Monday, December 19, 2016

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson has created a new blow dryer in signature Dyson high tech style.

dyson supersonic blow dryer fushcia
How cool looking is that! 
This is the supersonic blow dryer in beautiful fuchsia and gray. 
It also comes in white and silver. 
You can see right through it!
dyson supersonic blow dryer
The folks at Dyson did a 5 year study on hair to see how extreme heat affects the hair's shine. They found that high heat can damage the hair by putting holes in the stands of hair causing it to look dull. Hair that has a smooth outer layer called the hair cuticle that reflects light making the hair look shiny and healthy. A roughed up cuticle or a cuticle with holes in it will look dull.

Dyson set out to create a blow dryer that is powerful (1600 watts) that blow dries hair quickly without damaging high heat. It combines high air pressure with perfect temperature control. The dryer has an intelligent heat control system with a micro processor in it and a digital motor. The heat the dryer puts out is controlled, maintaining a steady even temperature which prevents the dryer from putting out air that becomes too hot during use. It has 4 heat settings and a cold shot. There are 3 airflow speed settings. It also has an ionizer. Ionizers promote shine.

Another bonus with the Dyson dryer is that it is light weight. The motor is in the handle with makes the dryer feel balanced and comfortable while using it. Sounds good to me. I know drying my own hair can sometimes take a while and my hands get tired working with a heavy blow dryer. It also has a short barrel which makes it easy to use. 

There are 3 styling attachments that attach magnetically to the dryer, a smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator and a diffuser. It has a filter at the bottom of the dryer that lets you know when it needs to be cleaned, of course it does! The power cord is 9 feet long and it comes with a two year parts and labor warranty.

For me the big drawback is the price. $399.99 at Ulta, Sephora, Bed, Bath & Beyond and That's a lot of money for a blow dryer but the sales associate at the Bed, Bath and Beyond I stopped into said they can't keep them in stock! Don't think you can get a great deal with a coupon. Dyson is excluded from the coupon deals. 

It makes a unique gift for the gadget lovers on your list.

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The Reviews

The reviews I have read range from love it to hate it.That seems to happen with reviews on any product. I recommend reading the reviews on Amazon, Sephora and Ulta for non biased opinions. It does seem like there are more positive than negative reviews, though.  Happy shopping!

Have a Beautiful Hair Day!

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