Nail Polish and Designs

How to do Water Marbling 

Here is the step by step to create colorful, fun, swirly nail designs by placing drops of polish into water!
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2-4 Polish Colors for Design
Top Coat
Polish Remover
An Orangewood Stick Covered with Cotton on one end
A Small Glass Bowl Filled with Water

1. Start with your nails polished in a color that will compliment your design. White works well as a base color because the colors you use for the design will look bright and clear.

2. Shake up the nail polish bottles that you are going to use for your design and unscrew the caps. You will need to work fast and this will make it easier.

3. Start with one color. Load the polish brush with a lot of polish.  Allow a drop of polish to drip from the brush into the bowl of water. It will spread out in a circle. Do this with each color placing the drops of polish inside the circle formed by the previous color.

4. Use a toothpick to quickly swirl the colors together.

5. Dip you nail into the swirly polish and lift it right out. If you feel you need more color, you can dip again.

6. Clean the skin around the nail by dipping the cotton tipped orangewood stick into polish remover and wiping around the nail. 

7.Repeat on all your nails or just a select few. You may be able to dip more than one nail in the same marbleized mix depending on how fast you work.

8. Use a clear top coat to finish.

Tips: Glitter polish adds some glitz swirled into the mix of colors. Use polish colors that are not sheer for an intense design. Use sheer polish for a soft subtle design. A mix of light and dark colors, such as black and white, will give you a well defined bold design.

Applying Crackle Finish Polish
Many polish manufacturers are making crackle finish polish, OPI Shatter, China Glaze Crackle, even Sally Hansen has one. They have sort of an animal print look and are great for creating nail designs. Crackle finish polish comes in many colors and is applied over any color, any brand polish that is completely dry. You can cover the entire nail with it or only part of the nail to create a more intricate design. It can also be applied in different directions , traditionally from cuticle to tip, across, or diagonally. Try doing just the tips for a funky french look. It separates after it is applied over polish creating a design. 

1. Polish your nails with any nail color and brand of nail polish and let it dry completely.

2.Shake the bottle of crackle finish polish to mix it really well.

3. Apply a thin coat and watch it separate creating a unique design.

4. Some dry with a matte finish. Apply top coat to give it shine.

Silver polish under the OPI Black Shatter

How cool is this?
Magnetic nail polish!

Find Nails Inc Magnetic Polish at Sephora for $16.00. Three colors are available. A purple, a silver and a teal.

The magnet pulls off of top of the bottle.

Apply base coat.

Apply one coat of polish to all fingers.

Apply a second coat to one nail.

the magnet over the nail while the polish is wet for 10 seconds without touching it to the nail.

The magnetic particles in the polish move creating a stunning design! 

Move onto each nail doing one at a time. Finish with a top coat.

Try holding the magnet in a different direction to create a different design. 

There are also professional magnetic polishes available at salons. There are more color choices and different magnets that create different designs. Check with your salon for availability!

The Chevron French Manicure

This was my most popular French Manicure in the early 1990s. The white tip is done in a chevron, a V. I also did the Chevron French in colors such as bright and pale pink.Guess what? It's back! Everything old is new again!

Sponge painted nails give you a soft mottled contemporary design.

My Favorite Long Wearing Polish

I am always looking for a long wearing regular (not gel) nail polish because I usually chip my polish the very next day. Not to mention, my clients also appreciate long wearing polish. What have I found? Prolana! Prolana is made by the company that makes my favorite nail strengthener Nail Optimizer. My clients are loving it because it stay on so well without chipping longer than other brands! I use Base-ics Super Adhesive Base Coat, 2 coats Prolana color then, Nail Optimizer for super wear! There are lots of great colors, too. Checkout Prolana products at  The colors are formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free, made in the USA and not tested on animals. Love it!

My favorite beautiful silver polish OPI Radiance from the designer series.

My favorite red nail color has to be An Affair in Red Square by OPI.  It has a shimmering glowing look that I love

Do you hate smudged nail polish as much as I do?  I'm impatient waiting for my polish to dry especially on rainy humid days.  I want to answer my phone or reach for my keys while my polish is still wet. 

Best Quick Dry Top Coat:

Seche Vite! 

I love it!  It's my favorite quick dry top coat.  It dries fast and glossy.  You can polish your nails and go to bed and wake up with no sheet marks!  It is formaldehyde and DBP free and is not tested on animals.  You can find it at salons, some drug stores, and beauty stores such as Ulta for about $10.00. Love it!!

 My favorite dark blue? OPI Russian Navy.  It looks fabulous on pedicured toes with a dark pair of jeans and a sexy pair of shoes!

My favorite nail


 Nail Optimizer. This is the best nail strengthener I have used! It has done amazing things for my clients' nails. Find it at salons and on

Solar Oil By Creative Nail Design is a great nail and cuticle oil.  It contains nourishing oils, Jojoba, Almond and Vitamin E, that penetrate and protect the nails and skin.  Find it in salons and websites such as Amazon for about $6.00. 

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