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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to get Long Lashes with a Lash Curler

I do lots of makeup application on women of all ages. I do prom goers, brides, mother's of brides and grooms, even grandmas. I am flabbergasted that all of these women want their lashes to look longer, but so many of them have never done the one easy trick to make lashes look longer.........use a lash curler to curl them!

Curling the lashes instantly makes them appear longer. Add mascara and they look simply awesome. I like the good old fashioned lash curler. 
lash curler
It's been around forever because it get the job done. To get an even better curl that lasts from your lash curler, heat it for a few seconds with a blow dryer. There are lots of  new fangled lash curlers that heat. I've tried a few but I find the old fashioned way works best for me.

Let me give you a few tips on using a lash curler to help you get the best curl and make it hold.

How to curl your lashes with a lash curler:

Clean Lashes
First, always start with clean lashes. Lashes that have mascara on them can clump together when curled with a lash curler and they also get weird bends in them instead of a smooth curl. Lashes that have mascara on the when curled can also stick to the lash curler and be pulled out. The lash curler is for the top lashes, just to be clear. 

Warm the Curler
Warm the lash curler with a blow dryer a few seconds. You don't want it to be too hot. The metal heats up quickly. Test the curler on your wrist to make sure it's not too hot. 

The Curling
Curl lashes 3 times with your eyelash curler at the root, the middle and near the ends. Curling the lashes in three places gives the lashes a nice smooth curl instead of just a bend in the center.
curling lashes
Start at the base of the lashes. Look in the mirror. Get all of your lashes comfortably in the curler. We don't want to pull lashes out or pinch the skin at the root of the lashes so be sure it feels comfortable. 

Now squeeze the lash curler and hold it for 5 seconds. Release and move the lash curler to the middle of the lashes. Squeeze and hold to 5 seconds. Release and move the lash curler to the tips of the lashes. Squeeze, hold to 5 seconds and release.

Add two coats of mascara.  Waterproof mascara helps lashes hold their curl better than non waterproof mascara. There are mascaras specifically made to help curl the lashes. Curling mascaras contain resins and waxes that help to bend straight lashes and hold curled lashes in place.

Boost Lashes
Finally, support your lashes with your fingers or a cold spoon to hold the curl while the mascara dries to keep the lashes from uncurling from the wetness of the mascara.
curled lashes
Click here to watch How to Curl Straight Lashes

I hope my tips help your lashes look longer and gorgeous!

Have a Beautiful Lash Day!
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