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Home and Fashion Color Trends for 2021, The Pantone Color of the Year

I always look forward to seeing what the folks at Pantone choose as the color or colors of the year. It is always interesting to see how fashion, nail color, makeup and home decor follow the Pantone color trend. There are 2 Pantone colors for 2021, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. I just love the combination of yellow and gray! Ultimate Gray is a warm, rock solid gray representing strength. Illuminating is sunny yellow representing positivity.  Thank you Pantone. We certainly need lots of strength and positivity for 2121!!!  See the Pantone Color of the Year 2020 Let's get into the colors and how to use them in your home and on your person. I have included Amazon Affiliate Shopping links in this post to help you find the perfect items to add strength and positivity your life! The Gray Color Trend for 2021 Gray has been a huge home decorating color for years now and it shows no signs of stopping especially with the farmhouse decorating style remaining so popular.  Gray is always righ

Do eye creams work?

The hands of time keep ticking away as we desperately search for that magical cream to make us look young again. Is there such a cream?  We are bombarded with ads on TV, magazines and social media that claim their product will perform that magic.  I have seen videos on facebook for one cream that is applied to the eyes and within minutes bags, puffiness and wrinkles are gone. Amazing! It tempts me to order it but logic (and reviews that say it doesn't work!!!!) take over and I resist the urge to click that order button. Can an eye cream really make us look younger? Do we need a special cream for the eye area?  Many dermatologists will tell you that any moisturizer will work around the eyes, even Vaseline. But, who wants that thick gloppy stuff around their eyes or anywhere else on their face for that matter?  As an esthetician, I find using a heavy cream or oil on the delicate skin around the eyes can cause puffiness and white bumpy clogged pores under the eyes.  For example, I l