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Beauty Gift Sets 2018: Zoya Polish Quads, Lip Duos & Hot Lips Glosses

Need a gift for a beauty product fanatic? Zoya has put together some fabulous beauty gift sets for this holiday season. Who wouldn't love a box of 4 beautiful nail polishes? Or a lipstick with a coordinating lip gloss! Maybe, you need to get yourself a little something so you look amazing for all those holiday parties that are coming up or for a festive holiday wedding. Here's a look at some of my favorite Zoya beauty gift sets.

The Zoya Nail Polish Quads. There are 4 full size bottles in this beauty gift set! Each set contains shimmers and creams. Regularly priced at $30 per set but you can get a super sale price now on Amazon and today!!!

Merry & Bright Quad
Ellie, Mandy, Marigold and Carmen
A collection of beautiful bright pinks and reds.
zoya merry & bright quad bottles
zoya merry & bright polish quad

zoya marigold

All Wrapped Up Quad
Vanessa, Ash, Sam and Jem
A collection of gorgeous reds.
zoya all wrapped up polish quad bottles
zoya all wrapped up polish quad
zoya ash

Happy Holo-Days Quad
Dream, Ryan, Payton and Lael
A collection of dreamy blues and purples.
zoya happy holo-days quad bottles
zoya happy holo-days polish quad
zoya payton

All Snuggled Up Quad
Shimmer, Mia, Madeline and Joni
A collection of lovely neutral shades.
zoya all snuggled up polish quad bottles
zoya all snuggled up quad
zoya joni
Shop for Zoya Nail Polish Quads

Then there is the Naked Manicure Travel Kit for those who like a perfect looking natural nail.  Zoya Naked Manicure products help repair dry, rough, damaged nails. This kit contains small sized bottle perfect for travel or to try out. It includes a Naked Base, a Lavender Perfector, a Pink Perfector and a Glossy Seal Topcoat. 
zoya naked manicure travel kit
Shop for Zoya Naked Manicure Products

Don't see a color you like in the quads?
Click here to see more zoya colors and collections!

Lip Duos
There is one lipstick and one Hot Lips Gloss in these Zoya beauty gift sets. Zoya Hot Lips Gloss adds color and hydration treatment to your lips  They are all beautiful. You can't go wrong with any of them. Regularly priced at $15 per set but you can get a super sale price now on Amazon and today!!!

Believe in Magic Lip Duo
Paisley Lipstick with Hocus Pocus Hot Lips Gloss
zoya Believe in Magic Lip Duo gift set
zoya paisley and hocus pocus hot lips gloss swatch

All That Glitters Lip Duo
Lucky Lipstick with Blog Hot Lips Gloss
Zoya Lucky Lipstick with Blog Hot Lips Gloss

Taste of Winter Duo
Bristol Lipstick with Starlet Hot Lips Gloss
 Bristol Lipstick with Starlet Hot Lips Gloss

 Bristol Lipstick with Starlet Hot Lips Gloss swatch

Snow Kissed Duo
Addie Lipstick with Luck Hot Lips Gloss
Zoya snow kissed lip duo Addie Lipstick with Luck Hot Lips Gloss
Zoya Addie Lipstick with LuckHot Lips Gloss swatch

Fun and Flirty Lip Duo
Candace Lipstick with Anonymous Hot Lips Gloss
Zoya fun and flirty lip duo Candace Lipstick with Anonymous Hot Lips Gloss
zoya candace lipstick with anonymous hot lips gloss swatch

Holly Days Lip Duo
Matte Velvet Red lipstick with Encourage Hot Lips Gloss
I'm obsessed with Zoya Matte Velvet Red!!! ❤ 
Zoya holly days lip duo matte velvet red Lipstick with Encorage Hot Lips Gloss
Zoya matte velvet red Lipstick with Encorage Hot Lips Gloss swatch
zoya matte velvet red Lipstick with zoya Sheri swatch
Zoya Matte Velvet Red and Zoya Sheri

Kissmas Hot Lips Gloss Quad 
Fame, Flirt, Purr and Marachino
Regularly priced at $24 per set but you can get a super sale price now on Amazon and today!!!

zoya Kissmas Hot Lips Gloss Quad Fame, Flirt, Purr and Marachinozoya Kissmas Hot Lips Gloss Quad Fame, Flirt, Purr and Marachino swatch
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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Allergy Rash from Christmas Tree: Causes and Remedies

It's time to get the house looking festive for the holidays! 
Cat and Christmas decorations
That means putting lights and decorations not only on indoor Christmas trees, but on outside trees and bushes as well resulting in scratches and rashes on hands and arms in the process! 
Scratches from Christmas tree
It happens every time for me with both real and artificial trees. People can be allergic to the sap or rosin that evergreen trees produce causing painful, burning rashes on the skin. It can be similar to a poison ivy rash for some people. The pricks and scratches from the pine needles exacerbate the allergic reaction. 

The sap may not be the only allergen. Real Christmas trees can have pollen, mold and fungus on them which can cause skin rashes and other allergic reactions. There can be many different types of mold living on a tree. Researchers found more than 50 different molds on Christmas trees!!! That is super bad news for allergy sufferers.

Christmas trees can also be sprayed with chemicals to help preserve them. The many allergens that cause rashes can also cause serious breathing problems for those with asthma and allergies. I know this first hand because my daughter ended up in the ER with a serious asthma attack after babysitting a family with a real Christmas tree.

There are some things you can do to reduce the allergens on a real Christmas tree before bringing it into your house. 

Shake it Off
Give the tree a good shaking and bang the trunk of the tree on the ground to remove loose allergens such as pollen. Some Christmas tree sellers have a machine that shakes the tree to remove the allergens plus the loose needles. You can also blow it off with a leaf blower.

Hose it Down
Give the tree a good hosing down outside. Let it drip dry, them move it to the garage to dry off for a couple days.

So how about an artificial Christmas tree? 
It will definitely reduce the possibility of allergic reactions. But, you may not be totally safe from allergies with an artificial Christmas tree either. People can be allergic to the dust and dust mites that cling to artificial trees. Mold can also be a problem if the artificial tree is stored in a damp basement. Allergic people get a easily rash on their hands and arms along with irritating scratches.

The rash from your Christmas tree, whether it's a real tree or  an artificial one, may not an allergy at all.  It can simply be irritation from the skin being pricked and scratched.
Christmas ornaments
Like I said, I also get scratches and a rash from decorating the Christmas tree, especially when only half of the pre lit tree is lighting and I have to dig through the branches and find the bad bulb. Uggggh! You would think I would learn after all these years of decorating experience, but I just jump right into the decorating full of creative energy not worrying about the scratches, till later when they start stinging! 

Plus, this year I have another tree to decorate. I've added this cute pencil tree in my dining room that is so easy to put together and decorate. I love that it fits perfectly in the corner and takes up very little room.

pencil christmas tree
There is a simple way to prevent the scratches and rashes...

Wear gloves and long sleeves when decorating trees. Long sleeves tucked into the gloves will give you the best protection.
decorating Christmas tree
If you happened to get scratches and rashes, there are a few things you can do to help your skin heal.

Remedies for Rash from Christmas Tree

After Decorating:
Wash up
Remove the gloves and long sleeve shirt after the decorating and put them in the wash. Wash your hands and arms to remove any allergens.

Soothe the Allergic Reaction
Apply an anti histamine cream such as Benedryl cream, calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream to soothe an allergic reaction rash. A severe poison ivy type reaction may require medical attention and oral anti histamines.

Treat the Scratches
Apply an antibiotic ointment to the scratches to prevent infection and help them heal a little quicker. 
Christmas tree
Artificial tree dust removal tips:

Wear gloves and long sleeves when cleaning and assembling the tree. 

Unpack Outside
Open the box that stores your artificial tree outside.

Vacuum Away Dust 
Vacuum your artificial tree to remove dust. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to gently go branch by branch from top to bottom if the tree is assembled. It is easier to vacuum before it is assembled. Do it outside if you can, otherwise put a plastic sheet to catch dust under the tree that you can dispose of after cleaning.

Blow Away Dust
You can blow the tree off outside with a leaf blower if you have a sturdy tree. A leaf blower is strong. It could damage a delicate artificial tree. I have used a blow dryer on the cool setting to blow dust off of my tree in the past.

Wipe Away Dust
Use a damp towel to wipe dust off of artificial trees from top to bottom. You can add a bit of dish washing liquid or vinegar to a bucket of water. Dip your cleaning rag in and squeeze it out really well. You should not saturate the tree. Do it outside if you can. Let it dry thoroughly before decorating it and plugging in lights. 

Store in Plastic
Store the artificial tree in plastic bags or plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes to reduce dust mites.

Buy a New Tree
Or maybe it's time to ditch your old tree full of allergens and start fresh with a new tree. Especially with all the great cyber sales going on at Christmas time!

You can get all different sizes of Christmas trees including pencil trees at great prices on Amazon! 

Here's a handy link:

Have a Beautiful, Healthy Day!

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