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Soap Rocks

What are SoapRocks? Soap Rocks are soaps designed to look like rocks. Gemstones, Geodes, Quartz and more.  Aren't they the coolest thing! This is the Soaple Soak Rock. They come in beautiful combinations of colors  and scents. This is the Garnet Cleansing Bar Soap Rock  They will add a little conversation piece to your bathroom. Their brilliant colors actually appear to light up when the soap is in water. It's the perfect way to encourage hand washing! Need a unique gift? You can give someone their birthstone Soaprock! These glycerin soaps are full of natural, moisturizing ingredients including Jojoba and Olive Oils to leave your skin feeling moist. There are a variety of colors, shapes and scents.  Ingredients: Aloe, calendula, chamomile, comfrey, lavender, vitamin E, vegetable glycerin, chlorophyll, almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, essential oils, mineral earth, kaolin clay, and glycerin dew . Shop for beautiful Soap Rocks on Amazon I just love it when I f

What are Alpha Hydroxy Acids?

T his skin care ingredient has a scary sounding name, but don't be scared off by the word acid. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are amazing anti aging ingredients!  This post includes Amazon Affiliate Links to help you find the best skin care products. What are Alpha Hydroxy Acids? Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs are naturally derived acids that occur in foods. They are sometimes called fruit acids. These acids are used in skin care products to remove dead cells, improve the appearance of the skin and encourage firming of the skin by thickening the deep layers of the skin. AHAs are used to treat wrinkles, acne and acne scarring. AHAs cause a mild irritation and  exfoliate  the skin. They are used by dermatologists and estheticians in a high concentration as peels. A doctor can use an AHA peel with a concentration of 50%-70%. An esthetician can use an AHA peel with a concentration of 20%-30%. Glycolic peels are well known Alpha Hydroxy peels. Creams for consumer use are at a concentration of le

Q&A: Bridal Eye Makeup

Q. I am getting married this spring. What color eye shadow is in for brides? A. It is best for brides to steer away from trendy eye shadow  colors on their wedding day. Neutral shadows such a soft pink or  peach with shades of brown and beige bring attention to the eyes  without being overpowering. You want people to say that you look beautiful not that your eye shadow is a beauti ful color!           Have a Beautiful Day!  xo Jill Licensed Cosmetologist,  Esthetician,  Makeup Artist PS: Thanks for using my amazon 💋 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. That keeps my blog running and supports the care of animals in need!😸 Click here to visit my latest post   Click here for more information on wedding makeup

Nerium AD: An Aloe Product (part 4)

I have been talking about Nerium AD all week and have come to the conclusion that it is nothing more than a glorified aloe cream.  That may make you angry but the ingredients say it. The first and second ingredients are aloe.  The nerium content has to be very minimal due to the toxic nature of nerium oleander.  It has protein in it too, but protein molecules are too big to penetrate the skin and they do not fill in lines or stimulate collagen production. Collagen and elastin proteins are used as moisturizers. They are derived from bovine sources. You don't have to spend $80-$110 to buy a nice aloe product. You can find many aloe products in stores that sell natural products for $10 or less.  As I said previously, I like aloe it is very hydrating and soothing for the skin. Aloe leaves contain a clear gel that can be used on the skin. It has a slippery feel and creates a tightening feeling on the skin as it dries. It makes the skin look plumper and healthier. Aloe was used 6000

Nerium AD : Ingredients (part 3)

Let's review the ingredients in NeriumAD and talk about the most prominent ingredients.  Nerium International claims the nerium oleander is the active ingredient in Nerium AD. I question the amount of nerium oleander extract that is actually in it due to the toxic nature of oleander.  Brand partners seem to be very excited that oleander fights cancer. What makes people think, because nerium oleander extract has shown some evidence in studies that it fights cancer, that it is a good thing to use on the skin? Cancer drugs are potent toxic chemicals that kill cancer cells and cause tremendous side effects. An ingredient list lists the product ingredients in descending order of prominence.  Prominent Ingredients NAE-8 Proprietary Blend The first ingredient is their NAE-8 Proprietary Blend, which is a secret blend of Aloe Baradensis leaf and Nerium Leaf Extract.  Being first, aloe is the most prominent ingredient, the NAE-8 not nerium leaf extract. Aloe is listed before nerium in

Nerium AD: How does it work? (part 2)

Nerium AD claims it's antiaging cream makes skin look younger from nerium oleander. How does the controversial nerium oleander extract do it's anti aging to the skin?  How can a plant that is one of the most poisonous plants in the world make the skin look younger?  I  set out to find out.  After scouring the pages of Nerium International, Nerium Skin Care and Nerium Biotechnology, I find no explanation.  There is very little research regarding oleander as a cosmetic ingredient due to it's toxicity.  The Nerium people just tell you it works. Research shows "age defying results". Pictures show anti aging effects.  Blah, blah, blah.  It's amazing how a change in lighting can affect a photo! What does oleander actually do to the skin? Other anti aging ingredients have specific actions on the skin. Peptides trigger a response in the skin telling it to make collagen.  Antioxidants fight free radicals that cause aging damage to our skin.  Fruit acids (alpha hydr