the colors look. This posts contains Amazon links to help you find great cruelty free beauty products. I earn from qualifying pu