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Prom Makeup 2018: Pretty Primrose Pink Makeup for Glasses Wearers

pink primrose
It's prom time and we've had quite a few beauties come in the salon for hair and makeup! Wearing glasses is an "in" thing now so many women are choosing to wear their glasses to the prom. 

A recent prom client wanted a natural makeup that would help her eyes stand out behind her dark framed glasses. She would be wearing a black dress to the prom. I thought extra attention to her lashes and makeup in shades of primrose pink would be perfect for her fair complexion.

soft pink prom makeup
soft pink prom makeup for glasses
I started by applying light peach concealer to the under eye area and an ivory foundation with both a foundation brush and sponge. Her eyes were lined with black pencil liner on the top lashes and dark brown on the lower lashes, then gently smudged with dark brown shadow. 

I used one of my favorite eye shadow palettes, the Too Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection. The soft pink shadows look like they were made for her!
too face eye shadow palette
For her lashes, I applied black mascara and added lash fibers to make her lashes extra long. Lash fibers do amazing things for lashes! I used Cherry Blooms Lash Fibers. I like them because they are black. Some fibers are white.
Read more about Cherry Blooms!
cherry blooms eyelash extensions
A soft pink slightly shimmery blush and highlighting powder accented her cheeks. Her lips were lined with a blush pink lip liner and topped with pink champagne gloss. Gorgeous with or without her glasses!

She wore her long hair down and curled with a bit loosely pulled back.

prom hair style
I have a few tips to help you with your eye makeup so your eyes don't get lost behind your glasses.
Eye Makeup Tips for Wearing Glasses

Eye Shadow 
Start with a little color. Neutral shadows have been the rage for the past couple years but I find a bit of eye shadow with color can add a brightness and help eyes pop behind glasses. Eye shadow with a soft shimmer adds light and brightness to the eyes. Avoid heavily frosted eye shadows. Keep the shadow on the eyelids and a little in the crease. Don't take colored shadow up to the brow bone. Stick to a cream shade of shadow to highlight the brow bone.

Define with Eye Liner
Line your eyes with a dark brown, plum, charcoal, black or even navy blue liner. Make the line on the top thick and the line on the bottom thin. 

Accentuate Your Lashes
Curl your lashes. Curling makes the lashes look longer and gives your eyes a lift.

Add two coats of black mascara on top lashes. Use a lengthen formula to make them look a little longer. Add one light coat to the bottom lashes. The dark mascara make the whites of your eyes look brighter and intensifies your eye color. 

Groom Your Brows
Don't forget about your brows. Clean up stray hairs for a clean look. Give the brows a fuller bolder look by filling them in with a brow powder.

Professional hair and makeup helps you look extra gorgeous for your prom. Schedule a appointment at Styling Point in Media, Pa.!

       Have a Beautiful Day! 
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