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Summer Nail Colors: Zoya Sunshine Collection Summer 2018 Swatches & Review

The Zoya summer nail colors are here! Sunshine is a bright and sunny collection just as the name suggests.  If you like red and pink nail colors, you will love this collection. Most of the colors in are in the red color family: pinks, reds and corals. There are 2 glitters, 2 shimmers and 8 creams. This collection has been very popular at the salon. The favorites are Sandy, Ellie, Karen, Marigold, Virginia, Marigold and Clementine. The two glitters are toppers. They are sheer glitter topper colors called Unicorn Kisses. The glitter pieces in these polishes are large, medium and small to create a holographic effect. Saldana is the blue, Nahla is the gold. They are very sheer but they will build up with more coats to create a magical metallic look especially on top of any color. Besides, the toppers and one of the shimmers, the colors are opaque and give full coverage with two coats. Clementine needs a third coat to create an opaque finish. The Zoya Sunshine Summer Collec

Paw Print Solar Lights for a Whimsical Garden

Finally, it's beginning to feel springy here in the Philly area! It's time to prepare for our summer gardens. I have started some cosmos in a sunny kitchen window. How fascinating it is to watch little seeds come to life. It's a miracle really. A little dry seed goes into the dirt and becomes a beautiful flower in a matter of 7 weeks.  My little butterfly/hummingbird garden not only brightens my day with beauty, it also gives me some much needed garden therapy stress relief, a little exercise, and a nice dose of Vitamin D!  I stopped in Boscovs Department Store recently, strolled through the garden department, and came upon these. Simply a must have for the cat lady that I am!  💕 😺 💕  Solar Powered  Animal Paw Lights.  They were only $19.99 and were on sale for $14.99.  I saw them on Amazon in Colors too! Here is my Amazon Affiliate Link to shop: Shop for Solar Paw Print Lights on Amazon These little paw prints instantly created whimsy in my garden!!! I just love s