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Monday, December 12, 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish

How cool is this?
magnetic nail polish

It's Magnetic Nail Polish!

The nail polish has metal particles in it that move to create a design when the magnet is applied to it while it is wet.

Here is nails inc magnetic polish.

The magnet is cleverly hidden in the top of the bottle.
It's really easy and fun to apply. 

How to apply magnetic polish:

1. Apply a base coat.

2. Apply one coat of magnetic polish to all fingernails.

3. Apply a second coat of the magnetic polish to one nail only.

4. Hold the magnet over that nail while the polish is wet for 10 seconds without touching it to the nail. 

The magnetic particles in the polish will move creating a stunning design! 

5. Apply a second coat to another nail then use the magnet. Continue on polishing one nail at a time and using the magnet nail until all the nails are completed. 

6. Finish with any top coat.

Try holding the magnet in a different direction to create a different design.

There a variety of brands that now make 
 magnetic nail polish in a vast array of colors.

 There are also different 
magnets that create different designs. 
So fun!!! Amazon has a great selection to choose from.

Let's Get Creative! 
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Nail Polish Shelf Life

If your nail polish look like this...
old nail polish
it's time for new nail polish! It has lived it's life! 

You may be able to get it to remix but, it most likely won't dry right or give you a nice shine.

 They say the shelf life for nail polish is 2 years but I think it can be longer if stored properly.

Polish Storage Tips

Avoid Heat
Heat and sun exposure can cause changes in the color and consistency of your polish. Store it in a cool, dry, dark place, not the medicine cabinet in your bathroom!

Keep it Closed Tight
Keep the nail polish bottle's lid tightly closed to keep the solvents in the polish from evaporating.

Solvents keep the polish the proper consistency. Clean old hard polish from the neck of the polish bottle to ensure a tight seal.

Keep it Extra Cool
Some people think refrigerating their polish makes it last longer. I think just a cool, dry place is fine!

Store Upright
Store nail polish in an upright position. This will prevent a messy leak if the lid wasn't on tight. Also, the blender beads in the polish bottle will do a better mixing job if they are settled on the bottom.

Are you in the market for new nail polish? I always recommend the healthy ingredient nail polish brand Zoya. Their formula and colors are amazing.  Plus, create new collections each season for us polish lovers! 

Have a Colorful Day! 
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glitter Lashes!

Blue hair and silver eye lashes
There is nothing like a pair of glittering false lashes
to complete funky night on the town look or a fun Halloween costume. 

They may look tricky to apply but I will give you a few tricks to get them looking fabulous along with some Amazon Affiliate links to help you find the best products!

How to apply Glitter Lashes

Add eye shadow primer to your eye lid in preparation for your glittery eye shadow which you will apply after the lashes. My all time fav is Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Start by applying black pencil liner to your upper lash line to 
help conceal the false lash band. One of my favorite pencils is the Maneater Self Sharpening Eye Liner Pencil.

Get the liner in between your natural lashes for a nice solid line to conceal the skin at the base of the lashes.

Curl & Mascara
Curl your lashes and apply a light coat of black waterproof mascara. Let it dry. Too Faced Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara is the best!!!

Curled lashes make an easy shelf, if you will, to plop the false lashes on top of. 

Waterproof mascara helps the lashes maintain their curl. 

Fit the Strip

Lay the lash strip on top of your lashes to check that the length of the band fits your eye. Trim the lash strip from it's outer edge if it is too long.

Apply the Lashes  
Apply a thin layer of lash glue to the lash strip and let it become tacky for about 2-3  minutes.  Apply the lash strip to the skin close to your upper lashes, press it gently in place, and hold it for a few seconds to set. 

Let the glue dry.  A milky white glue will turn clear.  A black glue will stay black.

Add Glitter Shadow

little glitter shadow. The best way to apply powdery glitter eye shadow is with your finger. 

Dip your finger in the shadow pot then press the shadow onto your eyelid. This helps to minimize the glitter fall out onto your upper cheek area.

Applying the glittery eye shadow after the lashes are applied conceals the false lash band with a glittery layer.

Don't waste your with those self adhesive lashes. They just not sticky enough to stay in place.  

Most lash adhesives contain latex.  Read the labels and look for non latex glue if you are allergic to latex.

Have fun wearing your lashes. They always make you feel beautiful and sexy!

Let's get Glitzy!
       Have a Beautiful Day! 
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Evil Eye

plum and gray smokey eye shadow
Who doesn't love a sultry smoky eye? It's moody. It's sexy. It's perfect!

I created this dark and smokey eye shadow look on my daughter with the  MAC Evil Eye:Eye Shadow x4 years ago but it's a timeless look I love to create. 

This palette is no longer available plus, I no longer recommend MAC products due to the fact that MAC has been placed on the companies that test on animals lists. I do my best to use cruelty free brands.

This look can be recreated easily though with other eyeshadow palettes. I will give you a step by step guide to create this look along with the best eyeshadow palette Amazon Affiliate links with the perfect colors to get the look.

Recommended Eyeshadows to Create the Plumy Smoky Evil Eye

A deep berry, a blackened violet, black and light gray shadows were the colors used for this smoky eye.

There are two palettes I like that provide a nice selection of these colors. Neither one has a light gray but white and black gently blended will make the perfect light gray. 

A little pop of white on the brow bone adds contrast for more drama anyway.

One palette I recommend is the Urban Decay Ultra Violet Palette to get the evil eye look.

Urban Decay Ultra Violet Palette

The Morphe x James Charles Artistry Palette is the other awesome palette I like to create the evil eye.
Morphe x James Charles Artistry palette

How to Create the Plumy Smoky Evil Eye

Primer your eyelids, crease and brow bone areas with Urban Decay Primer Potion. It's the best Primer around!

Light Gray or White
Apply a light gray or white shade of eyeshadow to under the brow bone.

Deep Berry
Apply a deep berry shade of eyeshadow to the inner half of the eyelids.

Blackened Violet
Apply a blackened violet shade of eyeshadow to the outer half of the eyelids. Blend the violet into the berry at the center of the eyelid.

Add black eyeshadow to the crease. Blend it well up into the light gray or white shadow on the brow bone. Use the black shadow to line the upper and lower lash lines.

Curl your lashes and add two coats of black mascara.

Remember to tap off your eyeshadow brush before you apply. These dark smoky colors can fall out onto your upper cheek and create a smoky mess!

I hope my tips help you create the smokiest, sexiest Evil Eye ever!

Get Creative & Have Some Fun with Makeup!
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Q. What is Thermage and is it safe?

A. Thermage is a radio frequency anti aging treatment designed to stimulate collagen production with deep heat. It tightens the skin and softens lines and wrinkles. Radio frequency use is safe and Thermage is approved by the FDA. It can be done on the face and body. 

People say the results can be subtle and not really noticeable for 2-6 months because collagen has to build up. It is painful but a facial treatment only takes about 45 minutes. The one thing that makes me leery about it is, I have heard for years now that it can effect the fat in your skin causing the face to look more sunken in or leaving it looking dimpled as with acne scarring. 

I checked into it and the fat problems seem to be associated with older machines that were using too much energy. Thermage can only be performed by a doctor not an esthetician. Therefore, only go a very experienced doctor not a laser med spa. Ask about the machine being used making sure that it is a newer machine. 

Go http://www.thermage.com/ for more details and to find a physician. I found real self to be a great site for questions and answers about Thermage and other facial and body treatments. 
        Have a Beautiful Day! 
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Handle an Ingrown Toenail

What is an ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenails can be very painful. The sides of the nail curl and grow into the skin. They are especially common on the big toenails but can occur on any toenail.

What causes an ingrown toenail? 

Ingrown toenails can be caused by a number of things.

Improper nail cutting, tight shoes or hosiery, a hereditary tendency, a curved nail growth pattern, a fungal infection, or an injury to the nail can all cause an ingrown nail. 

Signs of an Infected Ingrown Toenail

If you see puffiness, redness or pus, this is an infected ingrown toenail and requires a doctors attention. 

An ingrown toenail that is not infected can be worked on at home. 

How to Treat An Ingrown Toenail

Start by soaking your foot in warm water with Epsom salts for about 10 minutes to soften the nail and the surrounding skin.

Lift the Nail
Next, slide an orangewood stick under the nail to gently lift the nail from the skin.

Sometimes pulling the toenail out of the skin can leave a small injury in the skin wear the nail was imbedded the skin. 

Apply some antibiotic ointment under the nail in the area where the ingrown nail was. 
ingrown toenail

Remove the Corner
Clip or file the sharp point off of the corner of the nail that digs into the skin but do not shape the nail into an oval. 

Roll a small piece of cotton in a tight roll about 1/4" long and press it under the area where the nail was ingrown. This will help lift up the nail and relieve pain. Change the piece of cotton daily after an Epsom Salt soak until it feels better. 

Tips to prevent an Ingrown Toenail

Get the right nail length
Don't cut the nail too short. A little length on the nail helps prevent the edge of the nail from growing into the skin.

Cut the nail straight
Cut the nail straight across. Keep the nail shaped straight across leaving the sides of the nail straight. You can remove sharp corners. Filing the sides of the nail into an oval will enable the nail to grow into the skin.
No tight shoes
Be sure to avoid tight shoes and hosiery that press and squeeze the nails. 

Walk Carefully
Be careful and try not to stub your toes or walk into furniture since an injury can encourage an ingrown nail.

Treat Fungal Infections ASAP
See a pediatrist and use an anti fungal treatment at the first sign of a fungal infection.

I hope this post has given you a few pointers to help you treat and prevent painful ingrown toenail.

Have a Pretty Feet Day! 
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This post is all about dermatofibromas and some remedies to help make them look better and ways hide them.

It includes my Amazon Affiliate Links to help you find the products I talk about.
Q. I have this brown bump on my leg that won't go away. What can I do about it?

A. It could be a dermatofibroma. I see them often on my leg waxing clients. A dermatofibroma is a tan to brown benign raised bump more common in women than men and occur commonly on the legs. The bump feels hard under the skin and can be itchy, tender and easily irritated. A doctor will tell you not to worry about it because it's benign, but it's kind of ugly!

Dermatofibromas are also called Benign Fibrous Histiocytomas. They are the result of some sort of injury to the skin such as an ingrown hair or a bug bite. 

Be careful when shaving because a dermatofibroma may bleed and become sore if nicked. Don't think you can get rid of it by shaving it off. It will be an awful looking sore and will just come back anyway.

Freezing it 
A dermatologist can freeze the dermatofibroma with liquid nitrogen to help improve the look of it but this doesn't usually get rid of it.  One of my clients had hers frozen. It looks like a red bump now instead of a brown bump. I guess there is some improvement but it's still there. It has been at least a year since she had it done so it is what it is at this point.

Here is a picture of a dermatofibroma treated with liquid nitrogen.
treated dermatofibroma

A dermatofibroma can be surgically removed, but you will be left with a scar. Keep reading to see a pic of a scar from surgical removal of a dermatofibroma. So what else can you do?

The are a few home remedies you can try. Cellulite creams seem to improve the appearance of a dermatofibroma as well as Vitamin E applied directly to it. You can find Vitamin E liquid packaged in small bottles at the drug store or you can break open a Vitamin E capsule. Apply the cellulite cream and/or the vitamin E 2 times a day. Use a good sunscreen. The sun will cause the dermatofibroma to get darker.

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Q. I was wondering, would Mederma help my dermatofibroma look better? 
A. It's a good question. Mederma is a product used to improve the appearance of scars. It contains Cepalin, a botanical extract derived from onions. I didn't know if it would help a dermatofibroma look better so I decided to contact the company. They do not recommend Mederma for dermatofibromas claiming that a dermatofibroma is a skin condition not a typical scar and Mederma has not been tested or approved for treatment of that indication. I think it wouldn't hurt to try it.

Cellulite Cream & Other Home Remedies
Q. Why does cellulite cream help the appearance of a dermatofibroma and are there other home remedies?
A. I'm going to take an educated guess on why cellulite creams make dermatofibromas look better. Cellulite creams reduce fluid retention and firm the skin a bit, plus they hydrate the surface layers of the skin. Fluid reduction would help flatten the dermatofibroma, tightening the skin may shrink it slightly and hydration would get rid of the dry surface. All that is temporary as long as the cream is being used. It won't lighten them.

Shop for cellulite creams

Lightening Cream, maybe
I tried hydrogen peroxide on mine to try and lighten it. It didn't do much and it caused a lot of irritation. I'm not sure what a skin lightening cream would do. I think it would be too irritating for me. There are 2 inexpensive brands, Porcelana and Esoterica that you may be able to find in drug stores or on Amazon.

Shop for lightning creams

I have not used Vitamin C, but Vitamin E made my dermatofibroma feel less hard. It is a great anti oxidant and skin conditioner. 

Camphor Spirit
You could try camphor spirit. It is a solution of camphor and alcohol. I haven't tried it. It should be available in drug stores. It has a strong smell and some people are allergic to it.

Essential Oil
I have used lavender Essential Oil. It helped flatten it a little bit. I am going to try frankincense and myrrh essential oil to see if they help. I have read they are both good for healing various skin cysts.

Organic Castor Oil
I've had more than one person tell me they have had a lot of success flattening their dermatofibromas by applying organic castor oil. It's an old fashioned cure all for what ails you. It's very popular right now for growing thicker lashes, brows and hair. Castor oil is a vegetable oil from the seeds of the Castor Oil Plant. It's worth a try.

Update: I have finally tried it on my dermatofibroma. I've been using it for about 4 weeks. It's still raised, but it's texture is smoother since I have been using the Organic Castor Oil. It definitely feels better to touch! I am going to keep using it to see how much improvement I get. 

Shop for Organic Castor Oil

I have tried lots of home remedies on my dermatofibroma. Some help it look better than others but the ugly thing is still there!

There is only one way to remove it for good...surgery. It must be surgically excised out. A dermatofibroma goes deep into the skin. It will only grow back if it is cut off of the skin at surface level.

The problem with the removal is it leaves a long scar that is about 2 inches or so long. It has to be done that way to be able to sew the skin back together so it is smooth and not puckery.

Here is a picture of a scar from the removal of a dermatofibroma. This surgery was done by a cosmetic surgeon. This scar was also treated with a laser to improve it's appearance. It doesn't look bad at all.
scar after dermatofibroma removal
Hide it!
Henna Tattoos
Temporary henna tattoos are an option to help conceal a dermatofibroma. The henna's orangy brown color is similar the color of many dermatofibromas. It could work great depending if the location of the dermatofibroma is a cool place for a temporary tattoo.

Shop for Henna Tattoos

Can you cover it with a real tattoo? I asked the tattoo artist at a local tattoo shop. Click here to view Can you tattoo over a dermatofibroma?

I am not ready to tackle a surgical removal and scar at this time so I have a few ways I use to hide it using makeup and self tanner. I put together a little video to show you how I do it. I hope it helps you in your quest to improve the look of your dermatofibroma!

Click here to watch 3 Ways to Hide a Dermatofibroma.

3 ways to hide a dermatofibroma
Hope this post helps you with your dermatofibroma. Please let me know if something works well for you. Also, always check back for updates on this post. I will add any new info I get.

       Have a Beautiful Day! 
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