Friday, June 28, 2013

Get a perfect leg shave

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It's time for smooth hair free legs. If you would rather shave than wax, here are some tips to get that perfect shave.

For a perfect shave you need:

1. warm water in a shower or bath
2. shaving cream (or hair conditioner works well for sensitive skin!)
3. a clean sharp razor. A dirty razor can promote folliculitis (infection in the hair follicles).

Start by letting the skin and hair get warm and softened with warm water.

Then apply shaving cream to one leg. Allow the shaving cream to sit on your leg a couple minutes.

Shave in the opposite direction of hair growth, usually upwards, if your skin is tough and doesn't irritate easily. If your skin is sensitive, shave in the direction of the hair growth, usually downward. The skin will not feel as smooth as shaving upward, but the skin will be less irritated. Use long smooth strokes with the razor using very little pressure. Don't rush!  

Bend your knees to shave the kneecap. Flex the foot when shaving the back of the ankle. Point your toe to shave the ankle at the front of the leg.

Feel for any missed hairs. Rinse. Do the same procedure for the other leg.

Apply moisturizer.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Illegal Callus Razors

Did you know that razor callus shavers used by some salons during a pedicure to remove calluses are illegal in most states?
Removal of calluses by cutting is considered to be a medical procedure to be performed by a doctor. The problem with salons using them is the razor, most likely, is not sterilized. A little cut can become a big problem if a germ gets in there. Salons and spas are permitted to use foot files, pumices, foot peels and scrubs to smooth and reduce calluses.

Find out which states allow razor blade callous removers

Have Safe Day!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What is GMO?

Being healthy and beautiful involves eating healthy foods. I call them beauty foods. We all know about pesticides that are sprayed on our food and that we need to wash fruits and veggies well before eating them. But, what if you couldn't wash the pesticide off before you ate that healthy apple. What if the pesticide was actually part of the apple? This is exactly what is happening! This is a big deal. Our food is being genetically altered.

GMO is genetically modified food. So what does that mean? The genes (the DNA) of a plant are changed to create a stronger plant. For instance, a plant that can resist herbicides or a plant that can resist insects. Sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong! When the DNA of a plant is changed, an unnatural plant is created. It's not the real deal. GMOs were introduced to supermarkets in 1994 . Studies show that the food from these genetically modified plants cause health issues such as infertility, birth defects, organ damage, advanced aging and increased cancer risk. 

Monsanto has managed to created corn that has built in insecticide. Genes from the bacteria Bacillus Thuringiensis are inserted into the corn. They say it does not harm humans because it is broken down the digestive system. Do you believe it? I don't. The insecticide is produced inside the plant, therefore, it is also inside the corn. You can't wash it off! You eat insecticide. Your children eat insecticide. Your unborn baby is nourished with insecticide. A study at the University of Sherbrooke, Canada found that the insecticidal protein, Cry1Ab, was in the blood of pregnant and non-pregnant women. It was also detected in the blood of fetuses. These women ate a typical Canadian diet which is quite similar to our American diet. You don't like it? Do something! Go to the Center for Food Safety to sign a petition.

In 2012, 93% of US soy crops were GMO. 88% of US corn crops were GMO according to the USDA. Soy and corn are used in many packaged foods. Think about those protein bars you love. They contain soy. And what about that cereal you ate for breakfast. Was there corn in it? Don't think you are safe eating meat, eggs and dairy. There may have been GMOs in the feed the animals ate! Also, GMO crops are contaminating traditional and organic crops.

So how can you do to avoid these tainted GMO foods? Buy organic whenever possible. Avoid processed foods unless the package label states no GMO. Ask your favorite restaurant if they use GMOs. Ask about it where you buy your food. 

Here are a couple of links to a great websites that provide you with non-GMO brands.

We need to keep our food supply safe. Don't sit back and think someone else will do it. We need to take matters into our own hands. Do not buy GMOs and let food manufactures know that you won't buy them! Tell your friends. Spread the word. Everyone needs to be aware of what is happening. Please share this post.

Have a beautiful, healthy day!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Beauty food: Coconut Water

The South Pacific, the Caribbean and other tropical locations have been using coconut water for hydration and healing for ages. Coconut water is the clear liquid inside young coconuts.  Coconut milk is from mature coconuts.

The Jamaicans chop off the top of the coconut and put a straw in it to drink the coconut water. You can't get fresher than that!
coconut water
Coconut water dehydrates faster than water because it is high in electrolytes, especially potassium. One cup contains more potassium than 1 banana and more than many sports drinks. It is low in carbs and sugars.  It heals and boosts the immune system and fights viruses.

We tried Outshine Coconut Waters with Pineapple frozen bars. 
coconut popsicle

They are a yummy and a super refreshing way to get some coconut water. They are very icy and mild tasting. You get your coconut water but you get added sugar too. If you are trying to cut down on added sugar like me, go for canned coconut water.

You can find cans of coconut water that are unsweetened right in your grocery store. Check the Goya section and the water section in your supermarket.
coconut water 

There are lots of coconut water shampoos and skin care products to hydrate the outside of our body as well.

Organix makes a nice coconut water shampoo and conditioner.

Body Drench makes a nice Coconut Water Replenishing Lotion. 

There are some people are allergic to coconut. No coconut water for you!  Since coconut water is a hot item right now, always read the ingredient labels on foods and cosmetic products.

Have a Beautiful Day!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Stress Relief: Swedish Massage

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Our lives leave us stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted!  This stress leads to a myriad health problems. Exercise will help chase the stress away.  Another way?  Massage. 

The Swedish massage with it's long strokes and kneading motions is a wonderful, comforting stress reducing massage. This type of massage is popular in spas and salons.  It will lift your mind, body and spirit! 

Here are some of the benefits of massage.

The manipulation of the skin and muscles promotes relaxation, well being and stress reduction.

The level of the stress hormone cortisol drops during a massage.
Endorphins, the brain chemicals that are our natural pain relievers and stress reducers, increase.

Circulation is increased providing increased oxygen to the tissues of the body and better elimination of toxins.

Muscle tension is relieved. 
A study done at the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center showed that a 45 minute Swedish massage significantly boosted levels NK cells and T lymphocytes, which are virus fighters, in the blood.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Q&A: Face Primer

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Q. Should I use a primer before I put on my foundation?

A. It depends on your skin. Some people benefit more from primer than others. Some can just use a moisturizer as a primer. A face primer will help hide imperfections in your skin so your foundation goes on smoother. 

Older skin that has more imperfections than young skin benefits most from a face primer. Also, anyone who has acne scarring. A silicone based face primer puts a film over your skin. This film floats on top of of skin helping to hide large pores, shallow scars and small lines. 

There are also tinted primers designed to conceal imperfections such as redness. Some primers provide oil control allowing foundation to look fresher longer. The foundation applied over any face primer gives you that flawless finish. BB & CC creams are great face primers. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Q&A: Minimal Foundation Coverage

Q. My skin looks blotchy and uneven. I don't like my whole face covered with foundation especially in the summer! What can I do? 

A. For most people, the center of the face, the T zone (forehead, nose, inner cheek and chin) is the most uneven. Find a foundation that is a perfect match to your skin. A good match will allow you to apply foundation just where you need it so your whole face is not covered. Apply the foundation with a moist sponge to the areas where you need coverage. A moist sponge will help you blend the foundation with your skin. Apply a translucent powder with a brush to the areas with foundation and just beyond. This will give you a nice even look without the whole face being covered!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Q&A: Can I Repair my Split Ends?

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Q. I have heard there are hair products that can repair split ends. Do they work?

A. Hair is only living at the root therefore, it is not possible for split ends to grow back together. There are some hair products that will coat the hair and stick the split ends together temporarily making them look better. The best remedy for split ends is to get a hair cut!

Try Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer $25 at Sephora and

Aveda Damage Remedy Products

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Organizations to Donate Your Hair To

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Thinking about a shorter hair style for summer? Consider donating your hair. Two well known organizations are Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Locks of Love. 

Pantene Beautiful Lengths wigs are distributed for free through various American Cancer Society wig banks across the US. A minimum of 8" of ponytailed hair is required. It can't be bleached, permanently colored or chemically treated. Visit for more details.

Locks of Love provides wigs to financially disadvantaged kids under 21 who are suffering from longterm medical hair loss from any diagnosis. A minimum of 10" of ponytailed hair is required. Colored and permed hair is acceptable. Visit for more details. You can also check with your salon for information.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OPI Summer Collection 2013

I love this pic! It's the ad for OPI's summer collection Couture de Minnie. I like the ad more than the polish colors!

The colors are okay. Just not anything unusual or exciting. The colors seem a bit similar to last year's Vintage Minnie Mouse Summer Collection. There is a liquid sand color in the Couture Collection, Magazine Cover Mouse. That one interests me a bit. 
 Check out for more super cute sketches of Minnie!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Q&A: Ease Redness from Waxing

wax application

Q. My skin gets super red when I get my lip waxed.  Is there anything I can do to make it less red?  I don't want to stop waxing it! The hair is worse than the redness!

A. The skin can have an acid reaction when it is waxed producing excessive redness and even hives when waxed. There are a few things you can try to calm the reaction.

Avoid caffeine the day of your waxing. 

Try taking an antacid like Tums to neutralize acid in your body a half hour before you get waxed. 

You can try a salt water compress, which is alkaline, to help neutralize acid after you have been waxed. 

Always stop using Renova, Retin A and alpha hydroxy products 3 days before you have a waxing.

Apply a soothing, anti redness cream such as Yon Ka Creme 11 to calm redness. It's one of my favorite beauty products. YonKa has recently discontinued it. Try the Yonka Sensitive line as a replacement. Sensitive Creme or Sensitive Masque.

Shop for YonKa Creme 11

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Daily Weight Lose Schedule

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Need to shed a few pounds? According to Dr.Oz, there is a specific daily schedule for losing weight. 

6:30AM Weight yourself.
6:35AM Exercise to burn fat instead of consumed calories.
7:30AM Eat a breakfast consisting of a good bit of protein.
11:45AM Eat a fiber snack such as An apple, pear or some nuts. This will help you eat about 70 calories less at lunch.
12:00 Eat a healthy lunch.
6:15PM Eat a fiber snack such as An apple, a pear or some nuts. This will help you eat about 70 calories less at dinner.
6:00 PM Eat a healthy dinner.
10:00 Bedtime! Melatonin levels are highest at this time allowing you to fall asleep easily and helping you avoid carb cravings.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Beauty Foods: Do I need to take vitamins?

healthy foods
There was a question recently on ABC World News: 
Do supplements improve health?

You would think that if you take a vitamin you are guaranteed that you are getting everything you need. Some people think they can skip their fruits and veggies because they took their vitamin in the morning. So do you need to take a vitamin to improve your health?

The doctors asked said no, with the exception of Folic Acid, Vitamin D and Calcium. 

Dr. Donald Hensrud, associate professor of preventive medicine and nutrition at Mayo Clinic said, "For most dietary supplements there is not a lot of evidence they improve health, including multivitamins." 

The best way to get vitamins is by eating healthy foods, not by taking vitamin pills. Fruits and veggies not only contain vitamins,they contain beneficial plant chemicals called 
phytochemicals, such as antioxidants to protect against cancer and other diseases.  

Studies show that the phytochemicals in fruits and veggies have anti aging properties, prevent and treat various health conditions and diseases. Phytochemicals are compounds produced by plants. There are thousands of them.

Some phytochemicals that act as antioxidants are:
flavonoids, flavones, isoflavones,
catechins, anthocyanidins, isothiocyanates, carotenoids, allyl sulfides and polyphenols. 

There are anti oxidants available in pill form but according to The American Cancer Society, evidence suggests that the pills are not as beneficial as the the foods they are derived from. Anti oxidant foods are many times referred to as super foods due to their high anti oxidant content plus nutritional value.  3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruits are recommended for each day.

The Super Foods 
The following foods are powerhouse super foods.  These foods are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to help calm inflammation, fight aging and add beauty to the skin!  Be sure to add many of them your diet every day.

Acai Berries 
Brazil Nuts
Dark Chocolate
Peppers- red and orange
Sunflower Seeds
Sweet Potatoes
Tea- black, green and white
Yogurt- fat free with no added sugar  

Here is more about vitamins, what they 
do and which foods to eat to get them:

Vitamin A 

helps to strengthen membranes and fight infections. It is also responsible for helping to provide better vision and with jawbone and tooth formation. Vitamin A is found in egg yolks, liver, yellow vegetables, kale, beet and turnip greens, carrots, bell peppers,sweet potato and spinach.

Vitamin B 
consists of 12 vitamins, including Folic Acid, that help in releasing energy from food, detoxify organs and helping to promote proper metabolism. It is also aids nervous system functions. Vitamin B is found in dairy products, liver, nuts, fish, wheat germ, egg yolks and green, leafy vegetables, bananas and pears, brown rice and fermented soybean products such as tofu, miso and soy sauce.

Vitamin C
helps in the healing of wounds, strengthening of blood vessels, building of collagen, fighting of infections and is an antioxidant. Vitamin C is found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, sweet green peppers, strawberries and citrus fruits.

Vitamin D
is made by the body from sunlight and helps utilize calcium and phosphorous for the formation of strong bones, teeth and healthy skin. Vitamin D is made when unprotected skin is exposed to the sunlight. About 15 minutes twice a week. It is found in fish liver oils, seafood, egg yolks, shitake mushrooms and in fortified foods like cereals, milk, yogurt and orange juice.

Vitamin E 
strengthens capillary walls, rejuvenates blood, provides oxygen to all organs and helps in the internal and external healing of skin lesions. It is an antioxidant. Vitamin E is found in wheat germ, wheat germ oil, whole grain baked goods, nuts, bran, seeds, unrefined cereal, mango, turnip greens and broccoli.

is the main component of bones and teeth. It helps our heart, muscles and nerves work properly. It aids in efficient muscle contraction and blood clotting. It can also lower blood pressure. Calcium is found in dairy foods,  leafy green vegetables, oranges, tofu, peanuts, peas, baked beans, salmon, sardines, and almonds.

Click here for healthy recipes!

Have a beautiful, healthy day!