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Black Cat Carved Pumpkin & Halloween Decorating Ideas

Fall is not my favorite time of year. Flowers are dying off, the days get shorter and  winter is coming.  Also, orange is not really one of my favorite colors but, I have to admit, the orange leaves and orange pumpkins do look warm and bright  against my stone fireplace.  I especially like turquoise with the orange. Shades of blue are my favorite colors so they make the orange okay with me. You will almost always find a shade of blue nail polish on my toes!!! Blue and orange are complimentary colors so they look great together.  It's good.  I need my home feel warm and happy. We have always done cute, not scary decorating at our house for Halloween even though my older daughter loves creepy stuff. Happy pumpkins and black cats are our style. Little battery operated lights added to my autumn leaf wreath create a happy nighttime twinkle. Wire the battery box to the back of the wreath so no wires show.  A couple years ago, I found some fun gold glittery polka dotted pumpkins f