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Q&A: Do Finger nail polish and Toenail polish have to match?

Q. Does the nail polish on my fingernails have to match the polish on my toenails? A. Back in the day, the style was, the fingernail polish had to match the toenail polish, but not anymore. The trend now is to coordinate colors but not necessarily match. Many people like to put a bright bold color on their toes and a more subdued coordinating shade on their fingers. Maybe blue toes with silver fingers. Red toes with french fingers. Neon orange toes with coral fingers. Dark purple toes with gray fingers.  The chic monochromatic look is great look too. Let's say all red. Red fingers and red toes to go with a red dress with red shoes and a red bag. Also, the fingernails are often blinged out with nails designs with lots of colors. It's easy to pick out a color from the design to wear on your toes. Most people have a manicure done weekly and toes done monthly. Have a quick polish change done on your toes on your just manicure weeks to keep your fingernail and toenail c

Bridal Makeup: Mother of the Groom

It's wedding season! I had the pleasure of doing some makeup for the mother of the groom on Saturday. As a future Mother of the Bride, I know we mother's want to look beautiful, fresh and young looking on wedding day. She had the most gorgeous tan glowy skin. She doesn't wear a lot of makeup normally and didn't want to look over done, but wanted to look a little glitzy to compliment to her fabulous muted gold dress.  My plan was to keep her skin looking dewy, define her brows and eyes, give her eyes a bit of nice metallic shimmer and give her lips a natural but lightly shimmery look. I'll give all the tips and some Amazon Affiliate link to find the best products. Here she is. I think she looks absolutely beautiful! Mother of Groom/ Mother of Bride Makeup Tips A makeup problem with older skin is creasing. The skin needs coverage, but too much foundation and concealer can settle into the natural creases in the skin.  The other issue is the use of powder. To

Better Skin for your Wedding Day

Q. My wedding is in 3 months. I want my skin to look better. Is it too late to reduce the redness and breakouts on my face and make my skin look more glowing? A. It's not too late! Start by purchasing a facial cleanser containing salicylic acid to cleanse your face with every day. Salicylic acid removes pore blocking dead cells and reduces redness and breakouts. I like Yes to Tomatoes, Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Cleanser and Alba Botanica Acnedote Deep Pore Wash. Use the cleanser morning and night. click here for acne cleansers I also recommend a light skin peel to use once a week at home. A light skin peel is a gentle exfoliator that has no grit in it. The gritty pieces in scrubs can scratch and irritate sensitive skin. They can be hard to find though. YonKa Gommage is a good one as well as Reviva Light Skin Peel. click here for YonKa Gommage click here for Reviva Light Skin Peel Also, use a sensitive skin moisturizer such as Burt's Bees

Bobby Pin Trick for your Updo

Look at the fabulous updo! Bobby pins are the key for holding the style in place. But, you are bound to loose a bobby pin or two as your wedding, prom or other fabulous event goes on. Carry some extras with you to replace what gets lost. What's the trick to keep them in place?  Make Bobby Pins Stay in Place To really make those bobby pins stay in and not slip out, spray them with a little dry shampoo before putting them in. The dry shampoo gives them some gripping power.  You can throw a small travel size can of dry shampoo in your bag along with the bobby pins or check in the ladies room for the basket of necessities.           Have a Beautiful Day!  xo Jill Licensed Cosmetologist,  Esthetician,  Makeup Artist PS: Thanks for using my amazon & direct links 💋 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. That keeps my blog running and supports the care of animals in need!😸 Click here to visit my latest post  

How to Heal and Prevent Cracked Heels

The weather is getting cooler and the air is drier with much less humidity than in the summer. That means our skin, including the heels of our feet, is beginning to get dry. It's time to take action to heal any cracks in our heels so they don't get worse and prevent new cracks. Some people get dry cracked heels in the summer even though it is warm and humid from wearing flip flops. The feet slide around in flip flops causing the skin to thicken. The foot creates a callous to protect itself from the friction created when the foot slides around in a shoe.  A well fitting shoe, aka sensible shoes that I rarely wear! , helps to prevent the formation of callous by reducing the amount your foot slides around in the shoe. Wearing socks also provides the foot with protection from friction. Many of my clients see actually an improvement in the callouses and heel cracks in the fall and winter even though the air is cold and dry due to wearing socks and better fitting shoes. Here

How to remove mascara dots

Q.  I always seem to get mascara dots on my eyelids when applying my mascara. What is the best way to remove them without destroying my eye shadow? A.  Remove the mascara dots before they are completely dry. Use a cotton swab slightly moistened with water to remove non-waterproof mascara from your top lids. Lightly tap the dots with the swap to remove the mascara. For waterproof mascara dots, dip a cotton swab in non oily makeup remover so it is just moistened. You don't want the swab to be saturated and drippy. Then, lightly tap the dots to remove them.                                                                   Use the dry end of the cotton swab to blend your shadow.  Another great product for removing mascara dots is the e.l.f. Makeup Remover Pen.  e.l.f. Makeup Remover Pen This tricky little pen is perfect for removing those annoying mascara dots without wrecking your eye shadow. It even removes waterproof mascara dots. Love it!  Get it on Amazon For masca