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Beach Ruffles Etsy Shop

I have a new venture.  For years I've been creating jewelry, hair accessories, and frilly ruffled & sequined sarongs, aprons and other pretty things for myself and for friends. It's time to expand....I opened an etsy shop! Beach Ruffles.

For me, I like to create an outfit out of my bathing suit when I'm away on vacation.That means having the perfect beach cover up to coordinate with my suit. It has to be something fun and unique or I won't be happy with it. Then I need jewelry and a hat, a headband or a flower hair clip to go with it.  It makes the perfect pretty daytime outfit to wear to a casual breakfast at the open air buffet, to the beach, to the pool and to the beach grill for lunch. I have a different suit for each day on vacation so I'm always coming up with new cover up ideas.

Here is a ruffled sarong I made. I call the ruffled sarongs Beach Ruffle Wraps.

 Beach Ruffle Wrap Sarong
Here is a fun flower hair clip that looks just perfect with this Beach Ruffle Wrap.
 Flower Hair Clip
And here is a long corded necklace to add a little crystal bling to the beach outfit.
long dangle necklace with shell and crystal
My aprons will keep you looking cute in the kitchen while protecting your clothes!
I also have made hats for kids!
kids hat
And let's not forget our furry friends. They like to look pretty too! I make ruffled bandanas for dogs and very tolerant cats!
 Bandanna for dogs and cats
Browse around my etsy shop and stop back often. I hope you like what you see! I have lots of new designs I am working on. You can follow Beach Ruffles on Facebook to keep up on the latest creations. 

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Beach Ruffles etsy shop

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eye Shadow Palette Swatches & Review

Ooo la la! Look at these gorgeous eye shadow colors! 
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette
It's the Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eye Shadow Palette. A Mother's Day gift from one of my daughters. She knew I would love the colors.๐Ÿ’– The packaging is delicate and beautiful looking and has a nice size mirror inside.
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette packaging
This palette is a limited edition 30 shade eye shadow collection. It has has 7 mattes, 13 shimmers and 10 sparkles. Some of the colors are from previous Too Faced palettes: Natural Eyes, Natural Matte, Natural Night, plus new shades. I find if fabulous for creating sexy, soft looking shimmery eyes. It comes with a little booklet that contains a glamour guide with instructions for creating 6 different looks. The colors look very bold in the pictures but are not that bold looking on the skin in reality.
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette booklet
I have read some really terrible reviews of this palette. I don't know why they are so terrible. It's true, some of the shadows are soft and create fallout. Also, some colors don't go on as smoothly as we would like. Some are very sheer and dusty. It's not perfect but definitely not terrible. The colors are really pretty. Just know, most of them aren't bold looking on the skin. With the right application techniques, you can get better application and performance from this and any other shadow. I think you have to know what you are getting before you buy it. So let's talk about it!

Lots of Metallic

This palette consists of mostly shimmery metallic shades. Beautiful, but some of us who are a little older may like to stick to more matte and semi matte shades with a little accent of shimmer. This may not be the best palette choice for older skin due to the fact that there are not a lot of mattes to play with, only 7 mattes. Metallics, particularly frosts, can accentuate lines and wrinkles. It's a great palette for younger eyes. You may like to use the Natural Love Palette along with a matte palette such as Too Face Matte Chocolate Chip to give you a larger selection of mattes.

Opaque Sheer Mix

There is a mix in the coverage in this palette. Don't think that all of these shadows are highly pigmented opaque shades. Many have nice pigment and build up for more coverage, but there are also colors that are on the sheer side. This is a natural palette made to create natural looking neutral looks so a little soft sheerness is appropriate.

Silky and Powdery

Some of these shadows have a silky smooth feel. Some of these shadows are drier, powdery and kick up a bit of dust. Some create fallout, especially Fairy Tale. It is very common for glittery eye shadow to sprinkle onto your face leaving you with sparkly skin. Many of the glitters in this palette to just that. 
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette Heaven, Fairy Tale
Spotty Application
Some of the colors don't go on as nicely as others. They are a little spotty or streaky looking, Heaven in particular for me. Using a primer improves the application.

Shadow Application Tips

There are things you can do to improve the application of this and any other eye shadow. 

Tip 1: Primer

Too Faced recommends their Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer to "lock down shadow".  Shhhh! Don't tell them, I always use my favorite eye shadow primer Urban Decay Primer Potion!!! Primer helps eye shadow color look bolder. It holds it in place, lengthens wear and helps prevent creasing. 

Tip 2: Sponge vs Brush

I find with many eye shadows, especially powdery ones, the old fashioned sponge eye shadow applicator provides a smooth even shadow application with less fallout. It also doesn't kick up the shadow in the pan as much as an eye shadow brush. Apply with the sponge and blend with a brush.
eye shadow sponge applicator
Tip 3: Finger Application
Applying shadow with your clean fingertip is another way to reduce fallout and get a smooth solid application. It works the best for the eye lid and brow bone. Use a sponge applicator to define the crease. Use a brush to blend.

Tip 4: Use a Barrier
Use eye shadow shields or makeup tape to cover the under eye and upper cheek areas while applying eye shadow. The skin is nice and fallout free when you remove it. Some shadow shields are super sticky. Stick them on your arm several times to reduce the stickiness before applying them to your under eye area.
eye shadow shields
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Let's look at the colors!

too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette colors
Top row
Heaven- a matte cream 
Fairy Tale- a champagne gold shimmer
Nudie- a matte fawn
Tickle Me- mushroom shimmer
Don't Settle- a dark brown metallic
Finger's Crossed- a deep brown with gold sparkle
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette swatches

2nd row
Lace Teddy- a matte soft peach 
Satin Sheets- a golden pink shimmer
Push-Up- a light bronze pearl
Honey Pot- a metallic gold 
Chocolate Martini- a deep espresso with gold sparkle
Undercover- a midnight purple with violet sparkle
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette swatches

3rd row
Pink Cheeks- a barely pink with silver sparkle 
Kittens- a golden rose shimmer
Bunny Nose- a pearly cotton candy pink
Moonbeam- a metallic white gold
Love Bug- a silvered plum metallic
Smokin'- a sparkling gunmetal taupe
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette swatches

4th row
Poodle- an iced pearl
Cutie Pattootie- a pink champagne shimmer 
Dear Diary- a antiqued bronzed metallic 
Coffee Date- a coppery brown pearl
Spoiled- a dark chocolate pearl
Night Fever- a black khaki w/ gold shimmer
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette swatches

5th row
Spotlight- a matte butter crรจme
Honey Butter- a matte light caramel 
Honeymoon- a soft pearly melon
Hot & Bothered- a shimmering copper
Makeup & Chill- a matte deep red brown
Stiletto- a matte black
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette swatches

These shadows are gluten free and contain no parabens. Too Faced does not test on animals. 
Some colors contain carmine so this is not a vegan palette.
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette ingredients

too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette ingredients
The bottom line is, 
This is a mostly metallic shadow palette. I love the shadow colors. They create soft beautiful shimmery looks. Perfect colors for brides! Some of the shadows give you a little trouble with unevenness, dust and fallout. Primer and the right application techniques improve the performance of the shadows. I will definitely keep using this palette for soft looks. The $59 price seems steep but you do get 30 colors.
too faced natural love ultimate neutral eye shadow palette on eye
I used Lace Teddy, Pink Cheeks, Moonbeam, Dear Diary, Nudie, Love Bug and Undercover 
Find the Too Faced Natural Love Neutral Eye Shadow Palette for $59 at Ulta, Sephora and Too Faced.

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