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Inexpensive Black Lipstick and Nail Polish

Nothing says Halloween like deep, dark red or black lips and nails. You can become dark and vampy in an instant!  I like to use inexpensive makeup to create fun Halloween looks. Why spend a lot of money on colors I will only use a few times, right? The Halloween stores are one of my favorite places to get crazy makeup. Most of them carry Fantasy Makers from the creators of Wet n Wild. It's fun stuff. Glittery shadows and ghoulish black lipstick.  You can get great funky eyelashes there too! Drug stores also carry fun makeup and lashes in their seasonal section in October.  You can shop for black lipstick and other theatrical/costume makeup online anytime. Amazon has a great selection. I have provided some Amazon affiliate links for you to use to find some great products. Other great in expensive brands are Wet n Wild and NYX. Find Wet n Wild in drugstores and NYX at Ulta stores. Inexpensive Black Polish: Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris 229C It's a super fas

Paraffin vs Hair Removal Wax

Q. My salon offers paraffin wax treatments. Is paraffin wax the same as the wax they use for hair removal? A. Paraffin wax and hair removal wax are two different types of wax. Paraffin wax is a soft non sticky wax. It is a petroleum product like petroleum jelly. Candles can be made of paraffin. It is used in salons and spas as a treatment for dry skin and as therapy for arthritis. Paraffin hand dips are very popular. The hands are dipped into hot paraffin wax, then placed in plastic bags. Hand mitts can also be added over the plastic bags. To avoid many hands being dipped into the same wax, some salons ladle the melted paraffin into plastic bags and then place the bags on the hands of their client. The paraffin wax cools and solidifies and is easily removed from the hands. The hands are left warm and moisturized. It is fabulous on feet too! Hair removal waxes  are sticky or they harden. They usually made from resin. The wax is applied to the skin, it sticks to unwanted hai

Laura Geller Balance-N- Brighten Foundation

I ran out of my regular liquid foundation and had this Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation in Medium that I never really used.  So I tried it. I actually got compliments on how my nice skin looked. Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten Baked Foundation is a baked, matte finish powder foundation that is swirled with a variety of natural colors that you would find in the skin. The variety of colors helps to even out color flaws in the skin such as redness and sallow, yellow tones. It is used dry. Apply it with a powder brush or kabuki brush. You can build up the coverage by applying layers. It can be used alone or over a BB cream or foundation. This foundation doesn't give me enough coverage used alone so I tried it over my latest BB cream, Physicians Formula, and got beautiful results. It gave my skin a lighter brighter look. The medium shade works well on my untanned skin. I would use the tan shade for summer.  I like the matte finish it has

Tips to Quit Smoking

It's time to quit! You know you have to quit smoking. For your health and for your beauty. Smoking causes high blood pressure, a long list of diseases and it steals your beauty away.  Smoking causes premature wrinkling of the skin, broken blood vessels, uneven skin color, a grayish complexion, yellowy brown stained nails and makes you smell bad. Read more about smoking's effect on skin at  DermNet NZ .  Plus, the world is becoming less and less friendly for smokers. There are so many places you are not allowed to smoke. Here are some tips from various organizations including The American Cancer Society to help you quit.  It is best to come up with a plan before you stop smoking. Before you quit Start by setting a date to quit. Make the commitment. Mark it on you calendar and tell your friends and family. Then, start your preparations. If you decided to use a prescription aid, such as Chantix or Zyban, see your doctor then start taking it 1 to 2 weeks befo

How to get rid of lip wrinkles

Those nasty lip wrinkles! Vertical lines around your lips that happen as our skin ages. They get worse if you frequently make a puckering motion with your lips such as when smoking a cigarette, drinking from a straw and whistling.  Collagen and elastin production in our skin decreases as we age causing the skin to line, wrinkle and sag.  First of all, you must quit smoking. Cigarettes are the worst for aging the skin! Cigarettes not only cause the puckering motion of the lips, cigarettes breakdown collagen causing lots of wrinkles!  There are some easy things you can do to make lip wrinkles look less noticeable. They may not be gone but they will be less noticeable. Make Lip Lines & Wrinkles Less Noticeable Don't Pucker up Avoid doing things that cause you to pucker your lips. The repeated motion of lip puckering creates lines of expression around the lips.  Ditch the straws and try not to whistle too much and no smoking! Hit the Med Spa  An injectable dermal fill