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Virus, Cold & Flu Natural Remedies & Immune System Boosters : Ways to prevent illness & get well faster

We don't feel beautiful or look beautiful at all when we are sick. COVID 19, the flu and RSV are running rampant. There is way too much opportunity to get sick. We must something fast to boost our immune systems. Christmas ASMR Video to help you relax and sleep! My daughter's good friend came down with the flu. She is a teacher so she is exposed to many germs that can cause illness.  The CDC says flu season can start as early as October and end as late as May.  That's a long season! For me, serious prevention and immune system support are the keys to staying healthy and fighting off viruses quickly. There are some items you should keep on hand in case you need to boost up your immune system. Let's quickly go over the way our immune system works. Then, we can get into the natural immune system boosters. Our Immune System in a Nutshell  Our immune system is designed to recognize an invading pathogen and destroy it.  The quick acting innate immune system jumps in first p

Metallic & Glitter Polish Swatches | Zoya y2k Jelly Polish & Zoya Hypnotic

Zoya has created 2 new holiday trios for us nail polish addicts to enjoy this 2022 holiday season. I think you are going to love them!!! They are both very different from each other. One is a deep dark metallic collection. The other is a bright glitzy jelly collection. The Hypnotic Collection is 3 gorgeous deep mesmerizing jewel toned lightly shimmered metallics. A blue violet, a berry, and an emerald green. All three are perfect Christmas nail colors. The y2k Collection is 3 bright, happy, holographic jelly colors. A bright bubblegum, a robin's egg blue, and a purple. These colors are perfect for celebrating New Year's Eve!!! Christmas ASMR Video to help you relax and sleep! What is a Jelly Polish? A jelly finish polish is a semi sheer polish that creates a very glossy glass like finish. It's like lip gloss for your nails! Jelly polishes can be built up with layers to create a more opaque look while still retaining a thick transparent appearance. I have included my Amazon

Allergy Rash from Christmas Tree: Causes and Remedies

Here is your annual reminder to protect your skin as you decorate this holiday season. My daughter called me out for not following my own advice after my arms got all scratched up handling our artificial tree! 🎄 It's tim e to get the house looking festive for the holidays and lucky for me, I have plenty of helpers.😸  That means putting lights and decorations not only on indoor Christmas trees, but on outside trees and bushes as well resulting in scratches and rashes on hands and arms in the process!  It happens every time for me with both real and artificial trees.  People can be allergic to the sap or rosin that evergreen trees produce causing painful, burning rashes on the skin. It can be similar to a poison ivy rash for some people. The pricks and scratches from the pine needles exacerbate the allergic reaction.  The sap may not be the only allergen. Real Christmas trees can have pollen, mold and fungus on them which can cause skin rashes and other allergic reaction