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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Spring Bridal Makeup at Mendenhall Inn

All of us at the salon were really excited about today's wedding party. The bride was one of our own so we couldn't wait to pamper her and make her gorgeous! The bridesmaids were wearing a beautiful deep pink for this early spring wedding. The day was a little gray and bit chilly, but the salon was bright, warm and buzzing. Wedding day can be a little chaotic!
bridal makeup application
The bride worn her hair pulled back and around to one side with a side bang, a small poof at the crown and curls on the one side. She had a ribbon headband that had a blingy brooch and a birdcage veil. (I made her veil!!!)

bird cage veil
We did some glamorous makeup with lots of focus on her eyes. For her eye shadow, we did shades of white, silver and gray. I used black liner, strip lashes and defined her brows with brow powder. A soft pink shimmer lipstick and pink blush gave her a soft pink look to coordinate with her pink theme.
bridal makeup white,silver and gray
Photo by Joe Pucinella
bride with birdcage veil
Photo by Joe Pucinella
Look at her! Absolutely gorgeous!!!
pink bridesmaid dresses
Photo by Joe Pucinella
The deep pink dresses looked fabulous! And...
pink bridal shoes
look at her shoes. Love it!

Bridal hair and makeup touchup

She had her beauty team with her all day long for hair and makeup touch up. She looked picture perfect the entire day.

All the best to the bride and groom! xoxo

Have a Beautiful Day!
Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is Nail Buffing Bad for the Nails:Updated

Buffing the nails is great for smoothing out ridges in the nails and achieving a nice high shine without using nail polish.

 Here are my nails buffed up and oiled. It looks like I am wearing clear nail polish! The bonus with buffing is, there is shine with no chipping or peeling polish to worry about.
shiny buffed nails
Plus, buffing actually stimulates circulation to the fingertips promoting nail growth which is good but, there is a down side. 

Is Nail Buffing Bad for the Nails?

Buffing takes a bit thickness away from the nails which can be bad unless you have thick nails. Nail cells are actually buffed off of the nail plate during the buffing process. The more you buff, the thinner nails get leaving them prone to breakage. 

If you have thick nails, really, there's nothing to worry about with normal buffing. Average nails can handle buffing as long as it is done thoughtfully. Those with thin nails need to take it easy on the buffing or not do it at all.

How do you buff your nails?

There are lots of different kinds of nail buffers. There are electronic buffers, nail file type buffers, block buffers and chamois buffers.

Electronic Buffers
emjoi callus remover with manicure kit
Electronic buffers (electric nail drills) spin and offer different attachment heads so you can file as well as buff your nails. I'm not so crazy about them because it's too easy to go too far. The Emjoi Nano Callous Remover with Manicure Kit is an example of an electronic buffer.

Nail File & Block Buffers
tropical shine 4-way nail buffer

Nail file type buffers and block buffers have 3 or 4 different grit surfaces. I've even seen 8 way buffers, which I think is just over kill!

You start with the roughest surface on the buffer and work your way to the smoothest to create a high shine. 

Nail file style buffers are my favorite style buffers because I think they are easy to use.

The Tropical Shine 4-Way Nail Buffer gives you 4 different numbered and clearly marked surfaces so you know exactly which surface to start on and move on to.

Chamois Buffers
Chamois buffers are those old fashioned buffers. 
chamois nail buffer

They are usually made of leather or some other animal skin. They are not the way to go if you are a vegetarian, cruelty free, animal lover like me. 🐇🐈🐕 

A buffing cream or paste is applied to the nails before the buffing process to supply some grit. The chamois is then used to shine up the nails.

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How long does it take to buff a nail?

On the initial buffing, you can spend about 3 to 5 minutes on one nail to achieve a high shine. Maintenance buffing only take about a minute per nail.

How often should the nails be buffed?

Once the nails have been buffed smooth and shiny, my advice is to keep addition nail buffing down to a minimum.

Maintenance buff as little as possible once you have achieved a shine using the smoothest side of the buffer.

Apply nail/cuticle oil to add more shine to your nails. One of my favorite cuticle oils is Cuccio Revitalizing Cuticle Oil.

You will probably need to gently shine your nails up every other week.

Buffing your nails is an easy way to add shine without the use of nail polish. It also increases circulation to the nails beds which promotes healthy nail growth. The nails are always growing. If you have over buffed your nails, they will grow out and return to their normal strength. You just need to be patient. It takes the nails 5 to 6 months to grow from the cuticle area to the free edge. Enjoy your healthy shiny nails!

        Have a Beautiful Day! 
Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gel Polish Warning

shiny red polish

I love beautiful shiny, long wearing nail polish but, I have always resisted using any nail application that required the use of a UV light. 

As an esthetician, it has always been my opinion that exposure to these UV lights could damage the skin on the hands causing aging and skin cancer.

The "experts'" claimed the exposure was so minimal that it would not cause damage to the skin. Popular gel polishes, such as Shellac, require UV light to cure the polish in minutes. Well, guess what? 

Dermatologists are now recommending, if you absolutely cannot live without your gel polish, that sunscreen be applied to the hands before they go under the light. 

Yesterday morning on the Good Day, a dermatologist recommended wearing gloves with the finger tips cut off before putting your hands under the light.  This dermatologist also had concerns with the methacrylate in the polish and the soaking of the nails in acetone to remove the gel polish.   

I recommend using regular old nail polish. Have your nail technician apply an adhesive base coat, polish and a good top coat. At home, you can add additional coat of top coat every day or every other day to extend polish wear and keep it super glossy.

Many brands are making hybrid nail polishes now. These are polishes that remove like regular polish but look gel polish. They also last longer than regular nail polish. 

       Have a Safe & Beautiful Day!  
Licensed Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist

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