Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Best Days to Shop for Makeup

It may still be February, but spring is in the air and that makes me feel like buying some new makeup colors for spring. Shades of rose, pink and lavender are on my list!

We usually want to try makeup colors on before we buy them to make sure they make us look gorgeous. The problem is, we may be exposing ourselves to tons of bacteria by using those makeup testers at the department stores or beauty specialty stores. Creamy makeup, such as lipstick, concealer and cream blush, provides a better breeding ground for germs to grow than powder makeup, such as eye shadow, face powder, bronzer and blush. 

Forget about trying the sample mascara in the store. It is notorious for bacterial contamination. The only way to ensure a mascara used by multiple people is clean, is to have a makeup artist who uses disposable applicator in control of it.

The testers are wiped clean at the end of the day. I have also seen sales people cleaning them during the day on a quiet shopping day. It's different on a busy day, though. There's no time for keeping after the testers and there are many shoppers touching them and trying them. Odds are, the shoppers didn't just wash their hands before shopping for makeup, either.

The Best Days to Shop for Makeup
Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Best Time to Shop for Makeup
The morning while the testers are still clean from the previous day's end of day cleaning.

Do your makeup shopping on the less busy Wednesday and Friday mornings!

The Worst Day to Shop for Makeup
The worst day is easy to guess. It's Saturday. Saturdays are always busy shopping days.

Safer Sampling
There are some other things you can do for safer makeup sampling.

Use disposable applicators, not your fingers, to dip into makeup.

Test lip makeup, blush and eye makeup colors on the back of your hand instead of your face. Your hand is not usually the same color as your face, but it gives you the general idea of how the color looks on your skin.

A foundation really does need to be tested on your face to get a good match. Many foundations are now in pump style packaging. Testers in a pump bottle are safe to use because no hands actually touch the makeup inside. You can to wipe off the outside of the bottle with a wipe if you are feeling particularly germaphobic.... like me.... especially during cold and flu season! 

I like to keep a pack of anti bacterial wipes in my handbag to use when shopping. I got into the habit of carrying them with me when my kids were little. Let me tell you, they come in handy often! I've used them on door handles, shopping carts, air plane seat belts and those trays on the plane. You get the idea.

Concealer also should be tested on your face to insure you get the right color. Many concealers come in a squeeze tube. The squeeze tube, like the pump bottle, helps keeps the makeup free from contamination. Get those wipes out to clean the tip and the outside of the squeeze bottle before trying it.

You can also shop at a salon that sells makeup. The makeup artist in charge will use disposable applicators and clean brushes when applying makeup which keep the testers cleaner than the testers in makeup stores.  

Happy, healthy makeup shopping and thanks for visitingšŸ˜Š 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Reviews of Popular Mascaras

Mascara has got to be one of my favorite beauty products because it does absolutely amazing things for the lashes. It makes them look darker, longer, thicker, more curled and sexier! How can you find a good mascara? Start by looking for a mascara formula that meets your needs. Do you want waterproof? Do you want longer lashes? Do you want thicker lashes? Do you want them to look natural or dramatic? Do you want a quick application or are you willing to spend some time applying?

I am always trying new mascaras for the fun of it and to find that perfect formula that does magical things for my lashes. I try mascaras that people say they like. It try mascaras written about in magazines. And I try mascaras that get good reviews on Ulta ans Sephora. 

Some mascaras are more lengthening and some are more volumizing. My favorite right now is Buxom Lush Mascara. It lengthens as well as adds some volume without clumping.

Lengthen Mascara
A lengthening formula is designed to make lashes look longer. It will add some volume as well, but its main purpose is to add length. Lengthening mascaras tend to be a thinner formula the goes on in smooth thin coats. I personally want my lashes to look longer so a lengthening formula is my favorite mascara formula.

Volumizing Mascara
A volumizing mascara is designed to make lashes look fuller and thicker. It will add some length as well, but its main purpose is to thicken. For me, a volumizing mascara can clump easily. 

Mascara Applicators
The brush inside the mascara tube is designed to make the most of the mascara formula. It can be hard or soft, comb like or brush like, straight or curved.

Lengthening Applicator
A lengthening mascara many times has a hard, rubbery spikey of comb like applicator to lay on a smooth layer of mascara that can be stretched out without clumps.
lengthening mascara wands

A volumizing mascara has a more brush like applicator.  It can have a shape to it such as an hourglass which is meant to accentuate and shape the lashes during application. 
volumizing mascara wands

Mascaras can vary greatly in price. A high end luxury Givenchy mascara will cost you $33 while an e.l.f. mascara can be just $1. A good mascara doesn't have to cost a bundle. You will be surprised at some of my favorites. One you will find right in your local drugstore for $2.99! 

Here are 10 reviews of popular mascaras with pictures to show how they look on to help guide you to a mascara that meets your needs. Some I love. Some not so much but they may work for you. Remember, I prefer to use beauty products that are not tested on animals so you won't be seeing Maybelline Great Lash here! Click on the mascara name for the review and other info.

Mascara Reviews

Wet n Wild MegaLength Mascara
This is a great inexpensive drugstore mascara

Wet n Wild MegaLength Mascara

For volume and length. It's just okay for me
It Cosmetics Hello Lashes

This was not one of my favorites but it did create volume and drama

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara
Natural looking but this one was not a favorite of mine either

Benefit they're Real Mascara

I love this one!!!
Buxom Lash Mascara

This one was great for me!
Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

I liked the old formula better
Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Extreme

This mascara makes the lashes look gorgeous! It is a bit time consuming though.
Cherry Blooms Brush on Fiber Eyelash Extensions

A nice inexpensive waterproof mascara
NYX Le Chick Flick Waterproof Mascara

I thought I would love this mascara
bare minerals flawless definition waterproof mascara

Thanks for visiting! Stay tuned for more mascara reviews. Urban Decay Perversion is waiting in the wings. I got a brand new tube! I tried a sample when it was new but never did a review.  

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