Sunday, August 30, 2015

Flower Power Nail Designs

flower nail designs
The 1970's hippie boho influence has been huge this summer and is continuing into the fall. I love the wide pants, platform shoes, fringe, floral prints, lace and crochet. I was just a young one the first go around so I am enjoying the revival!

Here are some fun flower power nail designs to go with the trend. Bright pinky purple is one of my favorite nail polish colors and Orly La Vida Loca made the perfect background for my black, white and silver design.

flower nail designs with orly polish
I started with a base coat then 2 coats of La Vida Loca. 

I started painting the design after the polish was dry to touch
using white acrylic craft paint to make the flower petals.

Next, the petals were outlined with black acrylic craft paint. 

A big black dot of paint created the center of the flower. 
flower nail design closeup
Next, I added a few small black dots to each of the nails followed by some silver glitter polish. Zoya Cosmo Magical Pixiedust works great because it has various sizes of glitter in it. 
zoya cosmo magical pixiedust

Next, a coat of clear nail polish. While the polish was wet, a rhinestone was added to each nail. Another coat of clear sealed in the rhinestone. 

Groovy, flower power nails!

Want more nail art? I did a little video on shell nails. 
Click here to see it! Hope you enjoy it! 

Have a Beautiful Day!


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wavy Beach Hair

August is winding down but summer is not over yet. There is still some beach time left! Here is a fun, casual and easy hairstyle to wear to the beach or anywhere.
ponytail hairstyle
Start the style by making waves. There are a few ways you can create beautiful beachy waves. Sea Salt Texturizing Spray is a great styling product to help you achieve those beautiful waves. 

Sea spray styling products I like are Aquage Sea Salt Texurizing Spray, Eufora Style Sea Spritz and Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Spray. They all give nice texture and hold. You can use sea salt sprays while styling your hair and you can always reapply the sea spray during the day when your hair is dry and scrunch to refresh your waves.

Method #1
Start the process the night before.

1. Wash or wet your hair.
2. Blow it dry so it is semi dry.
3. Apply a defining gel to your hair and comb it through. Aquage Defining Gel is a good one.
4. Now braid your hair in many thick randomly placed braids.
5. Undo your braids in the morning and run your fingers through your hair to separate and shake out the braids.
6. You can add a sea salt texturizing spray and scrunch a little bit to help hold the waves.

Method #2

1. Wash or wet your hair and towel dry.
2. Apply a sea salt texturizing spray. 
3. Comb through your hair to distribute the sea spray.
4. Blow dry your hair using the low setting on your blow dryer.
5. Scrunch your hair with your hand as you blow dry to create waves.

Method # 3

1. Start with dry hair.
2. Section your hair into four sections, two on the top half and 2 on the bottom.  Clip up each section.
3. Use a 1" curling iron to curl your hair one section at a time. Hold the curling iron up and down to create spiral curls. Take small section of hair from the larger section and curl. Curl the bottom sections then the top sections. Allow the curls to stay in the spiral shape as they cool.
 4. Use your fingers to loosen and tousle the curls.
5. Apply sea spray to hold the waves.

Now that you have the waves, create the hairstyle. Make a braid on one side. Pull your hair back, including the braid, to create a ponytail. It doesn't have to be perfect. This is a beautiful messy beach style. Use a ponytail elastic to secure the ponytail.

To see the sea spray hair styling products I mentioned and more, Click here

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Seashell Nails

sea shell nail designs shell nail art
I came across some interesting looking shells while I was vacationing in Sea Isle City, NJ this summer.
atlantic jackknife clam shells
They look like fingernails! How cool? I have been going to Sea Isle City for many years. I don't know why I never saw them before. I would have noticed these fascinating shells because I do nails in the salon several days a week. I could do nails in my sleep! In fact, I do..... in my dreams. lol! 

Our vacation was in July instead of August this year. Maybe that had something to do with it. Maybe the shells are broken up by August. Anyway, the shells are called Atlantic Jackknife Clam Shells and are found on the North American Atlantic Coast from Canada to South Carolina. 
shell used for nail design
I collected few, cleaned them up and did what any crazy nail artist would do....I turned them into fingernails! They filed surprisingly easy but created a lot of dust in the process. Here they are smoothed and shaped.
jackknife clam shells shaped into fingernails
So, the next challenge, how was I going to attach these shells to my nails? Well, Terrific Tips Nail Tip Stickers did the trick! They are super sticky and worked just fine! They are pre cut adhesive stickers made to use in the temporary application of nails tips. Apply the sticker to a clean natural nail, peel the backing off and apply the tip. Easy! I got the stickers at Sally Beauty. I saw them on Amazon but were out of stock last time I checked. Here's a link to see if they are back in stock.
Shop for Terrific Tips on Amazon
nail tip stickers
Ta da, here is another pic of the finished product. These seashell nails came out just beautiful. Any mermaid would be proud to wear them!
seashell nail designs
I put together a little youtube video on the creation process. Click here to see it! Hope you enjoy it! xo

Have a Beautiful Day!

Friday, August 21, 2015

What's so beautiful about a thigh gap?

Feeling bad about your thighs? Feeling like you need to have that coveted thigh gap? Just remember this....

mermaid saying
I seem to be on a mermaid kick these days! I am even working on a nail video that any mermaid would just love!

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Blue Nail Polish: Color mixing to make Aquamarine

My favorite nail polish color for my toes has to be blue. I try other colors but most of them just look, average to me. Here is OPI Charged up Cherry.
cherry nail polish
It's a nice color and looks good but I don't look at my toes and smile. Blue makes me smile! I like something that is a little funky, not a typical color. And it has to be vibrant.

I think we all have that certain color that makes us happy just looking at it. It also makes me happy to create new colors that are specially created not only for myself, but to suit a client's wants. The client may say I love that blue, but I want it to be just a little greener. No problem. I just layer a few polish colors to created a new color that suits the client. Unique polish colors to express individuality.

My latest favorite color combination creates a beautiful aquamarine. It is OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid topped with Zoya Rayne.
 OPI My Dogsled and Zoya Rayne.
Here is Rayne alone. Lovely.
OPI My Dogsled and Zoya Rayne.
It's a beautiful color all by itself, but apply My Dogsled is a Hybrid under it and it turns it more green. Aquamarine. Gorgeous!  Love it!
 OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid and Zoya Rayne toenails

Now my toes look special. Mermaid like.
aquamarine toenails in sandles
That makes me smile! 
Have a Beautiful Day!