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Buxom Lash Volumizing Mascara

This is my favorite mascara right now friends!!! I just tried a new mascara. It's not surprising. I always seem to be trying a new mascara. I purchased Buxom Lash Volumizing Mascara during the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale. It was a good deal.  $10.00 which is half of the regular price. Buxom is owned by Bare Escentuals and is not tested on animals. They claim Buxom Lash Volumizing Mascara separates and define  lashes  and intensely volumizes right on the box. I read a few bad reviews of this mascara but I wanted to see how it would work for me. Some people have said that it's dry or it dries out quickly in the tube and clumps when applied. They say it doesn't do much for their lashes, doesn't add volume and that it is difficult to remove.  Well for or me... I love it!!! It gives me a bold lash look.  I think my lashes look spectacular! I had very little clumping as you can see. The lashes do stick together a little. This is four thin coats. I like

Zoya Urban Grunge Fall/Winter 2016 Nail Polish Collection

The Fall/Winter collection from Zoya is  There are 6 creams and 6 holos in the Urban Grunge Collection. The creams are one coat polishes. The holos are metallic shimmers.  I am always skeptical when is comes to a polish that claims to be a one coat polish. I find that they streak and really need a second coat.   So how do the Zoya Urban Grunge One Coat Creams fair?  They are very pigmented and actually look good with one coat. I'm very pleased! The holos have nice depth to them. They are shimmery and beautiful. Alicia, Finley and Merida need 2 coats for good coverage and  have more obvious glitter particles in them than the other 3 holos .  Troy, Britta and Ash are highly pigmented. One coat of them gives good coverage, but they have more shimmering dimension with 2 coats. As always, I have my favorites. Mallory is a fabulous blue with saturated rich color. I just love it! It is my very favorite of the bunch. It went right on my toes!!! August is a rich c

Chicken Poop for your lips?

I came upon this lip moisturizer in Bed Bath & Beyond.   It doesn't sound like something I would want to put on my lips!  I turned the product over and did what I always do. I read the ingredient list. Guess what? I would put this Chicken Poop on my lips! The ingredients look fabulous! So why is it called Chicken Poop??? "Grandpa says: If ya got dry lips put chicken poop on 'em so ya won't lick 'em." Bahahahaha! I read up on the company, Simone Chickenbone and they are my kind of people. Earth friendly packaging, natural ingredients, no animal testing and a great sense of humor! They also make a lip shimmer in 3 colors called LA Chick Poo Poo, a body moisturizer called Good Gravy and a natural deodorant called Kill it Dead. lol! I never thought I'd say I gotta go get some me Chicken Poop!  Check them out at         Have a Beautiful Day!  xo Jill Licensed Cosmetologist,  Esthetician,  Makeup Artist P

How to Spray Tan your Face

We love our spray tans! They make us look gorgeously tan without the sun damage to our skin. If you are using a spray formula, how do you apply the spray self tanner to your face? I give you a bit of application advice. Don't spray the tanner directly on your face! Spray it onto a makeup sponge, then use the sponge to apply the tanner to your face. so you aren't actually spray tanning your face, your just self tanning it. Cosmetic wedges are perfect. They are inexpensive and easy to find.  Get cosmetic wedges on Amazon. How to apply Spray Tan to your Face Step 1: Exfoliate Exfoliate your face prior to application with an exfoliating product for made faces only. A body exfoliating product will be too rough for your face.  I always love YonKa Gommage . It's an effective, gentle spa/salon soft peel product. It is a gel you apply to your face, allow it to become sticky then roll it off with your fingers. Rinse off the residue and you're ready to move to the