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Remedies for Split Skin on Fingerstips

The weather has gotten cold and wintry here in the Philadelphia area. That means dry skin.  Our skin can get so dry and dehydrated in the cold winter air, that it can split open and feel like a paper cut. Splits in the fingertips  hurt and make it hard to do everyday tasks. Plus, any openings in the skin allow germs to enter in which can cause an infection. My clients have been coming in with super dry skin and splits in their fingertips. The l ack of humidity in the outside air and the dry heated air inside buildings, exposure to water, exposure to strong chemicals like nail polish remover and cleaning products are the perfect recipe for dehydrated skin that can lead to splits.  We have to take extra care to prevent the dryness that can lead to splits. For instance, I have to protect my thumb while removing the polish from my client's nails to prevent the skin on my thumb from splitting.  Working with paper, clay, fabric and clothing also causes dehydration. Those material

Anti Aging Cream and Serum: YonKa Excellence Code Age Exception Skin Care Products Review

Are you constantly searching for a anti aging cream to turn back time? We all want a magic potion to plump up wrinkles, improve the skin's texture, improve uneven coloration, hydrate the skin and bring back the firmness the face and neck once had. Not many products live up to their claims. YonKa's Age Exception line is designed to address the many needs of mature skin suffering from hormonal changes with it's Cellular Code Serum and Excellence Code products. Excellence Code's active ingredients work  together for a multi faceted anti aging effect on the skin particularly focused on firming and redensifying. Yonka says it's for skin that is age 55+ but I feel any older skin showing the effects of hormonal changes will benefit from it.  Yonka makes an Age Correction line which consists of the Time Resist day and night creams for skin age 45-55.  They contain plant stem cells to preserve skin cells. We'll talk them the another day. The Age Exception line in