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Caribbean Colors: Nail Polish Color for a Caribbean Vacation

I have returned from another fabulous trip to my favorite vacation spot....Jamaica! It's a beautiful island full of warm wonderful people and lovable characters you meet on the beach like Fireman and his lobsters.... and Rasta Ralphie on the Catamaran singing a tune and sailing the sea.  The weather is warm, sometimes a little rainy. Liquid Sunshine. There are the lovely tropical flowers, the sounds of the tree frogs and that magnificent clear Caribbean water in shades of aqua, cerulean and turquoise that I have been obsessed with forever! Look at it. It's just fabulous! Here is my attempt to capture the Caribbean sea on my toes!     It's OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid with Zoya Rayne on top.  The combination creates a beautiful iridescent light blue green. Maybe you would like a bright pink like these cute tropical flowers!  This is Zoya Lola with Zoya Sparkle Gloss on top. How about a red orange to match a fiery Jamaican sunset? Sp

Group Halloween Costume Idea: The Months of the Year

We had a super fun day at the salon for our Halloween Party! Our theme was the months of the year. I work with a bunch of very creative people. It was interesting to see how each person interpreted their month. The Months of the Year Costumes January wore a tutu and snow flakes. February was decorated in red and hearts with a candy box hat. March was was decked out for St. Patrick's Day. I was April, April Showers. I used blue eye shadow to create my blue lips. I started with an opaque nude pink lipstick. Then, I used a blue eyeliner to line the lips and smudge it onto the lips to blend the line. Next, a smudged on some blue eye shadow. It looked shimmery and iridescent. It stayed on great. May was May Flowers. June was, of course, a June bride..... Halloween style! She used toilet paper and tacky glue to create her zombie torn flesh. July celebrated the 4th of July in red, white and blue. August was soooo creative. Can you guess what she is? She is the