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Easy Meditation: Mindfulness Sound Meditation to Reduce Anxiety

Are you feeling stressed like me? This whole COVID pandemic has been too much. There is so much to worry about. Working in the beauty industry as an esthetician, nail tech and makeup artist has been really tough for the past year. Clients are hesitant to come into the salon even though there is a health screening at the door, masks are mandatory, we are spraying everything with disinfectant, and there are plexiglass shields on our nail tables. I'm not sure business will ever return to what it once was. Weddings have been postponed or cancelled. But, I still have all those house bills to pay, mouths to feed and household supplies to buy. I am hanging on by a thread. Good thing my husband's work is going okay. Speaking of weddings, we have our own wedding concerns. Our daughter's fall wedding is fast approaching and the wedding venue is only at 25% capacity at this point. My daughter is okay with a small wedding but that's very small!!!  Then, there is the worry about fam

New Anti Aging Products: Yonka Glyconight 10% and Yonka Nude Perfect

I absolutely must share with you these two new anti aging skin care products from Yonka Paris. My skin hasn't looked this good in years. It looks younger, more even and has a soft natural glow... for real! I can just use some concealer now and skip my foundation and have glowy, beautiful skin! I'll show you a no touch up, no filter pic after I tell you about these amazing new anti aging products. If you are not familiar with Yonka, it is a French botanical skin care company that is celebrating its 65th anniversary. These are high performing, luxurious products made with many active natural ingredients that create beautiful, healthy younger looking skin. Plus, they smell fresh and clean with Yonka's signature blend of essential oils. We have used the brand exclusively at the salon for years so I know how well it works.  The products are on the expensive side but a little goes a long way. Plus, I'm okay with paying more for products that really make my skin look better. I