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Magnetic Nail Polish

How cool is this? It's Magnetic Nail Polish! The nail polish has metal particles in it that move to create a design when the magnet is applied to it while it is wet. Here is nails inc magnetic polish. The magnet is cleverly hidden in the top of the bottle. It's really easy and fun to apply.  How to apply magnetic polish: 1. Apply a base coat. 2. Apply one coat of magnetic polish to all fingernails. 3. Apply a second coat of the magnetic polish to one nail only. 4. Hold the magnet over that nail while the  polish is wet for 10 seconds without touching  it to the nail.  The magnetic particles in the  polish will move creating a st unning design!  5. Apply a second coat to another nail then use the magnet. Continue on polishing one nail at a time and using the magnet nail until all the nails are completed.  6. Finish with any top coat. Try holding the magnet in a different direction to create a different design. There a variety of brands