Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Last Minute Halloween Ideas 2015

It almost Halloween! 
I am busy working on my Halloween costume for the salon. Our theme is the months of the year. It should be really fun! I chose April. April Showers. A lovely costume idea and a fabulous stripper name as well!!!!

I can't show it to you yet, but it involves an umbrella, rain drops cut from fun foam that you get at craft stores and a blue wig of course. I will post the pics on The Juicy Beauty Word facebook page.

If you don't have a costume yet, there is still time to get one or make one. You can visit your local Halloween store or order online. Many sites guarantee you will have your costume by Halloween with expedited shipping.

Amazon has a Halloween store with almost any costume you can imagine. They have beautiful sexy lace masks.

Click here to visit the Amazon Halloween store. 

Halloween Costume is another site with great costumes. Express shipping is $9.99.
halloween costume ideas
Pic from
Check out Yandy for a fun sexy costume. 2 day shipping is $8.95. Go to

If you are the creative crafty type, get some cute cheap and easy last minute ideas from buzz feed. I love the Kool-aid Man!

Here are the top costumes this year:

1. Harley Quinn (She is the Joker's sidekick. I had to look that one up!)
2. Star Wars 
3. Super Heros
4. Pirates
5. Batman

And then there is Bruce and Caitlyn Jenner!

You can visit Frightgeist to see Google's lists of costumes trending locally and nationally.

If all else fails, you can always put on pale makeup, dark lips, whip up some fake blood and be a vampire! 
Here's an easy recipe:

Fake Blood Recipe

Corn Syrup
Red Food Coloring
Cocoa Powder
Corn Starch

 1. Combine corn syrup with a little red food coloring until you get the color you want.
2. Add a small amount of cocoa powder to darken the color.

3. Add a little water if you want it thinner.
4. Add a little corn starch if you want it thicker. 

Be warned. The food coloring can stain clothes and skin.  The stain will wear off of the skin with repeated washing or you can make a paste of baking soda and water to gently rub it away.

Happy Costume Creating!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Peeling Nails: to file or not to file?

peeling nail

Q. My nails peel in layers at the edges. Should I file the peeling part off?

A. It's a good question. You feel the need to file off the peely stuff to make the nail look better but when you do, the nail becomes thinner and weaker. Lightly file pieces of nail that are really rough and sticking up. Do not try to file away the edge of the peeling layers. It will make the nails too thin. Apply a tiny bit of nail glue to seal the layers together. When in doubt, see an experience nail technician. 

I see a lot of nail peeling on my clients who do a lot of cooking, dish washing and cleaning without using gloves. Sometimes, a medication or health condition can cause the nails to become weak and peeling. Hypothyroidism is an example of a health condition that can cause weak peeling nails. Chemotherapy drugs can cause weak nails.

Use Strengthener
Apply a nail strengthener designed to help peeling nails regularly. I like Nail Optimizer. I have seen it help many of my clients with thin weak nail. 

Ingredients: butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, nitrocellulose, SD alcohol 40B, phthalic anhydride/trimellitic anhydride/glycols copolymer, trimethyl pentanyl diisobutyrate, isopropyl alcohol, triphenyl phosphate, camphor, diisobutyl adipate, water, etocrylene, stearlkonium, hectorite, titanium dioxide, aucoumea

Shop for Nail Optimizer

Get Manicures
Professionally done manicures pamper the skin and nails, promote circulation and encourage healthy nail growth. A nail technician can apply nail glue and nail wraps to temporarily stick the peeling layer back together. Weekly manicures are ideal but every other week is also quite beneficial.

Avoid Chipped Polish
Polish that is chipping leaves the end of the nail weak and vulnerable. Remove your nail polish and/or strengthener when it begins to chip and reapply.

Avoid Water
Avoid contact with water by wearing gloves when cleaning and doing dishes. Water causes the nails to swell. The nails shrink when they dry. This repeated swelling and shrinking will do damage to the structure of the nail resulting in nail peeling.

Use Nail Oil
Nail oil applied to the bare nails gives the nails a good conditioning. Apply it several times a day and rub it into the nail and cuticle. It can also be used while you are wearing nail polish. The nail will not be able to absorb it as well though. Apply the oil to the cuticle and the back of the nails when wearing nail polish. I like CND Solar Oil. It has nice simple ingredients.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Almond Fragrance, Tocopherol Acetate.

Shop for CND Solar Oil

Use Hand Cream
Apply a lot of hand lotion through the day. The lotion will moisturize your skin and cuticle area as well as your nails. 

Take a Nail Vitamin
There are vitamin formulas specifically made for your hair, skin and nails. The supplements contain a large amount of biotin along with other vitamins including Vitamins A, C, E and Bs. Biotin is particularly beneficial for the nails. You may not be getting enough vitamins from your diet. A supplement may help your nails get stronger. You will not see immediate results. It will take about 5 or 6 months to see a real difference in your nails.

Read more about Hair Skin and Nail Vitamins. 

All that TLC should improve your nail peeling problem.

Have a Beautiful Day!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Book About the History of Makeup

makeup brushes and palette
I am totally fascinated with the history of makeup (and pretty much makeup in general!). There has always been changing makeup styles and trends, even way back in ancient times. We can't help it. We love to paint our faces!

The Egyptians had their heavily lined eyes, the Geishas had their white skin and red lips, and the Victorian Era had pale skin and rosy cheeks. It's just fun.

What was used as makeup is also fascinating. Toxic and deadly plants and minerals were used in the name of beauty. Lead, mercury, belladonna were some of the dangerous makeup  ingredients.

I have to tell you, I am so excited about a new makeup book I just heard about. It is called Face Paint: The Story of Makeup by Lisa Eldridge. Lisa is a makeup artist and has created so many historical makeup looks in her book. It's amazing!  I can't wait to get it. 
Face Paint: The Story of Makeup
Call me old fashioned. I love a beautiful hardcover makeup book that I can page through over and over again. The list price for the hardback is $29.95. It's less on Amazon. There is a soft cover version too. Here is a link to check it out on Amazon. 

Click here to get it on Amazon.

Lisa Eldridge also made a really great youtube video showing a few makeup looks throughout history and explaining them. It's really good work.  
Here is the youtube link to watch it.
I just love her accent, don't you?

Have a Beautiful Day!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blue Eye Shadow

Let's do blue in this time of neutral eye shadow! 
I have always loved blue eye shadow even though people say you can't wear blue eye shadow when you have blue eyes. Call me a rebel, I'm wearing blue shadow with blue eyes!
wet n wild blue eye shadow collage
The key to wearing blue eye shadow is to make it modern by using multiple shades of blue. This is Wet n Wild's Color Icon Eye Shadow Palette in I'm His Breezey. There are five fabulous shades to play with and it's only $3.99 at CVS. ( I saw it for less on Amazon!) I don't like to spend a lot on shadow colors that I don't wear often so this is perfect. The colors are marked so you know where to use them, but let your creative juices flow and use them any way you please.
wet n wild blue eye shadow
You can find Wet n Wild on amazon 

I started with the base color all over the lid and then created a gradient look from light to dark.
wet n wild blue eyeshadow
The browbone color went on the inner eyelid followed by the eyelid color in the center of the eyelid. 

Next, I used the crease color on the outer eyelid and crease. It is important to do a lot of blending with a makeup brush to create the soft gradient. 

The definer color made a great liner and also added depth to the outer edges of the eyelid and crease.

I added some extra sparkle to the inner corner with Urban Decay Polyester Bride right on top of the blue. 
urban decay polyester bride eyeshadow
Polyester Bride is in the Urban Decay Ammo Palette that I have. I spotted it on Amazon. Click here!

You can also buy Polyester Bride as an Urban Decay single shadow at Ulta, Sephora and

Have a Colorful Day!

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Thinning Eyebrows

Are your eyebrows thinning?
thinning eyebrow
Our eyebrows can get shorter from both ends and the hairs can get sparse. It happens as we get older and it also happens due to certain conditions such as thyroid disorders. 

Thick, full eyebrows represent youth and we want to look more youthful so we need to make them look fuller.  Try using a brush and a brow powder or a powder eye shadow that matches your hair color to fill the brows in. A powder is easy to work with and will give you a softer look than a pencil.
filled in eyebrow
There is another option for thickening eyebrows. I have a client who's eyebrows became very sparse and thin. She went to her dermatologist and is now using Latisse on her brows. Latisse is a prescription medication used to treat hypotrichosis, not enough eye lashes. It is working fabulously on her brows! They are significantly thicker.

Click here to shop for powder brow fillers

Have a Beautiful Day!

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Q&A: Do Fingers and Toes have to match?

fingernail and toenail polish
Q. Does the nail polish on my fingernails have to match the polish on my toenails?

A. Back in the day, the style was, the fingernail polish had to match the toenail polish, but not anymore. The trend now is to coordinate colors but not necessarily match.

Many people like to put a bright bold color on their toes and a more subdued coordinating shade on their fingers. Maybe blue toes with silver fingers. Red toes with french fingers. Neon orange toes with coral fingers. Dark purple toes with gray fingers. 

The chic monochromatic look is great look too. Let's say all red. Red fingers and red toes to go with a red dress with red shoes and a red bag.

Also, the fingernails are often blinged out with nails designs with lots of colors. It's easy to pick out a color from the design to wear on your toes.

Most people have a manicure done weekly and toes done monthly. Have a quick polish change done on your toes on your just manicure weeks to keep your fingernail and toenail colors well coordinated.

Have a Colorful Day!

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Bridal Makeup: Mother of the Groom

It's wedding season! I had the pleasure of doing some makeup for the mother of the groom on Saturday. She had the most gorgeous tan glowy skin. She doesn't wear a lot of makeup normally and didn't want to look over done, but wanted to look a little glitzy to compliment to her fabulous muted gold dress. My plan was to keep her skin looking dewy, define her brows and eyes, give her eyes a bit of nice metallic shimmer and give her lips a natural but lightly shimmery look.

Here she is. I think she looks beautiful!
mother of the groom makeup
A makeup problem with older skin is creasing. The skin needs coverage, but too much foundation and concealer can settle into the natural creases in the skin. The other issue is the use of powder. Too much powder can cause a dry caked look on older skin. Luckily for me, this client have beautiful skin that required minimal foundation. I did use under eye concealer that was lightly powdered to help minimize creasing.

For her eye shadow, I used a combination of peach, gold and and charcoal with a greenish tint on her eyelids. A matte taupe in her crease. A matte cream on the brow bone topped with a bit of luminizer.

Fiber lash extensions made her lashes look amazing.

 Brow powder in the color ash, helped to fill in her brows and define their shape.

Bronzer, coral blush and luminizer complimented her tan glowy cheeks.

A soft shimmery pink lipstick defined her lips with natural color.
mother of the groom makeup for a gold dress
Here she is in her fabulous dress.

Have a Beautiful Day!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Better Skin for your Wedding Day

facial mask with cucumbers
Q. My wedding is in 3 months. I want my skin to look better. Is it too late to reduce the redness and breakouts on my face and make my skin look more glowing?

A. It's not too late! Start by purchasing a facial cleanser containing salicylic acid to cleanse your face with every day. Salicylic acid removes pore blocking dead cells and reduces redness and breakouts. I like Yes to Tomatoes, Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Purifying Cleanser and Alba Botanica Acnedote Deep Pore Wash. Use the cleanser morning and night.

click here for acne cleansers

I also recommend a light skin peel to use once a week at home. A light skin peel is a gentle exfoliator that has no grit in it. The gritty pieces in scrubs can scratch and irritate sensitive skin. They can be hard to find though. YonKa Gommage is a good one as well as Reviva Light Skin Peel.

click here for YonKa Gommage
click here for Reviva Light Skin Peel

Also, use a sensitive skin moisturizer such as Burt's Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizer.

click here for Burts Bees Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Schedule a deep cleansing facial asap at your salon or spa. The professional products used in a facial are stronger than products for home use and will remove more of that dull dead cell build up and give you that glowy skin you are looking for. The extraction section of your facial will gently remove blackheads with minimal irritation.  

A deep cleansing facial will also increase circulation promoting healing and a rosier skin color. Your skin should quickly respond to the TLC and look luminious!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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