Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stripy Sparkly Nail Designs

I had some time to play around and create some nail art using nail appliques.
stripy sparkly nail design collage
I started by polishing my nails with Orly Purple Crush. It's one of my favorite fuchsias. I did 2 coats and let it dry for about 30 minutes.
bright purple nail polish
Then, I used Dashing Diva Design fx bling appliques in a black and white animal print called Catwalk. I love the sparkle they have! The appliques are sticky on one side and easy to apply to your nails. You can apply the whole applique to your nail or cut it and use the pieces to create your own design.

 The pack I have says it's for toes but they are fine for fingernails too. I chose cut the appliques into pieces I liked then added them to my nails to make each nail a different design.
nail design stickers
I think they came out super fun!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Orly Purple Crush

I just love the color of my petunias this summer. They are a magnificent shade of fuchsia.
purple wave petunias
I decided this would be a beautiful toe nail color. 
I must have it!

My search for the perfect color didn't take long. Orly's Purple Crush turned out to be the perfect match. It's a gorgeous super shiny crème. Look how great it looks on my toes with my purple wave petunias!
toe nail color
I started with a base coat followed by 2 coats of a sheer white, then 2 coats of Purple Crush.
A coat of Seche Vite finishes it off.
The white polish helps to intensify the Fuchsia color.
white toe nail coloe

toe nail color
It looks fabulous on my finger nails too!
bright purple nail polish

 Get it on Amazon for a great price!

Let nature inspire you too!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Thin Nail Polish

Nail polish gets thick because the solvents that keep it free flowing evaporate. Add nail polish thinner to nail polish to thin it, not nail polish remover. Why? The ingredients in polish remover are not the ingredients found in nail polish. Polish thinner contains the solvents, such as butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, heptane and toluene, that are solvents found in nail polish. 

thick polish

Some brands, such as Seche Vite, make their own thinner specifically for their products. Otherwise a basic polish thinner will do.
dropper of polish thinner
 Add a few drops at a time. Once polish is over thinned, it just doesn't thicken up again. I've tried leaving the top off an over thinned polish for hours, but it never seemed to get to the right consistency again.
polish bottle
Try adding 5 drops. Slowly roll the polish bottle back and forth to mix or turn it upside down wait a bit, then right side up again.
polish bottle
Slow mixing works better than vigorous shaking. Open the polish and check the consistency.

Still too thick?

Add 5 more drops of thinner. Continue adding thinner and mixing till the proper consistency is reached.

If your polish is super thick, just toss it. It won't thin properly.

 Help keep your polish from getting thick by keeping the neck of the bottle clean. Use polish remover on a cotton ball for cleaning. Also, keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.

Find nail polish thinner at beauty supply shops such as Sally Beauty Supply.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cherry Blooms Lash Extending Mascara Review

cherry blooms lash extending mascara on lashes
Look at these gorgeous lashes!

 They were gorgeous to start with, then I made them more gorgeous by using Cherry Blooms Brush on Fiber Eyelash Extensions. This is one of my brides. She wanted to showcase her beautiful eyes so I wanted to make her lashes as long as possible without using false lashes.

Cherry Blooms is a 2 part mascara lash extending system that uses high grade beeswax to hydrate the lashes, stick the fibers to the lashes, keep the mascara from flaking and prevent bacterial growth. Cherry Blooms is a cruelty free Austrailian company.
cherry blooms lash extending mascara
It makes your lashes look longer and fuller in three steps.

1. Apply a generous coat of the Step 1 & 3 Transplanting Mascara Gel. Do about 20 strokes of mascara.

2. Apply the fibers, Step 2. Do about 15 strokes of fibers.

3. Apply another coat of the Transplanting Mascara Gel. Be sure to do a good coating to seal in all the fibers. Do about 20 strokes of mascara.

Click here for more tips on applying lash fiber extending mascara

I have used another similar lash extending mascara, Too Face better than False Lashes. It's the same 3 step process. The Too Faced product is much stickier that the Cherry Blooms. The Cherry Blooms has black fibers which I really like because they blend in so easily with the black mascara. The Too Faced fibers are white and tend to be fuzzier.

The transplanting gel mascara goes on nice and smooth. It dries pretty fast so you need to apply the fibers quickly after the first coat of mascara. Cherry Blooms mascara isn't waterproof which can be a draw back for me when using it on a bride. I find it wears well though, is gentle and doesn't irritate the eyes. It removes easily with soap and water.  Love it! Find it on the Cherry Blooms site for $49.00. They also have a brow extending kit. I must try it!

Shop for Cherry Blooms on Amazon

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Toe Nail Fungus Remedies

toe nail fungus
Have you found yourself with a toe nail fungus ?
Fungal infections are quite common on the toe nails especially on the big toe nail. All it takes is a stubbed toe to create a tiny opening for a dermatophyte to jump in and take up residence. It can be fungus from an athlete's foot infection or you may pick up the fungus in the shower at your local gym. Fingernails can also be infected with fungus but it is less common.

The problem is, it's really tough to evict that fungus! Fungi love the warm moist environment underneath the toe nail. It grows and spreads into the nail causing the nail to discolor, thicken and pull away from the nail bed. Debris accumulates under the nail and the nail plate begins to get crumbly and ragged.

Toe nail fungal infections are difficult to treat because the infection is underneath the toe nail in the nail bed. Topical medications don't penetrate through all the layers of nail to reach the nail bed where they are needed. You've got to get the treatment behind the nail before the fungus invades the nail plate. 

Oral medications can work well but they require regular blood work to check on liver function. I have had clients use them. Their infections began to clear but when the course of medication ended, the fungus flared up again requiring more oral medication. 

Your doctor can prescribe a topical treatment if you want to avoid taking oral medication. There are over the counter as well as prescription topical treatments to try. Apply them to the unpolished toe nail, behind the toe nail and around the sides of the toe nail.  You can find over the counter treatments such as Fungi Nail and Kerasal at your local drugstore and on Amazon in liquid and ointment formulas.

There are some home remedies you can try that many of my clients have actually had success with.  You must be diligent with any fungal treatment to get rid of that nasty fungus. Soaks can be very effective because the nail is submerged and the liquids are absorbed by the nail and the surrounding skin. 

vick vapo rub
Vicks VapoRub
Some of its ingredients are effective at killing fungus. Recently, a client said her doctor recommended it. The fungus lives under the toenail. The more it grows, the more it damages the nail and the skin underneath the nail. 

Apply the Vicks underneath the free edge of the nail. Be sure the nail is clean and dry. You can lightly blow dry underneath the infected nail after a shower to get it really dry. Press the Vicks into the area of the nail that is pulling away from the nail bed. A
pply it to the infected toe 3-4 times per day. 

It sticks with you due to the petroleum in it. You can cover it loosely with a bandage to keep the Vicks from getting everywhere. Keep the toenail short, trimming regularly. Fungal infections are stubborn. It's gonna take a while. Be persistent with it. It may not work for everyone, but it's worth a try.

Active Ingredients: Camphor (synthetic) 4.8%, Eucalyptus Oil 1.2%, Menthol 2.5%. Other ingredients: Cedar leaf oil, nutmeg oil, petroleum, thymol, Turpentine oil

Thymol is from thyme. Very anti fungal. 

Please know before you buy: Vicks VapoRub is a Proctor and Gamble product. They are notorious animal testers. A North Carolina pharmacist created Vicks as a croup remedy for babies back in 1894. It wasn't tested on animals then but it is now. Do keep in mind, any prescribed medication is tested on animals too.

Tea Tree Oil 

Tea Tree oil is a great alternative to Vicks and not tested on animals. It too is very effective for treating fungus. Find it in stores that sell natural products such as health food stores.
tea tree oil
Apply a couple drops to the underside of the infected nail 2-4 times a day. Be sure the nail is clean and dry. Lightly blow dry underneath the infected nail after a shower to get it really dry. Keep the toenail short, trimming regularly. Again, fungal infections are stubborn. It's gonna take a while.  Be persistent with it.

Here are a few more remedies:

Listerine- soak the infected toe 2 times per day (Note: Listerine is made by an animal testing company)

Bleach- mix 1 part bleach to 3 parts water and soak the infected toe 2 times per day

White Vinegar- soak the infected toe 2 times per day in undiluted white vinegar

Please be aware that fungal infections can spread to your family members. Clean your shower area with bleach or disinfectants that are effective at killing fungus. Keep your feet covered with socks to prevent fungal spores from spreading throughout your living area. Launder your socks after wearing them. Always wear flip flops in the dorm or gym shower to protect your feet from fungus.

I hope one of these remedies helps you to kill off that nasty toe nail fungus! Remember, it's a battle. Be persistent.

Have a Healthy Day!

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