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Allergy Rash from Christmas Tree: Causes and Remedies

Here is your annual reminder to protect your skin as you decorate this holiday season. My daughter called me out for not following my own advice after my arms got all scratched up handling our artificial tree! 🎄 It's tim e to get the house looking festive for the holidays and lucky for me, I have plenty of helpers.😸  That means putting lights and decorations not only on indoor Christmas trees, but on outside trees and bushes as well resulting in scratches and rashes on hands and arms in the process!  It happens every time for me with both real and artificial trees.  People can be allergic to the sap or rosin that evergreen trees produce causing painful, burning rashes on the skin. It can be similar to a poison ivy rash for some people. The pricks and scratches from the pine needles exacerbate the allergic reaction.  The sap may not be the only allergen. Real Christmas trees can have pollen, mold and fungus on them which can cause skin rashes and other allergic reaction

Is Plant Derived Bug Spray Really Safe To Use Around Cats? | Essential Oil Safety Tips

Are you seeing lots of ads for the insect killer Zevo lately? I am too. Many insecticide brands, such as Zevo and Stem, are using natural plant derived essential oil ingredients, to kill insects by targeting their nervous systems. Sounds a lot better than using scary sounding chemicals, right? Since these bug killer sprays are made from plants, the manufacturers claim that these products are safe to use around people and pets when used as directed, but are they safe for cats specifically?  Being a full blown cat lady, I feel I should share with you what I know about essential oils. I have included my Amazon Affiliate links in this post to help you find products I love. I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. TY for your support! What are essential oils? As an esthetician, I have worked with essential oils for 40 years. They are natural. They are derived from plants. They are powerful. They are used only by drops at a time and are diluted in carrier oils for s

Make Nail Polish Last Hack | Zoya Gelie-Cure | Zoya Beachy Brights

Does your nail polish chip off before it should? It is so frustrating! I know, there is the dip and gel polish but, I personally don't do the dip or light cured gel polish since both options are very dehydrating and damaging to the natural nails. I'm always looking for a nail polish hack to make polish last longer. In this post, I will tell you about Zoya's make nail polish last hack, I'll show you their best Gelie bundle deal, and will show you swatches of the vibrant Zoya Beachy Brights Collection for Summer 2023. I think you are going to love these colors, especially for your summer pedicures! I have included my Amazon Affiliate links in this post to help you find products I love. I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. TY for your support! The Polish Hack Our favorite cruelty free vegan nail polish brand Zoya has come up with a gentle, clever way to make your nail polish last longer, it's Gelie-Cure Naked Gelie. It's part of their

Brittle Nails: How to Strengthen Nails

Brittle nails with dry skin. This is the number one complaint people have when they come to me for nail and skin care services. In fact, we see soft nails, peeling nails and hard, dry nails with cracked skin and hangnails everyday at the salon.  We see brittle nails and dry skin all year long but winter is the worst time for nails and skin with it's cold dry air. There are things you can do to make your nails stronger, less dry and more beautiful.  I do many types of nail services but, my specialty is the care of the natural nails.  I've been doing nails, facials and makeup for more than 30 years so I've got lots of advice to help your nails get better.  This post is will explain what a brittle nail is, what nails are made of, how nails grow, reasons why nails are brittle, what products you can use to strengthen nails, what lifestyle changes can help, and what foods you should eat to grow better, healthier nails. I have included my Amazon Affiliate links in the post for you