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Paraffin to the Rescue

A paraffin dip does wonders for your dry hands!   A paraffin treatment is a fabulous salon and spa treatment to help soothe and moisturize your hands and feet. Paraffin is hot wax like candle wax and usually contains oils such as Vitamin E. It's feels warm ad luxurious especially in the winter! No worries, it is not hair removal wax!  It is apply to your hands by dipping your hands into the hot wax or via wax in a plastic bag.   It coats the hands like a moisturizing glove conditioning making them sweat  to bring water to the surface of the skin and it allows the skin to absorb nourishing oils.   The treatment stays on for 10-15 minutes then peels off easily. Your hands feel warm and hydrated. Paraffin helps soothe and relieve arthritis pain, too! You can get your own paraffin bath to use at home to treat dry skin and arthritis pain any time you want. Therabath is the profession brand we use at the salon. It has a thermostat that controls the temperature so it it also comfo

Salon Secret for Polish Removal: Headbands

As nail techs, we remove nail polish all day long at the salon so we have learned a few tricks to remove nail polish quickly and effectively. First, you need to use the best nail polish remover. Second, you need to use the best absorbent cotton. The best remover for a fast effective polish removal is pure acetone. It take any nail polish off fast and easy. It is what you soak in to remove gel polish. Don't even waste your time with non acetone polish remover! Now, you need the best cotton to saturate with that acetone to get your polish off. Cotton balls and the ropes of cotton used for perms leave cotton fibers that stick on the nails during the nail polish removal.  Those annoying fibers seem to get stuck on everything and even linger in the air then they get stuck in the polish creating a mess. I will share with you the best salon secret for nail polish removal The Best Cotton to Remove Nail Polish We use rolls of cotton called lint free cotton bands. They can also be called

Hand warming Tip

It snowed again... there is more on the way! It is beautiful but, I hate the cold winter and the cold hands that go along with it!   You could run your hands under hot water to warm them up but water can cause your hands to become dry, dehydrated and chapped especially in the winter. If you do use hot water to warm them, pat them dry and immediately apply a nice thick hand cream. Instead of hot water, do some little exercises that get the blood flowing to the hands. For a fast hand warm up, raise your arms at your side so they are at shoulder height and do large arm circles then, shake your hands down.   You can also raise you arms at your side so they are shoulder height. Then twist back and forth from the waist. This forces the blood to the hands to help warm them up. This is great to do before giving someone a massage.  Cold hands, warm heart...not so good when you give a massage! Try to stay warm!           Have a Beautiful Day!  xo Jill Licensed Cosmetologist,