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Is Micro Needling Safe and Good for your Skin?

Micro needling is a treatment for the skin that uses needles.  Yes, needles to make thousands of punctures in the skin.  Remmi Microneedle Dermaroller Yikes! Sounds scary and looks scary, right? I'm not so sure this treatment is for me. It's definitely not for my daughter. She would be passed out on the floor just at the thought of needles!  I have a friend who recently had micro needling done and she says it wasn't bad at all.  But is micro needling safe, does it work and does it scar the skin? Let me give you a brief overview of the skin before we get into the nitty gritty of micro needling so you have a little info on what our skin does for us and why it ages. The Skin The skin is the body's largest organ and is the protective barrier between us and the world. Besides, keeping our fluids and insides nicely packaged, the skin keeps invaders like bacteria, viruses and chemicals from entering our bodies. Skin regulates body temperature by sweating to keep

Older Skin with Acne Breakouts: Causes and Remedies

This post is for all of us who experience acne breakouts at any age even when we think we should be done breaking out when we reach our fifties!!! So your skin broke out as a teenager and you thought, when I get past the teen years, my acne breakouts will clear.  Then you thought, once I get out of my twenties, my acne breakouts will stop.  After that you thought, after I've had my kids and am in my forties, there will be no more breakouts.  Now you say, I'm in my fifties, I have older skin. why do I still have acne breakouts?😩 It's very frustrating, I know. My skin has always had breakouts. Sometimes it's clear. Sometimes it's not. Wearing a face mask doesn't help. We need them but... Face masks are causing so many people with younger skin and older skin to have acne breakouts! Let's talk about the causes for acne breakout and then we can go over the remedies. I have includes some Amazon Affiliate links in this post to help you find the products I love