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Is Plant Derived Bug Spray Really Safe To Use Around Cats? | Essential Oil Safety Tips

Are you seeing lots of ads for the insect killer Zevo lately? I am too. Many insecticide brands, such as Zevo and Stem, are using natural plant derived essential oil ingredients, to kill insects by targeting their nervous systems. Sounds a lot better than using scary sounding chemicals, right? Since these bug killer sprays are made from plants, the manufacturers claim that these products are safe to use around people and pets when used as directed, but are they safe for cats specifically?  Being a full blown cat lady, I feel I should share with you what I know about essential oils. I have included my Amazon Affiliate links in this post to help you find products I love. I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. TY for your support! What are essential oils? As an esthetician, I have worked with essential oils for 40 years. They are natural. They are derived from plants. They are powerful. They are used only by drops at a time and are diluted in carrier oils for s