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Monday, November 26, 2018

Beauty Gift Sets 2018: Zoya Polish Quads, Lip Duos & Zoya Hot Lips Glosses

Need a gift for a beauty product fanatic? Zoya has put together some fabulous beauty gift sets for this holiday season. Who wouldn't love a box of 4 beautiful nail polishes? Or a lipstick with a coordinating lip gloss! Maybe, you need to get yourself a little something so you look amazing for all those holiday parties that are coming up or for a festive holiday wedding. Here's a look at some of my favorite Zoya beauty gift sets.

The Zoya Nail Polish Quads. There are 4 full size bottles in this beauty gift set! Each set contains shimmers and creams. Regularly priced at $30 per set but you can get a super sale price now on Amazon and zoya.com today!!!

Merry & Bright Quad
Ellie, Mandy, Marigold and Carmen
A collection of beautiful bright pinks and reds.
zoya merry & bright quad bottles
zoya merry & bright polish quad

zoya marigold

All Wrapped Up Quad
Vanessa, Ash, Sam and Jem
A collection of gorgeous reds.
zoya all wrapped up polish quad bottles
zoya all wrapped up polish quad
zoya ash

Happy Holo-Days Quad
Dream, Ryan, Payton and Lael
A collection of dreamy blues and purples.
zoya happy holo-days quad bottles
zoya happy holo-days polish quad
zoya payton

All Snuggled Up Quad
Shimmer, Mia, Madeline and Joni
A collection of lovely neutral shades.
zoya all snuggled up polish quad bottles
zoya all snuggled up quad
zoya joni
Shop for Zoya Nail Polish Quads

Then there is the Naked Manicure Travel Kit for those who like a perfect looking natural nail.  Zoya Naked Manicure products help repair dry, rough, damaged nails. This kit contains small sized bottle perfect for travel or to try out. It includes a Naked Base, a Lavender Perfector, a Pink Perfector and a Glossy Seal Topcoat. 
zoya naked manicure travel kit
Shop for Zoya Naked Manicure Products

Don't see a color you like in the quads?
Click here to see more zoya colors and collections!

Lip Duos
There is one lipstick and one Hot Lips Gloss in these Zoya beauty gift sets. Zoya Hot Lips Gloss adds color and hydration treatment to your lips  They are all beautiful. You can't go wrong with any of them. Regularly priced at $15 per set but you can get a super sale price now on Amazon and zoya.com today!!!

Believe in Magic Lip Duo
Paisley Lipstick with Hocus Pocus Hot Lips Gloss
zoya Believe in Magic Lip Duo gift set
zoya paisley and hocus pocus hot lips gloss swatch

All That Glitters Lip Duo
Lucky Lipstick with Blog Hot Lips Gloss
Zoya Lucky Lipstick with Blog Hot Lips Gloss

Taste of Winter Duo
Bristol Lipstick with Starlet Hot Lips Gloss
Bristol Lipstick with Starlet Hot Lips Gloss

Bristol Lipstick with Starlet Hot Lips Gloss swatch

Snow Kissed Duo
Addie Lipstick with Luck Hot Lips Gloss
Zoya snow kissed lip duo Addie Lipstick with Luck Hot Lips Gloss
Zoya Addie Lipstick with LuckHot Lips Gloss swatch

Fun and Flirty Lip Duo
Candace Lipstick with Anonymous Hot Lips Gloss
Zoya fun and flirty lip duo Candace Lipstick with Anonymous Hot Lips Gloss
zoya candace lipstick with anonymous hot lips gloss swatch

Holly Days Lip Duo
Matte Velvet Red lipstick with Encourage Hot Lips Gloss
I'm obsessed with Zoya Matte Velvet Red!!! ❤ 
Zoya holly days lip duo matte velvet red Lipstick with Encorage Hot Lips Gloss
Zoya matte velvet red Lipstick with Encorage Hot Lips Gloss swatch
zoya matte velvet red Lipstick with zoya Sheri swatch
Zoya Matte Velvet Red and Zoya Sheri

Kissmas Hot Lips Gloss Quad 
Fame, Flirt, Purr and Marachino
Regularly priced at $24 per set but you can get a super sale price now on Amazon and zoya.com today!!!

zoya Kissmas Hot Lips Gloss Quad Fame, Flirt, Purr and Marachinozoya Kissmas Hot Lips Gloss Quad Fame, Flirt, Purr and Marachino swatch

Happy Shopping!
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Beach Wedding in Negril, Jamaica: Plan your Destination Beach Wedding Dress, Hair Style and Makeup Tips

Our trip to Negril, Jamaica was beautiful, but year's trip was extra special because we had the pleasure seeing of our friends' destination beach wedding. It was full of beauty, tropical colors and love!💗

A destination beach wedding can feel over whelming to plan because of the distance between home and the venue but really, the hotel wedding planners are wonderful and take care of the arrangements for you. 

I have prepared many brides for their wedding days and can provide you with useful info and ideas for colors, hair style, makeup and more before you set off for your beach wedding whether your wedding has been in the planning process for months or it's more an impromptu event. 
tropical bridal bouquet
You want to look breezy and beautiful on your destination beach wedding day, never overdone. It's the beach after all! 

A Caribbean beach wedding is all about the colors. The vivid blues of the sea and sky, the bright white sand, the rich greens of the palm trees, and the brilliant colorful tropical flowers.  I've got lots of tips to help you plan your look and keep your makeup in place so you look gorgeous throughout the ceremony and the reception!

Beauty Tips for Your Destination Beach Wedding

Your Beach Wedding Dress
cat with wedding dress
Your destination beach wedding dress should be light and airy. The temperature can be quite high at a tropical beach wedding. Skip the train, sleeves and heavy fabrics. The perfect beach wedding dresses include lacy fitted slip dresses, flowy chiffon gowns that blow in the breeze, airy crocheted dresses or flirty short dresses. White dresses look great with the tropical beach colors. Maybe, you don't want a dress at all. A white bikini and a veil might be all you need for your beach wedding!

You are allowed two carry-on bags when flying. One that will fit in the over head compartment and one that will fit underneath the seat in front of you. Your dress in a garment bag will be one of your carry-ons. It would be tragic if it got lost! If your dress is on the poofy side, try a gown sized hanging vacuum bag. You can suck the air out of the bag compressing the dress for easier transport. 
Your second carry-on can be a small piece of luggage. Put all other essentials in that bag. For me, makeup, skin care products and bridal accessories are essential!!! Tuck a small handbag in the carry-on to take along your ID, your phone, tissues, gum, etc. Remember, your soon to be spouse will also be allowed two carry-on bags to take along any legal documents and wedding day clothing.
Your Beach Wedding Veil or Hair Accessory
bridal hairstyle with white flowers
The beach can be a windy place! A long veil can really be a nuisance in the wind. 
A bird cage veil is a great option if a veil is must for you. Plus, I think it would look super cute with a little white bikini! 
I did the makeup and made this bird cage veil for my sweet friend. 💖
bird cage veil
A lacy or beaded headband is a nice option to keep your hair from blowing in your face if you choose to wear you hair down. If sparkle is your thing, wear rhinestones! There are rhinestone hair pins, hair clips, headbands and tiaras to get your bling on! A tropical flower, either real or artificial, can add a nice pop of color, especially if it matches your tropical flower bouquet. White flowers are always beautiful, elegant choice as well.  

Your Bridal Hairstyle
braided bridal hairstyle
You don't want to be fussing with your hair during your wedding. 
Choose a style that will hold up well on a windy day. 
Braided upstyles,
braided bridal hairstyle
bridal bun hairstyle
side swept pony tails, 
side swept bridal  hair style
and up down styles with the sides pulled back
pulled back curled bridal hairstyle
 are all great options to keep hair under control.
Your Bridal Makeup
bridal makeup
The beach is hot. You don't want your makeup melting off of your face! The makeup artist at your destination beach wedding hotel will apply your makeup so it lasts throughout your wedding ceremony and reception, even through the after party!

You may choose to do your own makeup. It's a great idea to meet with a makeup artist at home to plan and purchase your wedding day makeup. I have helped many brides choose their colors and provided them with a written makeup plan so they remember just how to do their makeup at their beach wedding destination.

Plan your wedding day makeup with me!

Beach Wedding Makeup Tips
vegan beauty products
Sunscreen and photography
Let's start by talking about sunscreen and photography. You will need sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun if you are having wedding in the morning or afternoon on the beach. However, there is an issue with most sunscreens and direct flash photography.

Sunscreens are made to absorb and reflect the sunlight. They will also reflect the light from a direct flash causing the skin to look too white. It's called flashback. Check with your photographer to see if a direct flash will be used at any time during your wedding day. Obviously, a flash won't be needed on the beach, but a flash may be need at a low light reception venue. An indirect or bounced flash is a more flattering light choice and will cause minimal flashback. 

There are physical sunscreens, titamium dioxide and zinc oxide, which reflect light and chemical sunscreens which absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it. A chemical sunscreen will reduce the chance of flashback. Chemical sunscreen ingredients include avobenzone, homosalate, oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene. However, it's hard to find a purely chemical sunscreen these days. Many sunscreens are a blend chemical and physical sunscreens to provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. 

Using a sunscreen then covering it with a foundation that does not contain sunscreen or contains a bit of chemical sunscreen will also minimize the flashback problem. 

If your wedding is being held in the beautiful and flattering light of the late afternoon or sunset hours, there are no worries! Skip the sunscreen and use a foundation without SPF. 

Makeup Colors
Choose a color palette that looks good with your skin coloring. Pinks, purples and blues are good choices for cool skin tones. Peaches, corals and plums are good choices for warm skin tones. Look for fresh clear colors that go along with the bright colors of the Caribbean. Be sure your lips and cheeks are not too vivid. Reds, bright corals and bright pinks can appear brighter in pictures.
Clean skin
Start with fresh clean skin that has been cleansed with a gentle facial cleanser and toned with a soothing, mildly astringent toner.

Use a light moisturizer before applying primer and foundation. A moisturizer for normal to oily skin is a good choice when you are in the heat and the skin gets more oily. A heavy moisturizer will be occlusive and may create too much shine on a hot day.

Primer always helps keep foundation in place. It also helps hide flaws such as enlarged pores and shallow lines. A mattifying face primer should be used on oily skin to keep shine down as the skin produces oil throughout the day.

An eye shadow primer is also important to prevent shadow from creasing and slipping out of 
place. My very favorite shadow primer is Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Use waterproof mascara and eye liner. Waterproof products won't budge when the skin sweats. It is possible that they can smudge when the skin get oily though. Oils dissolve waterproof mascara and eye liner.

Click here to see my favorite waterproof mascara!

Use a matte or semi matte liquid foundation. Avoid a foundation that is too luminous. It can look sweaty instead of glowy. Also, avoid a foundation with a high SPF which can cause flashback.

A matte mineral powder foundation can be a great option for a destination beach wedding. The powder helps to absorb sweat and keep shine down, plus if you like to take your makeup in a carry on bag like me, powder instead of liquid is much easier to deal with regarding the TSA liquids rules. Mineral makeup is not always the best choice when flash photography is used. The titanium dioxide and other minerals mineral makeup contains can cause the face to look whiter when a flash is used just as a sunscreen does.

Double Blush
Use a cream blush topped with a dusting of powder blush for super staying power. Both blushes should be similar colors.

Application of face powder is necessary to keep shine down. Use a brush to dust on an even layer. Dust on a second layer for extra shine protection. Using a powder puff applicator may lay down an uneven layer of powder on oily, sweaty skin and look blotchy. A clear or translucent powder works best for keeping your foundation color accurate.

Setting Spray
A makeup setting spray will help hold all the makeup in place when the skin sweats. Apply it after makeup application is complete. Try Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 
Blotting Papers
Carry these with you to use throughout the day. Use the blotting papers to absorb sweat and oil from your face without disturbing your foundation. Blot, don't rub, then, dust on a thin layer of face powder if you look still look shiny.

Your Bridal Party Color Theme
bride holding tropical bouquet
Bright colors in shades of yellow, coral, pink and orchid look amazing paired with the blue, turquoise and white shades of the beach. Beiges and muted pastel colors can get lost in the white of the sand and the bright light on the beach. Have your bridal party wear bright colors that will look amazing in pictures. Beautiful brightly colored tropical flowers look gorgeous against the bright white of a wedding dress.
Your Nail Polish Color for your Fingers and Toes
hot pink bride nails
The days of the classic bridal French Manicure for the bride have faded a bit, although I still do them. The trend now is color, both soft and bold. Many of my brides choose a soft color for their fingers with a coordinating bold color for their toes. Blue, purple, coral and pink are the hot colors for a beach wedding. 
zoya blu
Be sure to get a pedicure that includes scrubbing and callus removal before your beach wedding so your feet look and feel beautiful in your beach sandals or beaded barefoot sandals.
Shop for super cute barefoot sandals

zoya nori
Light cured soak off gel polish is a nice option for a destination wedding due to it's long wear. The only draw back is, if it happens to chip or peel, you can't touch it up and it requires an acetone soak off to remove it. 

Many of my brides opt for traditional polish or gel hybrid polish that is not light cured so they can take the polish with them to repair any chips or remove it easily if they want to. A gel hybrid polish is a two part system designed to look like a gel polish and wear better than tradition polish. Gel hybrids do not use a base coat and do not require soaking off.

 Zoya is my go to traditional nail polish. It wears well, has gorgeous colors, is vegan and is not tested on animals. Orly Epix Gel Hybrid is a vegan, cruelty free 2 step gel hybrid polish that offers long wear with no light curing. Apply the color then a seal coat. Both are excellent choices!
bride with bubbles
I had to include bubbles! After the beach nuptials in Jamaica, one guest had a bubble blower and filled the beach with beautiful color reflecting bubbles. It was magical! This would be a fabulous item to take with you.
Destination Wedding Resorts
romantic dinner on the beach
Hotels that handle destination weddings have wedding coordinators to help you create your dream destination beach wedding with a variety of packages which include a marriage license, minister's fee, tropical flower bouquet, boutonniere, wedding cake, champagne reception or full reception. They will assist you with all the wedding details including salon and spa appointments.  
tropical wedding table setting
If Negril, Jamaica is your destination beach wedding choice, there are many beautiful hotel options along the magnificent seven mile beach to meet all of your wants and desires whether it's an adults only wedding, a family wedding, a small intimate wedding or a large wedding. Negril is also famous for it's spectacular sunsets and it's rugged cliffs and caves on Negril's west end. Don't forget your underwater camera to get beautiful underwater video while you snorkel!
spectacular negril jamaica sunset
Cliffs in negril
Seven Mile Beach
negril, jamaica 7 mile beach
  Some Beautiful Destination Beach Wedding Resorts in Negril, Jamaica on the Seven Mile Beach worth checking out:

The Grand Pineapple Beach Resort

wedding rings
I hope my post has given you some inspiration to create your own beautiful destination beach wedding! I am available to help you with your makeup shopping, planning and application if you live in the Philadelphia, Pa. area.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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