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Wasp Sting: Reaction, Treatment, Remedy and Black Dot from a Wasp Sting

Have you ever been stung by a wasp?  I never have been until just the other day! Let me tell you about my experience. It may help you if you ever get stung. The Sting I was minding my own business on the Friday morning  of Memorial Day Weekend getting ready for work in my bathroom when I felt a burning sensation on my hand. I looked down to see a black wasp stinging my hand! I swatted it to the floor and covered it with the trash can so that I could tend to my wound. I can't believe I got stung in my own house! Who knows how it got in. You can bet I'm on the lookout all the time now! First, I washed the area with soap and cold water the remove as much wasp venom as possible. Then, I got my powdered kaolin clay mask out, mixed with water and plastered it on the stung area. Kaolin is a white clay that has strong drawing power. It's a great mask to use on acne breakouts and mosquito bites because of it's drawing properties. By this time, that nasty wasp had c