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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wall to Wall Carpet Removal: My Bedroom Fix Up Before and After, Part 1

Every room in my house needs attention. There's an old carpet here, some woodwork missing there, little holes in the walls and don't even get me started about the bathroom!!! My little cape cod needs TLC and I'm on a mission to make it cute. 
This is my bedroom.
Cape Cod bedroom
It's got issues, an old light fixture that's been here since we moved in 28 years ago, the rug that's 27 years old and that furniture. That old Lane lacquer furniture is 34 years old. Crazy right! It was cool back in the day but now it looks yellowed and dated. It fits well in the room though. The furniture these days is so big, we probably couldn't even get it up our small stairwell with it's low ceiling.
Cape Cod stairwell
My bedroom fix up needs to done on a budget so that means I will be doing lots of the work myself. That's okay. I like a good home improvement project.

First up, the wall to wall carpet that's probably full of a gazillion dust mites. I've ripped rugs out before and I must say, it's quite rewarding. This is a fairly big room with some heavy furniture with no where put it. Ugh!

Most of the time, I work best alone... with bare feet or flip flops and the company of a cat or two! So, I pulled up and cut the carpet piece by piece and moved the furniture (and the cat) as I went. It was a big job. The rug removal revealed hardwood floors underneath not in the greatest shape. There's another job! There's lots of old paint on them that needs to cleaned off and they are discolored with a worn finish. Still, it's much cleaner feeling than that old rug and it looks good from afar.
Cape Cod bedroom hardwood floor
If I can do this job, you can too! I put together a youtube video to show you that it's not that hard to do.
Click here to see it!
That's job one done! Stay tuned for more.
Have a Beautiful Day!

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