Friday, May 30, 2014

Nail Filing Tips

Filing your natural nails the right way can help them be stronger. 
nail file

Let's start with the right files
Nail files as well as sand paper have grit numbers. The higher the grit number, the finer the abrasive surface is. A 240 grit file is smoother than a 180 grit file. Use a high grit file, 240 or higher, to shape your natural nails. A coarse low grit file will fray up the nail edges.

Avoid rough ridgy metal nail files. They cause the nails to fray and peel. 

Crystal files work well. Their smooth surface is gentle on the nails.

crystal file

Now for a strong nail shape

Avoid filing the sides of the nail to keep the nail strong."Squoval" is the strongest shape. It is combination of square and oval. The nails are a square shape with rounded corners. Nails break less in this shape because the sides of the nails are not filed into as in an oval and there are no sharp corners to catch and break off as in a square shape.
pink nails

How to use your nail file

Use long, one direction strokes with the file to shape your nails. Avoid a sawing back and forth motion which will fray up the nails and create stressful movement of the nails. The moving of the nail can cause stress cracks on the sides of the nails leading to nasty breaks.
broken nail
 Have a Smooth Day!


  1. I really like some of your posts... they are genuine and simple to follow =)

  2. So glad you enjoy my posts. Thanks for reading!