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Zoya Summer Colors 2016

Zoya has a beautiful new collection of colors for this summer. I can't wait to see them in person! There are 12 colors that are done in the usual Zoya fashion, 6 creams with their 6 coordinating sparkles.  The creams are a new one coat formula  designed to give full coverage with just one coat. The sparkly colors are  textured pixie dust. They remind me of sand which makes them the perfect finish for summer and the beach.  This collection will be available soon. I can't seem to find a date. I will update this post with any new info. The One Coat Creams Cam is a medium red orange Dixie is a bright red Brynn is a medium fushcia pink Liv is a medium purple Dory is a medium baby blue Ness is a medium grassy green The Textured PixieDust Apply 2 coats. No base coat and no top coat. Tilly is a silver with multi colored glitter Bay is a baby blue with silver and blue glitter Cece is a grassy green with gold and green glitter Zooey is a c

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara Review

I am always in search of the perfect mascara so I'm always trying new ones. My latest mascara trial is Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. It's a beautiful luxury brand. I wanted to try it because the claim is that it gives you the look and drama of false lashes. Who doesn't want the look of false lashes? I usually prefer a lengthening mascara because lengthening mascara tends to be less clumpy and spidery looking. I decided to try out this volumizing mascara because it claims to give instant volume, length, dimension and the look of false lashes. The perfect mascara for me is one that lengthens my lashes, is not clumpy, stays very black all day without fading, helps my lashes stay curled and doesn't flake or smudge. My favorite was Too Faced Better than False Lashes but it has been replaced with a new Extreme formula that just doesn't give me the same results. The  Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara brush is curvy, designed to place the most volume at

How to get Long Lashes with a Lash Curler

I do lots of makeup application on women of all ages. I do prom goers, brides, mother's of brides and grooms, even grandmas. I am flabbergasted that all of these women want their lashes to look longer, but so many of them have never done the one easy trick to make lashes look longer.........use a lash curler to curl them! Curling the lashes instantly makes them appear longer. Add mascara and they look simply awesome. I like the good old fashioned lash curler.  It's been around forever because it get the job done.  To get an even better curl that lasts from your lash curler, heat it for a few seconds with a blow dryer.  There are lots of  new fangled lash curlers that heat. I've tried a few but I find the old fashioned way works best for me. Let me give you a few tips on using a lash curler to help you get the best curl and make it hold. How to curl your lashes with a lash curler: Clean Lashes First, always start with clean lashes. Lashes that have mascara on the

Can you Tattoo over a Dermatofibroma?

I spoke to two professionals about tattooing over a dermatofibroma, a medical esthetician/nurse and a tattoo artist. Both say not to do it. From the medical standpoint, tattooing over a dermatofibroma can cause increased irritation and sensitivity. From the artistic standpoint, ink may not take well over a dermatofibroma plus, dermatofibromas can get bigger over time which will effect the tattoo design.  The tattoo artist I spoke to, Roddie from Olde Media Tattoo, said he needs to look at any skin condition to make a decision if it can be tattooed over or not. Conditions such as eczema may or may not be able to be tattooed depending on the severity of the eczema and texture of the skin.  Skin conditions such as moles or a dermatofibroma can be incorporated into a design but not tattooed over.  Many scars can be tattooed over, but again the tattoo artists needs to see the scar to make the judgement call. Also, Roddie said a scar must be 2-3 years old before he would tattoo it.  T

Smokey Eye Prom Makeup

This past Saturday was an interesting day for a prom. I say interesting because this was the view from the window as I applied prom makeup.  April snow!  I also did makeup on a mom-to-be for her baby shower. Not the best weather for a prom or other special event. Nothing you can do about except make the best of it. My beautiful lady attending the prom would be wearing a deep purple dress and wanted a dark smokey eye. We settled on shades of muted purple with black liner and black mascara, of course. I filled her brows in a bit with brow powder to add more drama to her look then tamed the hairs with a bit of brow gel. We kept her skin light and creamy with a soft pink blush and a luminizing powder to give a gentle glow. Her lips were quite dry but had a lot of nice rosy color. A mauve lip liner defined them and a pink quartz lip color added a nice little shimmer. Gorgeous!!! Before you have you makeup done..... It's a good idea to work on your lips at home to keep t

Get Sinus Congestion Relief with Reflexology

So many people seem to have stuffy noses and sinuses due to colds, flu and allergies right now. I know my daughter does.  Here's a quick tip to get sinus congestion relief instantly! There is a natural way to get some relief... it's reflexology. I have used it many times on my kids when they were just little ones and couldn't sleep due to sinus and nasal congestion. Reflexology is a type of massage that uses reflex points on the feet or hands to help correct problems within the body. The reflex points for the sinuses happen to be on the tips of the toes.  Use your thumb to apply pressure to the tips of the toes massaging in tiny little circles. Concentrate on each toe for about 2 minutes.   Intensify the reflex effect by adding one drop of peppermint essential oil distributed to all the toes before the massage. It smells wonderful and is a great natural decongestant.  Special note: Peppermint essential oil is very potent. It is a good decongestant but don't apply st