Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Black Cat Carved Pumpkin & Halloween Decorating Ideas

ceramic pumpkin
Fall is not my favorite time of year. Flowers are dying off, the days get shorter and 
winter is coming. Also, orange is not one of my favorite colors but, I have to admit, the orange leaves and orange pumpkins do look warm and bright against my stone fireplace. 

I especially like turquoise with the orange. Blue and orange are complimentary colors so they look great together. It's good. I need my home feel warm and happy. We have always done cute, not scary decorating at our house for Halloween even though my older daughter loves creepy stuff.
fall fire place decorations
Happy pumpkins and black cats are our style. Little battery operated lights added to my autumn leaf wreath create a happy nighttime twinkle. Wire the battery box to the back of the wreath so no wires show. 

Some fun gold glittery polka dotted pumpkins from Joann Fabrics and Crafts were definitely a happy addition to my mantle this year. They will stay there through Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving decorations will replace the Halloween things and all the fall things will stay until it's time to decorate for Christmas.

Some battery operated tea lights add some nice flickering light. They're great because there is no fire concern.
fall decorations for mantle
One of my favorite fall decorations is this crow. One of my girls made it in pre school out of newspaper, masking tape painted black, feathers and gems for the eyes. I just love it! The skull bottle is as spooky as we get around here. lol!
black crow
Halloween is always a fun time. Costumes, makeup and pumpkin carving are all good. Every year I say I'm going carve a black cat out of pumpkins like a pic I saw in Better Homes and Gardens years ago. Well, I finally did it and I'm really happy with how it came out!
pumpkin black cat
I started by hollowing and carving eyes in the small pumpkin for the cat's head. This happened to be a pie pumpkin which is harder and denser than a carving pumpkin. A bit more difficult to carve. Look for carving pumpkins for easier carving. Sometimes, the right size pumpkin happens to be a pie pumpkin and you just have to go for it! 

It helps if you have the right carving tools. Not cheap ones that are dull and bend when you use them. Save the pumpkin seeds from your carved pumpkin for roasting.
pumpkin seeds
Two coats of acrylic craft paint worked well to paint the pumpkins black. I like the matte finish. It will scratch off kind of easily, though. Black spray paint in a matte or glossy finish would also work. It's faster but my husband always manages to see the teeniest bit of overspray and gives me a hard time about it, so painting with a brush is the best choice for me!

The bottom pumpkin is solid and uncarved. The tail is a gourd. Thin spaghetti made great whiskers. The kitty's sequin and rhinestone collar and ears are felt pinned to the pumpkin. I found the perfect sequin for the nose. 

This pumpkin cat actually freaked out one of my cats especially the glowing eyes!😺 I caught her reaction on video.
carved black cat with glowing eyes
I put a video together to give you construction tips if you want to make your own pumpkin cat. My kitty's reaction is in it too! I also included how to roast pumpkin seeds.

Click here to watch the How to Make a Pumpkin Black Cat video!

I'm thinking about making another one from those carvable pumpkins that are sold in craft stores so I have a permanent pumpkin kitty to put out every year.

roasted pumpkin seeds
Have a Warm and Happy Fall!
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Vampire Makeup

Halloween is just around the corner so I decided I should play around with some
makeup. Our theme at the salon is community service workers which is a bit boring for me. Last year, we were bag ladies. I even made my own paper mache pigeons! 
bag lady costume with pigeon
This year, I decided I'll wear my nurse costume and make it more fun by being a night nurse, vampire style. Most people do vampire eyes very black but I think mysterious smoky purple eyes will do.
vampire makeup
Pale skin, purple smoky eyes, purple blush and red lips will work. I used a foundation a few shades lighter than my skin color and mixed in a light bb cream plus a bit of luminizer to create a reflective surface. Urban Decay lip liner in Manic with Gash lipstick makes nice vampire red lips.
smokey purple eyes
I used Urban Decay eye shadows for my eyes. Freakshow, asphyxia, roadstripe, oil slick, polyester bride and my favorite black matte, blackout. 
vampire makeup
Freakshow doubled as contouring/blush and roadstripe worked great as a highlighter on my cheekbones. Asphyxia and roadstripe have an awesome iridescence. They create a great ghoulish look for a vampire! 
urban decay vice relaoded xx palette

urban decay shadows

urban decay blackout
I think my eyebrows need more drama, though. I'll really fill them in for Halloween. Some fangs are also in order. The Halloween store will have them. I'm almost ready. 

Vampire Fang tip: the adhesive that comes with the fangs from the Halloween store doesn't work. My friend Michelle bought some denture adhesive to hold her fangs on. It worked great!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Broken Lipstick Lid? Make a new lipstick lid out of duct tape!

Not all lipsticks lids are created equal.  Some lids are strong and well made while others are just plain junk! 
lipstick lids
I find more expensive lipsticks have better quality packaging. But, I love my low priced lipstick brands.  
broken lipstick lid
Those cheap lids can crack and break apart so much, they fall right off the lipstick tube. 

I have taped the lids on which is annoying and looks trashy. I have used old lipstick lids that I've saved to replace broken lids. The problem with that is, sometimes you can't find an old lid to fit.
lipstick lid made from duct tape
I have another solution for you. Make a new lid out of duct tape! People make all kinds of things out of duct tape wallets, mini purses, picture frames, even hammocks. The list goes on and on. Why not a lipstick lid? That's just what I did and it came out fantastic! I used black duct tape but you could use any color or pattern. I bet animal print duct tape would look super cute! 
yard stick duct tape scissors lipstick
This is a very inexpensive project. All you need is a lipstick tube, duct tape and scissors. You can also use a ruler if you are not good at judging lengths.

Duct Tape: 
Cut 3 pieces of duct tape 3 inches long.
Cut 1 piece of duct tape into a 3/4 inch square.

Step 1:
Wrap the first 3 inch  piece of duct tape around the lipstick tube sticky side facing out.
step 1
Step 2:
Wrap the second 3 inch piece on top of the first, sticky side down leaving about 1/4 inch of the first piece showing at the bottom.
step 2

Step 3:
Make a vertical cut in that 1/4 inch overhang.
step 3
Step 4:
Then fold it back.
step 4
Step 5:
Wrap the third piece of duct tape around the lipstick tube covering the seam from the folded back piece. Make this piece a little tight.
step 5
Step 6:
Make four vertical cuts in sticky end.
step 6
Step 7:
Fold down the flaps.
step 7
Step 8:
Put the square piece of duct tape over the folded flaps.

step 8
That's it. Quick and easy peasy. Now you have a make shift lipstick lid to replace your broken or lost lipstick lid! I find it stays on the lipstick tube really well, even in my makeup bag. 
duct tape lipstick lid
Watch the video: Replace a Broken Lipstick Lid: Make a lipstick lid out of duct tape

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