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Colorful 6 Piece Dry Measuring Cups: Architec Purelast Ecosmart Measuring Cups Review

My little baker has been very busy in the kitchen now that the weather has gotten cooler. The aroma of homemade cinnamon rolls, pumpkin scones and cookies floods our home with warm sweetness.  Sally's Baking Addiction Sugar Cookie Recipe There is always some little yummy goody to tempt me into eating too much sugar. Sure sugar tastes good, but it has been a mission of mine to reduce my sugar intake since I found out it can cause inflammation. Don't get me wrong, I still eat sugar especially when my daughter creates an irresistible confection. I just try to eat less of it! Read: Does sugar age you and cause wrinkles? Lately, my girl has had a problem with my 35 year old vintage set of 6 orange Tupperware dry measuring cups.   Or shall I say 2 problems. #1. She doesn't like the orange color. It's not cute. She likes cute. Orange is not one of her favorite colors and it doesn't really match our kitchen. She's not wrong. I never liked the orange mysel

Holiday Nail Colors 2018: Zoya Jubilee Collection Swatches

The recent Zoya nail polish colors have been pretty, but there haven't been any unusual colors. The out of the ordinary always excites me, so when our beauty supply rep showed me the brochure for the Zoya Jubilee Holiday 2018 Nail Polish Collection, I got excited. In fact, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this collection! There are some great fun and funky colors in this holiday collection! The Jubliee Collection is full of jewel tone color and fun textures: foil, iredescent shimmer, pixie dust and even, leopard spots. There are 7 creams, 2 metallics, 2 PixieDust glitters, and 1 special effects topper. This collection is perfect for the upcoming holiday parties or to brighten up a cold, gray winter day. How fabulous would any of these colors look on your fingers and toes? The Zoya Jubilee Holiday 2018 Collection Astrid Astrid is a bright metallic gold foil finish. It's shiny and gorgeous! Leigh Leigh is a sophisticated warm cream nude with a hint of

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in Champagne Pop Swatch: Perfect for Bridal Makeup in Lancaster County, Pa!

I had the pleasure of doing the bridal makeup for one of my sweet, amazing clients! I did the makeup for her sister's wedding 10 years ago so I was excited to do her makeup for her special day. Here's a pic of the bride's mother and sister 10 years ago. How time flies! The wedding was to take place in Lititz Park in Lancaster County, Pa. Lancaster is a beautiful place full of farms and horse & buggies. Mother Nature had other plans, however. The park was a muddy mess from flooding rains. The wedding and reception took place in a beautiful church instead which turned out to be perfect! The makeup application took place at a charming hotel in Lititz called the General Sutter Inn . I'd love to go back there for a weekend get away. There are cute shops and great places to eat. I f you have recently moved to the Lancaster County area, you must visit  Lancaster Transplant . I t's an awesome way to get to know Lancaster and feel welcome as a new resident! I appl