Thursday, September 27, 2012

Q&A: French Manicure with a Broken Nail

french manicure
Q. I want to have a French manicure done but I broke a nail. I don't want a nail tip put on. Can I still have it done?

A. It will look fine as long as the nail lengths are not too extreme. My remedy is to trim the longer nails a bit then, create an illusion with the white tips to make the nails look more even in length. 

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall 2012 Makeup, Hair & Fashion

Here is your fall 2012 trend recap.

Red Lipstick 
red lips
All shades of red, soft and bold. Red red. Orange red. Chocolate red. Fuchsia red. If it's a shade of red, it's in!

blushFlushed Cheeks
Cheeks are given a heavy dose pink or rosy red blush. Add a shimmer of gold to highlight.

winged eye liner
Heavy Eye Liner and the Winged Outer Corner
Go heavy on your eye liner on the upper lash line. Add a winged-up liner lift to the outer corner of your eye. 

blue eye liner
Cobalt or Brown Eye Liner
Feeling bold? Line your eyes with cobalt eyeliner! Make your eyes even more bold by adding cobalt mascara. Not feeling so bold? Try a brown smokey eye. Use an espresso eyeliner instead of black. Add shades of copper, chocolate and taupe eye shadows to create a smoky look. 

green eye shadowJewel Tone Green, Gold, Brown Eye Shadows
Green eye shadows are clear and jewel toned. Forget about the soft mossy greens! Or try a nice shimmery gold on your eyelids. Maybe a brown smoky eye is more your style!

Thick eye brows
Brows continue to be thick and well groomed.

foundation brush
Foundation is smooth and flawless matching your skin tone. Anti-aging light reflecting foundations help mask the signs of aging.

It's a smorgasbord of nail colors for fall this year! 
colorful nails
How about some glitter and glam? Dazzle up your nails with glitter, confetti, or crushed shells. 

Metal shades of silver, gold, copper and bronze match the metal trend in the clothing and accessories this fall.

Shimmery shades of red orange, red, burgundy, plum and purple will add rich color to your nails.

Do you like neutral nails? That works too! Creamy shades of taupe, beige and grey are right in style.

And my favorite, blue, is still all the rage! Try shades of navy, blue grey and teal.

Q. Summer is ending and I want to change my hair color. What is the in hair color for this fall? 
hair feather
A. Beautiful reds and dark warm browns that shine and reflect light are the hair color trends for Fall 2012! Highlights are now natural and soft looking. The two toned look, ombre and colored ends, is less extreme with a more subtle look. Add a bit of red lipstick to complete your warm fall look!

Bangs are a hot hair trend right now. They bring out your eyes and make you look younger by hiding lines on your forehead! Afraid of cutting? Try clip in bangs! 

colored jeansThere are four big jean trends you will see. Metallic jeans, jeans that have a coating to give them a leather look, jeans in jewel tones and jeans with prints, especially flower and animal prints. Of course, the classic blue jean is always in! Find these fabulous jeans at Kohls!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Arsenic in your Rice!

bowl of rice
Have you heard, there is arsenic in your rice! 
Arsenic is naturally occurring in soil. Years of using fertilizers and pesticides has added to the arsenic level in the soil. Rice plants grow in water allowing the plants to absorb the arsenic from the soil. That is how our rice gets arsenic in it. 

Today there are more and more rice products in our grocery stores due to many people going gluten free. There is rice in cereal, granola bars, snacks, gluten free flours, gluten free pasta and more.  Don't panic. You don't have to stop eating it. But, there are a few things you can do to eat rice more safely.

Here are a few ways to reduce the amount of arsenic you ingest.

1. Eat white rice
I know, it's not what we usually hear nutritionally. We have been told to eat brown rice. White rice has a lower level of arsenic than brown rice due to the fact that it is processed and the outer layer of rice is stripped off. 

2. Eat rice less often

Don't eat rice or rice products every day. The less you eat, the less arsenic you consume.

3. Rinse your rice  

The way you prepare rice can reduce the arsenic level. Rinse your rice well under running water before cooking it. This will reduce the arsenic level in the rice.

4. Cook it like pasta

Cook your rice the way you cook pasta by adding extra water and draining it after it is cooked. Some of the arsenic goes out with the water.

It's just a little more work in the kitchen. Better safe than sorry, though.

Healthy Food, Beautiful Skin!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Q&A: Determine your Skin Type

Q. I don't know what my skin type is. How can I figure it out?

A. A great way to determine your skin type is to use blotting papers. The blotting paper will absorb oil from an oily area and look greasy. Do this test a few hours after washing your face. Apply a sheet of blotting paper to one area of your face, let's say your forehead. If the paper looks greasy, that area is oily. Now apply another paper to your cheek to see if it is oily. Check all areas examining the blotting papers for oil.

blotting paper
You have oily skin if all the areas of your face make the blotting papers look oily. 

You have combination skin if some areas, such as forehead, nose and chin, make the blotting papers look oily. 

You have dry skin if the blotting papers don't look oily or look only slightly oily. 

Try e.l.f. Essentials Shine Eraser blotting sheets. A pack of 50 is just a super bargain at 1 dollar! Find e.l.f. products at Target or click here to go the the e.l.f. website

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Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Fix Smudged Polish

I just hate when a I get a smudge in my fresh polish! 
smudged nail polish
The last thing I want to do is take it off and start over. There is a little trick you can try before you resort to taking it off and starting over. This trick works great if the smudge is not too bad.

Use a little acetone polish remover to fix it. 

Dip the index finger of the opposite hand of the smudged nail in acetone so the fingerprint of your finger is wet with the remover. Lightly touch the smudged nail. The acetone will dissolve the polish just a bit smoothing the smudge. The acetone evaporates quickly. Sometimes that's all it needs. Otherwise, apply another thin coat of the color or add a coat of clear.

That should make it look as good as new without the hassle of redoing the smudged nail. 

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