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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson has created a blow dryer in signature Dyson high tech style. How cool looking is that? It is sleek and beautiful! Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer This is the supersonic blow dryer in fabulous fuchsia and gray.  It also comes in white and silver.  You can see right through it! The folks at Dyson did a 5 year study on hair to see how extreme heat affects the hair's shine. They found that high heat can damage the hair by putting holes in the stands of hair causing it to look dull.  Hair that has a smooth outer layer called the hair cuticle that reflects light making the hair look shiny and healthy. A roughed up cuticle or a cuticle with holes in it will look dull. The Features that Make it Special Dyson set out to create a blow dryer that is powerful (1600 watts) that blow dries hair quickly without damaging high heat. It combines high air pressure with perfect temperature control. The dryer has an intelligent heat control system with a micro processor in it and a di

Q&A: Chipped Polish- Toes vs. Fingers with tips keep prevent polish chipping

Q. Why does my regular nail polish (not gel polish) stay on great on my toes but chips in a couple days on my fingernails? A. Your toes live the life of luxury protected in your shoes..... no washing dishes, no scrubbing bathrooms and no frequent washing during cold and flu season !  Nails are porous. They absorb water becoming soft and more pliable when wet. Nail polish is not porous. It doesn't absorb water. The polish stays hard and chips away from the pliable nails. Avoid contact with water to help your nail polish last. Also, the longer the nails are, the more chance of nail bending. Another reason polish on toenails wears well is, toenails tend to be thicker and harder than fingernails. Polish stays better on hard nails because they don't bend. Tips to help your nail polish last Base Coat Use an adhesive base coat before polishing your nails with color. Zoya Anchor works well. Quality Polish Use polish formulated to be long wearing on natural nails. My c

Nuface Anti Aging Facial Toning Device

We all are searching for that elusive fountain of youth with skin care products and skin care devices. Do they work? Many actually do improve the look of the skin. They may not make you look as if you had a face lift, but they do make the skin look firmer and a little younger looking. NuFACE is an anti aging skin care device that you can use at home to make your skin look younger. A woman came to our salon to demonstration on this device a little while ago. One of us salon girls was the model.  The demonstrator treated half of our model's face so we could see what NuFACE actually does.  It was amazing!!!  The treated side of the face was noticeably smoother and lifted. Her  face actually looked saggy on the untreated side. T hat was just one treatment. The model said please, you have to do the other side!!!  NuFACE uses microcurrent to tone the muscles (which lifts the skin), define the jawline and smooth wrinkles. Microcurrent is a low level electrical current that can stim

Zoya Polish Christmas Nail designs

It's just a little more than 2 weeks till Christmas. Everywhere you look, there are sparkling decorations and bright lights. Even on fingernails! My clients enjoy a nail design or a glittery accent nail especially during the holiday season. I like to create simple elegant designs in pretty Christmasy colors. This year I chose a few of my favorite Christmasy looking Zoya nail polish colors to create my nail designs.  I didn't realize that a couple of those favorite colors are no longer available. I'll suggest similar looking colors for those discontinued colors for you.  The snowman on my thumb nails is painted on a shimmery  silver.  A dotting tool makes the dots quick and easy to make. Dotting Tool Set The background color is a combination of two Zoya colors Dove with Alicia on top. They create a beautiful silver! Dove & Alicia My Christmas tree is painted with Merida, Sarah and Leia with Aggie as the background color. A rhinestone is the

Mascara shelf life when opened

Recently, I had a client bring her makeup bag into the salon for a makeup application lesson. She liked the makeup colors she had, but didn't really know how to apply them correctly. As I sorted through her makeup, I noticed her mascara looked a bit old. I asked her how old it was. She guessed it was about a year old. We tossed it. She purchased a new one. Take a look in your makeup bag. Do you know how old your mascara is? Toss it if it's more than 3 months old.    Mascara has a short shelf life compared to other makeup items. You must replace it about every 3 months.  Bacteria can accumulate easily in the mascara tube and cause eye irritation, even infection, when the contaminated mascara is applied to your lashes.  Don't try to revive dried out mascara by adding water either. That can also increase the chances of germ contamination. It's worth spending your money on fresh, safe mascara. You don't have to spend a lot for a decent mascara. There are good inex