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Best Nail File, How to File Nails and Best Nail Shapes

You may be struggling taking care of your nails at home right now while some salons are still closed due to COVID-19.  Our nails need to be cared for by cutting and filing. Our cuticles need grooming and moisturizing. It can be overwhelming.  Let's focus on filing because how you file your nails can help them be stronger or it can actually make them weaker. Filing your natural nails the right way can help them be stronger. I'm talking about how you actually use the nail file and also the shape you file your nails into.  The shape of your nail's matters. Certain nail shapes are stronger than others.  Filing them the wrong way will increase the chance for nail breakage, peeling and layering.  The first thing you need to do is start with the right kind of nail file. You can use an old-fashioned cardboard emery board but there are better, more comfortable nail file options you can use to file your nails. Use the Best Nail File for Natural Nails The nail files I