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Paw Print Solar Lights for a Whimsical Garden

cosmos seedlings
Finally, it's beginning to feel springy here in the Philly area! It's time to prepare for our summer gardens. I have started some cosmos in a sunny kitchen window. How fascinating it is to watch little seeds come to life. It's a miracle really. A little dry seed goes into the dirt and becomes a beautiful flower in a matter of 7 weeks. 

My little butterfly/hummingbird garden not only brightens my day with beauty, it also gives me some much needed garden therapy stress relief, a little exercise, and a nice dose of Vitamin D! 

I stopped in Boscovs Department Store recently, strolled through the garden department, and came upon these. Simply a must have for the cat lady that I am! πŸ’•πŸ˜ΊπŸ’• 

solar powered animal paw lights

Solar Powered Animal Paw Lights. They were only $19.99 and were on sale for $14.99. 

I saw them on Amazon in Colors too! Here is my Amazon Affiliate Link to shop:

These little paw prints instantly created whimsy in my garden!!! I just love solar powered lights and find they hold up well all year long. Plus, the sun charges them for free! There are strings of solar lights on my deck from last summer. They made through the cold, snowy winter and still light. 

The sun charges solar lights by day so they can shine at night. Cloudy days don't charge them well. The lights are dim and don't stay lit very long after a cloudy day.
solar powered battery pack
The paw prints are super easy to install.

Attach the Stake
Slide the plastic stake onto the solar battery pack.
Find the Perfect Spot
Find a sunny spot to place the solar battery pack. Be sure it's not near any nighttime light source. The lights won't turn on unless it's dark. 

Choose your Setting
Turn the switch on the battery pack to "on" or to "flash" if you prefer.
Create your Design
Arrange the paw prints and gently push the stakes in the ground. 

Let the sun charge them up and watch them glow when it gets dark!
 solar powered animal paw lights at night
They are LED lights, therefore they are nice and bright with bluish white light. A sensor allows the lights to go on when it get dark and turn off when it gets to be daylight automatically.
solar powered animal paw lights
The wires are easily hidden with a layer of mulch. 
solar powered animal paw lights in garden
They are super cute both day and night. My friendly garden assistant approves.
cat with solar powered animal paw lights
Find solar powered animal paw lights at Boscov's online and in the garden section of the store, on Amazon, and other online stores including EBay, Jet and Zulily.

Have a Beautiful Day!


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