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Vampire Makeup for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner so I decided I should play around with some makeup. Our theme at the salon is community service workers which is a bit boring for me. Last year, we were bag ladies. I loved it!!! I even made my own paper mache pigeons!  This year for community service workers, I decided I'll wear my nurse costume and make it more fun by being a night nurse  vampire style , Ivana Bytyu .  Most people do vampire eyes very black but I think mysterious smoky purple eyes will do. Pale skin, purple smoky eyes, purple blush and red lips will work.  How to do Purple Smoky Vampire Makeup I started by using a foundation a few shades lighter than my skin color and mixed in a light Youngblood CC Perfecting Primer in Bare in plus a bit of luminizer to create a reflective surface.  Urban Decay lip liner in Manic with Gash lipstick makes nice vampire red lips. I used Urban Decay eye shadows for my eyes. Freakshow, asphyxia, roadstripe, oil slick, polyester bride and m

Broken Lipstick Lid? Make a new lipstick lid out of duct tape!

Not all lipsticks lids are created equal.  Some lids are strong and well made while others are just plain junk!  I find more expensive lipsticks have better quality packaging. But, I love my low priced lipstick brands.   Those cheap lids can crack and break apart so much, they fall right off the lipstick tube.  I have taped the lids on which is annoying and looks trashy. I have used old lipstick lids that I've saved to replace broken lids. The problem with that is, sometimes you can't find an old lid to fit. I have another solution for you. Make a new lid out of duct tape! People make all kinds of things out of duct tape wallets, mini purses, picture frames, even hammocks. The list goes on and on. Why not a lipstick lid? That's just what I did and it came out fantastic! I used black duct tape but you could use any color or pattern. I bet animal print duct tape would look super cute!  This is a very inexpensive project. All you need is a lipstick tube, duct t

Zoya Seasonal Lip Color Fall 2017 Review and Swatches

I've haven't tried Zoya's lipstick before now. I don't know why since I absolutely love the Zoya nail polish. Now that I've tried it, I have to say the lipstick is great too! The 6  well pigmented  lip colors for fall have an overall rosy mauve tone and look nice on many skin tones. Plus, there is a super fun funky bonus color! These are classic cream lipsticks designed to last for 4-6 hours.  It feels thick and smooth going on. I can feel it on my lips but it's not too heavy feeling and has a soft sheen.  I found the lipsticks were long wearing on me just as Zoya claims. My lips still had color even after eating. I like that these lipsticks have very little scent and that they are unflavored. Perfumy lipstick just doesn't work for me. The lipstick comes nicely package in a box and the lipstick tube feels light weight and well made. Here are the colors on my medium beige skin tone. Let's look closer at each one. Addie  a light pinky nude