Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Powder for your Beach Bag

Here's a great beach tip:
Throw a small container of baby powder in your beach bag for your next visit the beach. I like to stay on the beach as long as possible on my beach day trips. Forget about spending time showering, I want to spend every moment relaxing on the beach. I'll shower when I get home! 

When it's time to jump in the car and go, I sprinkle the baby powder on my sandy skin, spread it around then, brush away all that powder and sand! Powder works great for removing that stuck on sand so I am comfortable for a casual dinner and the ride home.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hair Feather Fun!

hair with pink feather extension

Feather hair extensions are hot and super fun! They give you the look of highlights but are easily removed without any damage at all to your hair. The feathers come in a great variety of colors, from hot pink to natural shades that blend with your natural hair color hair, and can be washed, blown dry, brushed, flat ironed and curled just like your natural hair. 

They are applied to your hair using a bead and can stay in your hair for months then, are removed in a snap. The feathers can be reused as long as they are still in good shape. Give your salon a call to get some feathery fun! Click below to check out some of the feathers on amazon.com.

Glamour Kitten Pink and Black Meow!!! - Feather Hair Extension

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Handle an Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails can be very painful. The sides of the nail curl and grow into the skin. They are especially common on the big toenails but can occur on any toenail. They are caused by improper nail cutting, tight shoes or hosiery, hereditary curved nail growth pattern or an injury to the nail. 

If you see puffiness, redness or pus, this is an infected ingrown toenail and requires a doctors attention. A ingrown toenail that is not infected can be worked on at home. Start by soaking your foot in warm water with Epsom salts for about 10 minutes to soften the nail and the surrounding skin. Next, slide an orangewood stick under the nail to gently lift the nail from the skin.

ingrown toenail

Clip or file the sharp point off of the corner of the nail that digs into the skin but do not shape the nail into an oval. Sometimes pulling the toenail out of the skin can leave a small injury in the skin. Apply some antibiotic ointment under the nail in the area where the ingrown nail was. Roll a small piece of cotton in a tight roll about 1/4 " long and press it under the area where the nail was ingrown. Change the piece of cotton daily after an Epsom Salt soak until it feels better. 

Don't cut the nail too short. Leave it a little long and keep the nail shaped straight across with sharp corners removed. Be sure to avoid tight shoes and hosiery, and do you best to protect to toes from injury.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clinique Laser Focus 12 Week Review

This is my 12 week check in on Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus wrinkle and UV damage corrector. (First review was on 6/20/11.) It is the latest anti-aging serum from Clinique. It is a fragrance free, hypoallergenic serum that claims to obviously reduce lines, wrinkles and sun damage in 4 weeks. By 12 weeks of use, the reduction of lines, wrinkles and improved texture are close to the result from a laser procedure. They claim a 63% improvement! It contains peptides including Retinyl Palmitate to boost collagen production, anti-oxidants to fight free radicals and help reverse UV damage and collagen loss, and enzymes to help protect cells from free radical damage and enhance the skin's natural healing. Use 3-4 drops of the serum in the morning and at night on your face and around the eyes.

I have now been using Laser Focus for more than 12 weeks morning and night. What's the verdict? If these results are what you get from a laser, no one would be getting laser treatment! But it has improved my skin, just not dramatic laser results. It could be because I have already used so many anti aging products for years, my skin started out in pretty good shape. What it has done is, it has definitely improved my skin texture and evened my skin color. I feel I can wear a little less foundation which is always good! I like it and will keep using it. The price is $44.50 at clinique.com and at the Clinique counter. 

Clinique has been placed on the tested on animal list. I no longer use it.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mascara Tip: Fan Out your Lashes

Make the most of your lashes by fanning them out. Start by curling your top lashes. Pull mascara wand out of the tube wiping excess mascara off of the wand onto the opening of the tube. Apply mascara to your outer lashes first directing them toward your temples. Next, apply mascara to the center lashes directing them toward your brows. Finish the top lashes by applying mascara to the inner lashes directing them toward your nose. Dip your mascara wand back into the tube and repeat the process on the other eye. Apply a light coat of mascara to your bottom lashes.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nuance at CVS

I noticed a new collection of makeup, skin, hair and body products at CVS yesterday. Nuance Salma Hayek. Her cosmetic line is inspired by her grandmother who was a cosmetologist and passed along her beauty secrets to Salma. It is paraben free, allergy tested and not tested on animals. It looks interesting. There are free samples available so I picked up a few to try! For more information go to cvs.com/nuancesalmahayek.

Please note: Revlon is now on the animal testing list. It wasn't when this was written but it is now.

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