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Colorful 6 Piece Dry Measuring Cups: Architec Purelast Ecosmart Measuring Cups Review

My little baker has been very busy in the kitchen now that the weather has gotten cooler. The aroma of homemade cinnamon rolls, pumpkin scones and cookies floods our home with warm sweetness. 
pumpkin cutout cookies

Sally's Baking Addiction Sugar Cookie Recipe

There is always some little yummy goody to tempt me into eating too much sugar. Sure sugar tastes good, but it has been a mission of mine to reduce my sugar intake since I found out it can cause inflammation. Don't get me wrong, I still eat sugar especially when my daughter creates an irresistible confection. I just try to eat less of it!

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Lately, my girl has had a problem with my 35 year old vintage set of 6 orange Tupperware dry measuring cups.  
vintage orange Tupperware 6 measuring cup set
Or shall I say 2 problems. #1. She doesn't like the orange color. It's not cute. She likes cute. Orange is not one of her favorite colors and it doesn't really match our kitchen. She's not wrong. I never liked the orange myself. The measuring cups were a wedding shower gift I received along with a set of matching measuring spoons. She doesn't like the spoons either! #2. She also doesn't like the lingering food odors the plastic has retained over the years. Again, she's not wrong. Those cups have held many, many chopped onions! 

My daughter has had a problem with her hunt for new measuring cups in our local stores, though. Many sets of dry measuring cups only include four measuring cups, a 1/4 cup, a 1/3 cup, a 1/2 cup and a 1 cup. The vintage Tupperware set of 6 cups is much more convenient. She also found that many sets of dry measuring cups are stainless steel which she doesn't find to be very fun.
multi colored Arcitec Purelast Ecosmart Measuring Cups
Cute, fun, colorful measuring cups are what she's after. Architec Purelast Measuring Cups seem to measure up to her standards. They are cute and colorful. They come in a set of 6 cups. They coordinate beautifully with her set of measuring spoons. They are beauty for your kitchen!
colorful measuring cups and spoons
Plus, they are made of durable, earth friendly bamboo and rice fibers! 
Architec measuring cups
She found them online at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $12.99 and on Amazon Prime for $9.29. Amazon Prime had them to her with free shipping in two days. So are they worth it?

Our Review:
The Architec Purelast Measuring Cups are super cute and the colors are bright and happy. They have a nice, solid, heavy feel to them and are easy to clean. You can put them in the dishwasher but we hand wash them. The cup measurements are embossed onto the handles of the six cups. The handles are long and easy to hold. The cups are made of plant fibers and a food safe non plastic binder but they feel like a smooth hard plastic.
architec purelast measuring cup sizes
You can easily open the metal ring and remove all the cups. 
measuring cups metal ring
The one issue these measuring cups have is they can tip easily. My daughter says this is a non issue for her since she measures and pours her ingredients right away. She doesn't fill her measuring cup ahead and let it sit on the baking island before adding the contents to the mixing bowl. This could be an issue for you if you like to set out all your ingredients in the measuring cups before your start mixing. 

I like to set out all my ingredients before I mix but I add the ingredients to small bowls. It never fails that I have the 1 cup measuring cup full of sugar but then I need it for 1 cup of flour. That's why I measure then pour the ingredient into a small bowl. So the tipsiness of these cups is not an issue for me either. I found my favorite colorful multi patterned porcelain bowls ⬇ for holding ingredients, cereal and pasta on Amazon!  Check them out. You'll love them!
The manufacturer says these cups should not be put in the microwave or be used with colored gelatin. I assume the gelatin will stain them.

Visit our recipes page!
Arcitec Purelast Ecosmart Measuring Cups tag
We think these pretty Architec Purelast Ecosmart Measuring Cups would be a much nicer bridal shower gift than orange plastic measuring cups! They are food safe and earth friendly. We recommend them as long as you know they don't stand up well. Can you tell we love color at our house?

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       Have a Yummy Food Day! 

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