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Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange & How to Dispose of Old Nail Polish

  Hi Everyone! It's Earth Day 2024! Here is your yearly Earth Day reminder to get rid of your old nail polish in an earth friendly way and get beautiful new polish from Zoya at 50% off. First, I'll give you the details on the Zoya Polish Exchange then, I will tell you the safest way to dispose of old nail polish. See the Glitzy Zoya Daydreaming Collection! If you haven't heard, Zoya is offering new nail polish in exchange for your old polish, any brand of old polish. They are offering 50% off brand new Zoya nail polish. It's an awesome deal!!!    Simply fill your cart with Zoya's Big 10 Free, Breathable, Vegan Friendly Nail Polish then, enter the Earth Day code and you will receive 50% off your order!  The code is on their site. Zoya requests that you donate your unwanted nail polish to someone or recycle it. Not sure about recycling nail polish?  You can send your old polish to Zoya and they will recycle it for you. Fabulous! Hurry! This Earth Day deal ends  April