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Q&A: Chipped Polish- Toes vs. Fingers with tips keep prevent polish chipping

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Q. Why does my regular nail polish (not gel polish) stay on great on my toes but chips in a couple days on my fingernails?

Your toes live the life of luxury protected in your shoes..... no washing dishes, no scrubbing bathrooms and no frequent washing during cold and flu season

Nails absorb water becoming soft and more pliable when wet. Nail polish doesn't absorb water. The polish stays hard and chips away from the pliable nails. Avoid contact with water to help your nail polish last.

Also, the longer the nails are, the more chance of nail bending.

Another reason polish on toenails wears well is, toenails tend to be thicker and harder than fingernails. Polish stays better on hard nails because they don't bend.

Tips to help your nail polish last

Use an adhesive base coat before polishing your nails with color. Zoya Anchor works well.

Use polish formulated to be long wearing on natural nails. My clients love Zoya polish!

Double your top coat. I like to apply a strengthener as topcoat followed by a fast drying top coat. I like Nail Optimizer and Seche Vite.

Have your nails professionally polished. Nail techs know polishing techniques to help nail polish stay on better.

You can also add a layer of a fast drying topcoat to your polish each day throughout the week to help extend polish wear.

Wear waterproof gloves when cleaning and doing dishes.

Keep your nails on the short side for less nail bending.

Take your time doing everyday tasks.  If you jam your nails into things, like the tile in your shower while cleaning, they will chip.

You can always try a light cured gel polish on your fingernails. It usually lasts great but can dry and weaken your nails with regular use. 

Hope these tips help keep your nails beautifully polished all week long!😁

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