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Monday, January 10, 2011

Hand warming Tip

It snowed again...
there is more on the way!

It is beautiful but, I hate the cold winter and the cold hands that go along with it!  

You could run your hands under hot water to warm them up but water can cause your hands to become dry, dehydrated and chapped especially in the winter. If you do use hot water to warm them, pat them dry and immediately apply a nice thick hand cream.

Instead of hot water, do some little exercises that get the blood flowing to the hands.

For a fast hand warm up, raise your arms at your side so they are at shoulder height and do large arm circles then, shake your hands down.  

You can also raise you arms at your side so they are shoulder height. Then twist back and forth from the waist. This forces the blood to the hands to help warm them up.

This is great to do before giving someone a massage. 

Cold hands, warm heart...not so good when you give a massage!

Try to stay warm!
        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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