Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is Nail Buffing Bad for the Nails

Q. I like my nails buffed to a nice high shine. Is it bad for them?

A. Buffing the nails is great for smoothing out ridges in the nails and smoothing them to a nice shine without using nail polish. Plus, buffing actually stimulates circulation to the fingertips promoting nail growth which is good but, there is a down side. 

Buffing takes a bit thickness away from the nails which is bad. The more you buff, the thinner nails get leaving them prone to breakage. If you have thick nails, there's not much to worry about. Those with thin nails need to take it easy on the buffing.

My advice is to keep the nail buffing down to a minimum. Maintenance buff as little as possible once you have achieved a shine using the smoothest side of the buffer. Apply nail/cuticle oil to add more shine to your nails. I like CND Solar Oil.

There are lots of different kinds of nail buffers. There are electronic buffers, nail file type buffers, block buffers and chamois buffers. 

Electronic buffers offer different attachment heads so you can file as well as buff your nails.

Nail file type and block buffers have 3 or 4 different grit surfaces. I've even seen 8 way buffers! Start with the roughest surface on the buffer and work your way to the smoothest to create a high shine. Once the nails have been buffed smooth, maintain the shine by using the smoother side as needed.

Chamois buffers are many times made of leather. They are not the way to go if you are an animal lover like me. 🐇🐈🐕

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Have a Shining Day!

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