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Get longer lashes with Lash Fibers

Long beautiful eyelashes are all the rage. I like enhancing the natural lashes to their full potential instead of relying on falsies or expensive lash extensions. Don't get me wrong, false lashes and lash extensions look fabulous, but I for one, don't like the glue. I find it irritating.   And.... my brides are always worried the lashes will start to unglue before the night is over. It can happen. I even saw lashes come unglued on Dancing with the Stars! How to Apply Lash Fibers to your Lashes Start Clean First, always start with clean lashes. Get rid of any mascara remnants that will interfere with a smooth mascara application. Use an oil free makeup remover and rinse your face for good measure.  Curl 'em Curl the top lashes with a lash curler. Warm the curler with a blow dryer to get maximum curl that lasts.  Test the curler on your wrist to make sure it's not too hot. C url lashes 3 times with your eyelash curler at the root, the middle and near the ends.

Shampoo for Stronger Hair: Maple Holistics Silk18 Shampoo Review

If you like a shampoo that gives you billows of lather and reduces hair breakage, this is the shampoo for you!  Maple Holistics Silk18 Shampoo is a shampoo good for men, women and children with all hair and scalp types. It is especially good for repairing dry, damaged hair with it's blend of 18 amino acids. Amino acids are protein building blocks. The 18 amino acids in this shampoo are derived from silk and help to strengthen the strands of hair and protect the hairs from damage and breakage.  This shampoo contains botanical keratin which is another protein beneficial for strengthening hair.   Try the Good Hair Diet Our hair is made of hard keratin protein just like our nails. Skin is also made of keratin, soft keratin protein. Nutrients in our diet help our bodies create strong, healthy keratin cells for good hair, skin and nails. Applying keratin and other proteins to our hair and nails is beneficial as well.  Professional keratin protein treatments done in salo